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If that lager company made a World Cup palm projector, it would probably be the Adapt 450Pro.

Tell us how you'd use the Adapt 450Pro to watch the World Cup and WIN a FREE Gorilla Tripod worth £30!

This competition has now ended. Look out for the winning announcement on Twitter @WhatPico

One of the best personal projectors around; the Adapt 450 Pro is available to buy, and just in time to watch the World Cup! Forget HD, what you need is a big screen.

This palm projector can project up to 150 inches, onto almost any surface, and has in built speakers. Amazingly, the 450 Pro is the worlds first pico projector to include onboard Digital TV.

The Adapt 450 Pro is designed to be portable. Wherever you are, you can watch the World Cup! The Adapt 450 Pro hosts a number of features including a SD Card and USB slot and battery.  It can also connect to phones, TV's and DVD players and games consoles. So, when you've finished watching the football, you can use it to create a home cinema, show picture slideshows, take it into work for that important presentation or even just use the Digital TV for a night in with the telly. It's not just a big screen, it's an investment.

Want to see the Adapt 450 Pro in action? Then watch the video by clicking here!

To celebrate the beginning of the World Cup, and the Adapt 450 Pro's release, we are asking you where you would watch the footy using the Adapt 450 Pro...

Would you set up a 'footy only' space in the garage, or sneak it into work when the boss isn't looking? Let Personal Projector know and you could WIN a FREE gorilla tripod worth £30!

This post was written by Katie. Want to talk to her? Do it here

8 thoughts on “If that lager company made a World Cup palm projector, it would probably be the Adapt 450Pro.”

  • Kate

    The footy only space seems a good idea! I'd pin up some England flags, get the BBQ going and invite some friends round!

  • Jake

    I would use the palm projector in my student accomodation and order some pizza's in for us all to watch the football.

  • Gordon

    I'm not really a football fan but more of a gamer. The idea of having a screen up to 150 inches would be fantastic for spotting the sneaky enemy. Plus you'd be able to get the full cinema feel in your own home, without the getting the annoying person next to you opening packets or taking the whole way through. The Adapt 450Pro sounds like the way forward.

  • Liam

    With a projector such as this i'm having trouble thinking of a place I -couldn't- watch the football. However, I do believe that using the projector to project onto my garage wall would be pretty great. Could have a BBQ and some beers too...just need to make sure to do it on a relatively warm day. Obviously because it's a projector you wont get any glare like you do on the TV. Happy times!

  • admin

    These are some great ideas... The Adapt 450 Pro is prefect for sharing the World Cup, or movies with friends anywhere!
    Just make sure the projector isn't in direct sunlight, Liam, but in the garage would be a perfect place. All you would have to worry about is burning your sausages!

    You have brought up a good point, Gordon. The Adapt 450 Pro can be used for gaming as well - Our projectors can connect up to games consoles, DVD players, TV's and phones...you could really loose yourself in the action!

  • Salvu

    I would enjoy it, on the hot summer nights, at the promenades and beaches of our many villages by the fresh sea breeze. This dream projector, can be enjoyed on a boat; During the 1970 world cup, my father (the owner of a fishing boat), had to buy a black&white 14''portable TV... Now, my brother and his mates can enjoy a 12vdc COLOUR 50'' picture.
    In our country, we can bbq on the house roof and during the matches we enjoy a man made colourfull sky of Festa fireworks. When the matches start we'll relax on the deck watching with our eyes open wide.

  • admin

    Thank you for another brilliant suggestion! This sounds like a very relaxing way to watch the World Cup. The Adapt 450 Pro is very light weight and portable it could be easily used on a boat or on a roof terrace.

  • Katie

    Thank you to everyone who took part in this competition. As you can probably tell - this competition is now closed.
    We are happy to announce that Gordon is the winner - he proved that even though we wouldn't be watching the World Cup, we could use the Adapt 450 Pro for many other things.
    To read my interview with Gordon you can follow this link: