Firmware upgrade for ViewSonic PLED-W500

PLED-W500 has benefited from a firmware upgrade which enables Wi-Fi capability (PC, tablet, smart phone) when used in conjunction with the WPD-100 Wi-Fi dongle.

The firmware upgrade is included as standard on all models shipped after January 2012 (all PLED-W500’s manufactured with a serial number beginning SL11201).
All PLED-W500’s manufactured in 2011 will need to have the firmware upgrade applied in order to enable Wi-Fi capability.

Wi-Fi capability is also possible on Apple and Blackberry platforms and the set-up instructions will be similar although slightly different.

For a guide on how to upgrade your ViewSonic PLED-W500′s firmware to enable Wi-Fi, please click here for more details

To carry out the Firmware upgrade from PC please click here for more details

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