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Author Archives: sam

  • Pico Genie P50 debuts in GQ Magazine

    The new Pico Genie P50 has featured in the October edition of GQ magazine as a tech recommendation.

    Pico Genie have recently released their smallest entry to the portable pocket projector category, the P50. The new unit is the smallest in the world at 40 lumens with a 2 hour inbuilt battery (projecting at full brightness) with an extensive range of connection options.

    "Next time you're away on work, pack this 148g projector, which can create a 60-inch cinema screens on a wall. The P50 connects to almost any computer or smartphone."

    Quote source: GQ Magazine

  • Is there already something better than Google Chromecast?

    Chromecast (CC) is a clever new concept by Google aiming to allow users to share content from Youtube, Netflix (and hopefully more to come) via a little HDMI dongle for the TV.

    You think you've heard of this concept before, it's called Apple TV, right?  Well, It's not quite the same as Apple TV in that it won't mirror your device's screen. Instead Chromecast will pull links from it, pulls the appropriate content from the cloud and displays it in a Chrome Browser.

    At the minute there is not much in the way of content, with fragmented support from iPlayer and 4od. If you're looking for something similar that will give you full access to Android on your TV in glorious High Definition then we recommend taking a look at these little Android sticks.

    You can view media content in full screen without having to be in Chrome, unlike CC, which means you can take advantage of existing apps in the Play store. Not to mention, you can also use it on a projector for a truly cinematic experience.

    View more on the android dongle by clicking here

  • iPhone 5c and 5s Unveiled

    After Months of speculation on the next step for the iPhone, Apple have finally revealed the latest additions to the iPhone 5 range - The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

    While the iPhone 5c is intended to be a fun, colourful 'lite' version of the iPhone 5 with a plastic back available in a variety of colours.

    The iPhone 5s is arguably the  more interesting of the two releases though with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner that can be used instead of a traditional phone screen lock is an interesting step for the phone giant. It looks extremely cool with the 3 metalic colour options but perhaps the best part is the 4G capability which many have been waiting for.

    What are your thoughts on the latest additions?

  • Free Car Charger With Every 3M MPro120

    With our latest special offer you will receive a FREE car charger with every 3M MPro120 LED pocket projector ordered from us online, while stocks last!

    Keep your projector charged and ready on-the-go with this fantastic offer, worth £15!

  • World's First extended battery + projector + case + speaker accessory for an iPhone/iPod Touch

    Everywhere we go nowadays we take along our invaluable mobile phones & with the latest iPhone 4/4S releases having cameras to rival those of the digital compacts, we’re using them more and more to record our lives. The Pico Genie A100 is the World's First iPhone/iPod Touch accessory with extended battery + projector + case + speakers. Just dock your iPhone or iPod Touch into the superbly designed Pico Genie case and start projecting the latest videos, online TV or even your business presentations straight from your iPhone / iPod Touch.

    You can share content anywhere and enlarge videos/photos from a 3 inch iPhone screen to a 60 inch image on the wall, floor, ceiling desk etc. You can even watch (music) videos on louder 2W speakers built-in to the device.

    With a 15 lumen DLP projector inside the casing it’s possible to project from your iPhone 4/4S/ iPod Touch up to 60 inches wherever you like. This provides a surprisingly good image even in normal daylight conditions and makes sharing videos/photos from your phone so much easier.

    Personal / Holidays / Parties: Whether it’s a trip to the park or a meal with the family, record your day and project back instantly to wow everyone with the events of the day. Ever wonder what your holiday video looks like on the big screen? Imagine no longer with Pico Genie.


    iPhone Accessory with case,  projector and extended battery


    Travel: Going on holiday or taking a ski trip this year? Taking your iPhone with you? Don’t forget your Pico Genie! Film the sights or slopes then project them back to enjoy once you get chance to relax at the hotel, in the bar or just project them back for friends and family back home.

    Business: Are you always on the go, making presentations and carrying lots of heavy bags? Why not store your content on the iPhone4/4S/iPod Touch and project back anywhere, even on the train.

    Education: Who says learning has to be done in a classroom? Education on the go is possible with the Pico Genie – its ideal for class trips or just record that cool art project on your phone then project it back for the whole class to enjoy.

    Don’t forget the Pico Genie doubles up as a case too and is ultra lightweight so it’s a perfect compliment for your favourite phone or iPod Touch. The Pico Genie A100 also doubles up as a battery extender for your iPhone/iPod Touch providing an added 3 hours of use so you’re less likely to run out of battery power again. If using the projector only, the battery provides 1.5 to 3 hours projection.

    All of this straight from your phone, made possible by Pico Genie.

    For more information see the Pico Genie A100 here
    Release date: TBC

  • 3MCamcorder Projector: How many times have you taken photos, left them on the camera and forgotten about them?

    We've all done it, taken some photo’s promised to upload them later instead of share them on such a small screen and forgotten they exist. 3M’s new CP45 Camcorder Projector puts an end to that, it’s the first device of its kind to make it easy to shoot and share stunning HD (720p) videos and 5mp photos with the touch of a button. What that all means in plain English is you just press one button, record your videos or photos and then project them anywhere on a super sized screen at up to 65 inches (diagonally) so everyone in the room can see it rather than just the 3 people stood looking at the 3” camcorder screen – pure genius!

    The real unique bit here though is the projector itself which projects an awesome image. Previous generations of this type of device have kicked out a very low image however 3M have developed their own projection system which is truly stunning and is more than twice the power of anything else we’ve seen on any other camcorder projectors.

    With this type of convergence expect this to be on top of many people’s Christmas list this year as you get the best of both worlds with a superb HD camcorder (like the flip cam) but with a genuinely impressive pico projector inside as well.

    There’s no need to worry about fiddly wires or uploading simply switch on, record and project almost instantly directly from the device.

    The unique lens and driver mean that you can project at 20 lumens with minimal effort and battery time is great at up to 150 minutes recording or 100 minutes projection per charge. It’s also small and light so you can easily slip it into your bag, just like you would a standard camera.

    It’s packed with other useful features like 2GB inbuilt memory (expandable up to 32GB Micro SD), speaker, microphone & LED flash to make your experience even more enjoyable. Best of all this is a really simple camcorder to use with easy connection via USB so you can quickly download captured content to share on your favourite devices.

    It’s time to redefine how you use a camcorder…

    Having a built-in projector inside a camcorder helps redefine how you use one and helps you get the most out of it. There are endless possible applications for sharing…

    Personal / Holidays / Parties: Use to capture precious moments from home, weddings or on holiday and share them instantly with friends & family for everyone to enjoy. Could be great for this year’s Xmas party!

    Sports: We used this on a golf course, filming friends’ hits (& misses!), played them back at the 19th hole and used it as our own personal golf analysis tool so we could see just how badly we’d done, and it helps to correct mistakes next time.

    Business: Do you travel around a lot, perhaps making a lot of presentations? Film your content on the go with the CP45 and project back anywhere.

    Education: Make learning fun by filming/ photographing lessons, play, football matches etc and projecting them back to share with the class all the progress that’s been made.

    Coming this Thursday, the Camcorder Projector CP45 is available with the stylish black accent for £299.99. Overall, it’s the best camcorder projector on the market to date and is a worthwhile gadget for business, personal use or travel.

    Visit Personal Projector – the LED and Portable Projector Specialists – today, and start capturing and sharing your favourite moments.

    Where to buy: Personal Projector Ltd.  


  • Time Out Hong Kong features Vivitek's Qumi Q2

    Featured in popular magazine - 'Time Out Hong Kong' this week, Vivitek's Qumi Q2 LED projector is really impressing on a global scale.

    Vivitek's Qumi Q2 LED pico projector from personalprojector.co.uk


    Time Out said, "Oh the woes of setting up a projector. Try lugging out the monster and sorting the spaghetti tangled cables while everyone in the room stares at you, then at their wrist watches before rolling their eyes... But with the Qumi Q2 giving Henry Tang an Autocue on a televised speech to stop him from commenting further on his affair has never been easier. this 1.4lb cutie will slot right inside your pocket and can deliver up to 300 lumens. its LED has a life expectancy of up to 30,000 hours and supports an output resolution of 1200x800. Hook it up with your iGadgets, PS3 of even a USB drive and your game of Angry birds will come alive against any flat surface. Around $5,000 (£500), from www.personal projector.co.uk or www.Amazon.com

    NERD ALERT: Compact and long-life LED projector that can project onto any flat surface"

  • The Top LED portable/pocket projectors for business or personal use are....

    This article is now out of date, for the updated version please follow the link to our review of the best performing portable projectors for 2017.


    If you’re looking for the best LED portable projector to fit your specific requirements, there are a whole host of factors to take into consideration ranging from resolution, birghtness (lumens) and features such as DLP (contrast enhancements) and features such as connectivity to ipads, HDMI and the ability to connect without a laptop.

    We've broken down the list of projectors into 2 categories: Business Use and Consumer Use and the business use ones considerably overalap with consumer use and most are also good for gaming purpososes with connectivity via HDMI, VGA or AV.

    Top for Personal use:

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, lightest and brightest hybrid between pocket & palm projector is the best projector we have seen to date on the market with 300 lumens, WXGA resolution and a 90” image means it can handle anything you want to display in rich colour with DLP. Its the one to beat across all categories.

    Lumafire M200

    One of the newer models popular with busines users in the recession is the LumaFire M200 palm projector which offers excellent value for money. It is feature packed with a remote & tripod, offers 100 lumens of brightness has HDMI/USB/SD compatibility and yet remains remarkably small & light and extensive connectivity.

    3M MP180

    3M offer a robust gadget for those concerned with features. 4GB of onboard memory, a cool touch screen with Microsoft office, 2 hour battery, WiFi & Bluetooth. The ‘office’ compatibility and battery power make this a perfect choice for the business user on the go.

    Adapt 305/ iGo UP2020

    These 2 pocket projectors offer great value for money and connectivity all in one with a good image quality. The Adapt 305 comes with everything you need to go and play right out of the box. i.e. Free Apple cable, 4GB memory, tripod & remote. The iGo is smaller albeit not quite as bright but it includes multiple connection options including HDMI and also offers higher contrast via DLP playback for richer colour, It also won an award at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for design. In fact, the igo UP2020 is a hot-buy for Xmas 2011!

    Microvision SHOWWX/SHOWWX+

    Welcome to the world's first 'infinite focus' laser pocket projector; it's smaller and lighter than an iPhone with a mammoth 5000:1 contrast ratio that beats all others in its class. Included in the package is a set of Apple cables to connect to your iPhone4/iPad2 meaning you can connect to any device with a Composite TV/Video-Out to create a rich screen up to 100". There is also a VGA dock accessory for this device to connect to a laptop. Great for gaming.

    Top for professional use:

    Casio (Pro-portable range)

    The Casio range of projectors offer the best equivalent image of a tradional projector in a form that will easily fit into a laptop carry case. If you’re looking for something that will offer a more professional output with quality build then a Casio XJA projector is ideal. High brightness ratings starting at 2000 lumens, combined with high contrast ratios mean that you can present in most lighting conditions. It also offer streaming capabilities from your laptop.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, Lightest & Brightest hybrid between pocket & palm will offer you the professional output you need whilst still fitting into your overcoat pocket. WXGA resolution, a 90” screen with DLP technology will promote your presentations in rich detail and can handle video demonstrations too. 300 lumens of brightness mean that you are able to project in normal lighting conditions and maintain portability. It has a powerpoint, excel, word and pdf viewer built in too so you can leave your laptop at home and just travel with the projector.

    Lumafire M200

    See above.
    Lumafire offer a hybrid all rounder perfect for business, personal use and travel and great value for money.

    3M MP180

    See above.
    2 hour battery life at full brightness & and 80” screen mean that you can display presentations on the go.

  • 3M MP180 Pocket Projector firmware upgrade

    3M MP180 pocket projector

    3m have recently released their firmware upgrade to improve useability and remote control access of this highly popular LED projector http://bit.ly/lPnOpK

  • The Pocket Projector everybody’s talking about... the 24 carat gold pico showcased at The Gadget Show Live


    Everyone’s talking about the most luxury gadget you could set your eyes upon at this year’s Gadget Show Live, the 24 carat gold plated iGo UP2020 pocket projector.

    Dubbed by Luxissues as ‘the stuff of dreams’ with a beautifully crafted gold finish, the award-winning Limited Edition pico is now available online. Entering the sphere of luxe gadgets, with many devices being popularly adorned with gold or jewels, the gold iGo mini projector is truly exquisite. The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury visited the Personal Projector stand and was very impressed by the gold pocket projector’s ‘bling’!

    With technical accolades to match its luxury aesthetic finish, the iGo pico projector’s vibrant performance was recently praised by BBC’s ‘Something for the Weekend’ as ‘incredible quality’ for its sharp DLP image quality and Smartphone and Flipcam connectivity. Excellent for profiling photography and artwork due to high DLP colour contrast and definition. Winner of CES Design and Innovation Award 2011.

    Stand out from the crowd with the world’s only 24 carat gold pico projector!

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