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Product Reviews

  • Portable Projector Deals Compared: Optoma ML330 versus Qumi Q3, Q6 and Pico Genie M550 Plus

    The Optoma ML330 portable mini projector has had a number or projector reviews and here is quick comparison of the closest alternatives to this handheld projector - See Table Below for full comparison of all the key features of the new Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus, the Qumi Q6 and the Pico Genie M550 Plus.


    All these LED DLP portable projectors are priced between £399 and £599 inc vat and are all classed as personal projectors so are light weight and ultra portable unlike the projectors of old.

    The next most important aspect is the lumens and these 4 models range from 500, 650 and 800 lumens.

    Obviously there is always a trade off between price versus lumens, battery power, connectivity, Android OS and other features like short throw and the accessories it comes with.

    Increasingly Android operating systems (OS) onboard are becoming more popular and thats not just for the ability to watch a plethero of entertainment like Netflix, Youtube or iPlayer but also for business or education apps such as PDF readers, powerpoint or anything else that you wish to download from Android Play store.

    Bear in mind that Android 4.4 is the very latest OS on the TV box/Projector market and it is slightly different to what you might be used to on your mobile phone but largely you do get a lot of the same apps.

    Also dont be put off by the Android OS if you are an Apple user since all of these projectors work with Apple too and you can wirelessly mirror your ipad, iphone or macbook with all of these models. We always recommend using the wired connection wherever possible as wireless can be hit and miss depending on so many different factors but based on user feedback the Pico Genie M550 Plus seems to tick all the boxes for ease of use on its myriad of wired and wireless options.

    Overall, if you are looking for the cheapest option that ticks most of the boxes then the Vivitek Q3 comes highly recommended.

    The Qumi Q6 Plus should not be forgotten as its still currently one of the best projectors in terms of price versus high lumens so if all you need is a simple projector without a battery and with the best brightness then the Q6 is a good option.

    The Optoma ML330 has a couple of unique features with an RJ45 connection for Ethernet connections if you want to hardwire your router to your projector for streaming and it also has a purpose built carry case.

    The new Optoma mini projector therefore sits in the mid range but doesnt offer the internal battery and is more expensive than the Vivitek Qumi Q3 which has the same features as the ML330. When comparing the ML330 to the Vivitek Q6, the latter offers an extra 300 lumens for only £27 more which is a huge difference so the Qumi Q6 would be the preferable choice.

    And if you still cant decide and just want every possible feature in one small box then the Pico Genie M550 Plus is the obvious ultra portable choice in this range with powerful speakers, short throw, a 3 hour battery and high brightness at 650 lumens with older and newer connection options such as VGA or HDMI and a more user friendly Android and wireless experience.

    Feature Vivitek Qumi Q3+ Optoma ML330 Vivitek Qumi Q6 Gold Pico Genie M550 Plus
    Price (inc vat) £399 £449 £479 £599
    Lumens 500 500 800 650
    Battery (mains/rechargeable) 2 hours No No 3 hours
    HD 720p 720p 720p 720p
    Short Throw (larger image) No No No Yes
    Android Yes v4.2 Yes v4.4 No Yes v4.4
    Netflix, YouTube, iPlayer etc Apps Yes Yes No Yes
    Keyboard / Mouse No No No Yes
    Remote control type Standard Standard Standard Advanced Radio Remote
    Keystone correction Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Wifi, Wireless, Mirroring Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Bluetooth Yes Yes No Yes
    LED Yes Yes Yes Yes
    3D Ready No Yes Yes Yes
    MS Office Apps / PDF Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Speakers 2w 2w 2w 3w
  • Clearance Sale: Vivitek Qumi Q6 Gold £399 ex vat


    Vivitek have just revolutionised the pocket projector space, the new Qumi Q6 is the world’s smallest projector with 800 ANSI lumens of brightness and in-built Wi-Fi. The incredibly small housing and multi-colour options mean this is the most unique projector to date. The Wi-Fi connection enables wireless content sharing from Android and iOS devices which makes the Qumi Q6 one of a kind in terms of connectivity. Vivitek also offer a huge 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. The biggest advantage of the Vivitek Qumi Q6 is its massively improved connectivity, the Q6 features built-in Wi-Fi for cable-free projection allowing it to deliver uncompressed HD digital content. Transmitted smoothly by using EZCast Pro application.



    The Vivitek Qumi Q6 comes in a variety of contemporary high-gloss colour’s which are just 16 x 10.24 x 3.4cm (LxWxH), making this a tiny solution for all your projection needs. Weighing just 475g the Q6 can slip in your bag and you won’t even notice you are carrying it. Similar to its siblings (Q4, Q5, Q7 Plus) the Qumi Q6 has an impressive LED lamp life of 30,000 hours meaning you can present for 8 hours a day for over 10 years, something standard lamp projectors cannot match.

    Perfect for business and professional use, the Q6 has built-in MS Office® and Adobe™ PDF document viewers so content can be presented directly from the unit, this can be via USB or its handy 2.5GB onboard storage. Along with its unrivalled connection options, the Q6 is compatible with Vivitek’s very own intuitive mobile remote control app (Android™/iOS), enabling convenient control of the projector’s functions and features. Additionally up to four devices can simultaneous display separate content (Selected materials only) onto one large side-by-side projection (4-to-1 split screen) (Requires EzCast Pro App).

  • NEW: World's First DLP 4K Projector, Acer V9800

    4K has been threatening to become the next big thing in the consumer AV world for some time now, however 4K projectors have always been too big, too complex and most of all too expensive to make much of an impact in the world of consumer electronics.

    Thanks to Acer, that is thankfully no longer the case! In creating the first DLP 4K projector, the V9800, the electronics giant has made an effort to bring 4K projection down to an affordable price. With the V9800 being under £4,000 on Personal Projector, it's a fraction of the cost of other 4K projectors on the market which can easily set you back an eye-watering £45,000. That's a quite remarkable difference in price, but how does the performance measure up?

    In a word: great! The Acer V9800 makes use of a single DLP chip, which, for the videophiles out there, means there won't be any issues regarding misaligned panels which can affect the image quality. This means you'll get "ruthless clarity" and "blade-like detail" (Home Cinema Choice Magazine, May 2017 issue) in every frame. What's more, it's HDR10 compatible, offering high image clarity with "HDR performance that is genuinely surprising for a projector" (HCC Magazine).

    Make no mistake, the Acer V9800 is a big unit that requires a proper install, but once that's done you'll be able to witness the full power of 4K projection, complete with vibrant colours, deep blacks and unparalleled detail. If you've been looking to set up the ultimate home cinema system, look no further than the Acer V9800!


    "This 4K DLP debutant delivers a sometimes stunning UHD HDR performance, aided by clarity and luminance★★★★ - Home Cinema Choice magazine

    "The V9800 is a game-changer in home cinema projection." - 9/10 Trusted Reviews

  • New Full HD Portable Projector: Optoma EH330

    The new Optoma EH330 offers you a Full HD quality image in a tiny portable unit. Despite being small and light enough to fit in a bag or handbag, the Optoma EH330 offers an incredible 3,100 lumens from its lamp, making it bright enough to give you a clear image even in a normally lit room. Combine this with its native Full HD 1080p resolution and you get a projector that can be relied on to give you the best image possible whether you're using it for home cinema or a business presentation.


    The EH330 also has a couple of different options for you when it comes to sound. You can use the onboard 2w speakers, or you can plug in external speakers via the 3.5mm jack.

    As this is a lamp projector, the lifespan of the lamp isn't what you'd get from a similarly priced LED projector, such as the Pico Genie M550 Plus. Whereas the M550 Plus gives you up to 30,000 hours of projection, the EH330's lamp will need replacing after only 5-8,000 hours. This is still mighty impressive for a lamp-based projector at this price however!

    download (2)

    It also lacks a number of the Pico Genie M550 Plus' other features, such as battery backup, Android OS and short throw projection, so if you want a portable projector that can do it all, the M550 Plus may be worth a look. If you're looking for a simple, high-brightness and high-quality projector though, the Optoma offers tremendous value considering the high lumens and resolution.

  • NEW: Aiptek PocketCinema V150W Review

    The Aiptek PocketCinema V150W is a tiny pocket projector that packs a surprising amount of features into its tiny dimensions. It's only 2.5cm thick, weighing just 285g, but despite this tiny size still offers 100 lumens of LED brightness as well as up to a 2 hour battery.


    That's impressive enough, but it gets even better when you look at the extensive list of connectivity options this tiny unit has. The V150W has built-in WiFi, allowing full wireless mirroring of your phone or tablet, as well as an array of connection ports for wired connections in the back, including HDMI, USB, micro USB, micro SD and even a VGA port, as well as a 3.5mm jack for connecting external speakers. The V150W does have 1W speakers built in which are perfectly serviceable for presentations or quiet environments but it won't give you that booming home cinema feel.

    Amazingly, the V150W also has 2GB of internal storage and an inbuilt document reader so you can load content onto the projector itself and project without an external source. The document reader even works with .pdf and .ppt files, so you're not restricted to saving your presentations as image files.

    If that isn't enough, the projector ships with a wealth of accessories, including MHL cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, and a carrying pouch, so everything you could ever need comes in the box!

    Overall, it's a powerful tool for presentations or getting a big screen for your home cinema. Granted, it's not as bright as the Pico Genie P200, however it makes up for that with a huge range of features and connectivity options that not many other projectors of this size can offer.

    To find out more about this brilliant little projector, click HERE.

    Customer reviews:

    "I wanted a versatile decent projector with wireless connection and came across this neat projector.
    First thing is the size , it is small and very compact. I was pleasantly surprised how good looking it is.
    The other surprise was the carry pouch and complete set of cables so no extras to purchase.
    I charged the battery for 8 Hours to condition the battery, but after this it only took a couple of hours to recharge.
    Picture quality is good, the focus wheel/lever on the side does its job very well.
    The picture is bright ,colourful and sharp.
    I loved the app for my laptop pc and my android device. Setting up the wireless side of things was short and simple.
    Click on the app , put the number key in and job done.
    The advantage of the wireless connection for me is that the sound can be switched to blue tooth via the laptop.
    My sound bar with base box added to the cinema experience and works a treat.
    All the cables are provided yet I havnt needed to use them yet. This is such a bonus to be able to sit the projector down on a shelf or coffee table without tripping over or fussing with cables. I will try my dvd with the HDMI at some point , but I have stacks of converted movies on my hard drive.
    I am very pleased with this projector for its looks and wireless connection . The picture quality for movies works for me.
    I would recommend this neat projector if you're looking for a pocket type projector." - Amazon customer

    "So this little piece of tech is amazing, it is really bright in a well lit room , the focusing wheel is sturdy and leads to a crisp image ,and the menu is very intuitive. Having had a little play with the progector I inserted a 128 gb sd card and it played all of my movies no problem. The on board speaker is very clear and loud not tinny at all ,but I did install my wi fi which can give you a wireless sound source if you need it. As the other reviewer indicated , you should give the unit a full charge but you can still use it with the adaptor. It comes with most of the leads that you are likely to use and the charger has all of the required USA euro GB pins . There is a tripod base that I tried using my quality tripod that I purchased from poundland , and it worked perfectly. The remote control is a useful feature and you don t have to go far to produce a large image . So all in all a really quality piece of equipment that outshines all of the others I have used. So if you take the plunge you should be pleasantly surprised." - Amazon customer

  • Product Review: Philips PicoPix PPX4935

    The Philips PicoPix PPX4935 is a 350 lumen pocket projector. It offers native 720p HD resolution, which is impressive from a projector of this size. It will also give you a screen of up to 150 inches, although you will need 5 metres of space at that size. Its worth noting at 350 lumens, you can lose some of the brightness and image quality if you have the projector 5m away from the screen.


    To avoid screen wash out or the need for 5m of space then you may want to consider short throw projectors such as the Pico Genie M550 Plus, a smart projector which also offers several improvements over the PicoPix such as 650 lumens, a 3 hour battery and wireless mirroring to Apple as well as Android and comes with a tripod in the package.

    T3 tech magazine recently reviewed the Philips PicoPix PPX4935 and said

    "Don't expect silky smooth motion and inky blacks, but it's seriously good fun and can even be run on its internal battery - although two hours of life makes that more suited to Olympic sprints and boxing matches than games of football" T3.com March 2017

    Key features of the PicoPix include an onboard Android OS, Wi-Fi and a 2 hour battery so it is certainly feature-packed and decent value, although not quite on the same level as the M550 Plus.

    When wired the PicoPix PPX4935 can mirror the screen of an MHL-compatible mobile device (ie Android devices mainly), as well as having the option to connect Android devices wirelessly via Miracast. You can also connect Apple devices via a wire, using the Apple Digital AV Adapter, although you cannot connect the PicoPix PPX4935 to an Apple device wirelessly without downloading extra apps. It can also connect via HDMI or project content from a microSD card, which is pretty standard these days.

    However the PicoPix does lack a VGA port,


    Overall, it’s a decent projector with quite a few good features, however at around £475 it is a little pricey when compared to other models such as the Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus, which offers all the same features including Android OS, 2 hour battery and Wi-Fi. The Q3 Plus however has 500 lumens compared to the PicoPix's 350, which you'll certainly notice in a brighter room, and it is around £50 cheaper. The Qumi Q3 Plus is also a similar size and weight to the Philips PicoPix PPX4935.

    While the PicoPix is impressive it isn't as good value as the Qumi Q3 Plus and doesn't offer the extensive features and high performance of the Pico Genie M550 Plus so we would look at those models before the PicoPix.

    Like many of the Philips projector range such as the PicoPix and Philips Screeneo 2.0 these models are increasingly difficult to get hold of in Europe and this stock shortage is expected to continue for some months so if you cant get hold of one consider the Qumi Q3 Plus or the really high end Pico Genie M550 Plus


    Philips Screeneo 2,0 projecteur court projecteur a été un succès surprise ce Noël, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez bien être l'un des clients qui a manqué sur un en raison de pénuries graves de stocks. Il n'y a aucune raison d'être déprimé, cependant, comme nous avons quelques alternatives étonnantes qui seraient aussi bien sous l'arbre et pour une fraction du coût!

    Noël est le moment de donner, alors laissez-nous vous donner un peu de nourriture pour la pensée avec ces projecteurs de haute-spectateurs alternatifs que vous n'avez peut-être pas considéré.

    Acer V7500, Projecteur Home Cinéma Full HD / 3D de 2500 Lumen


    Le Acer V7500, primé, est proche du sommet de l'arbre ce Noël! Doté d'un incroyable éclairage de 2500 Lumen pour sauvegarder son logiciel révolutionnaire et sa technologie de couleurs sophistiquée, il n'est pas surprenant qu'il soit recommandé par le magazine Home Cinema Choice.

    L'intérieur de sa façade blanche à la mode offre une série de caractéristiques très impressionnantes, dont un capteur de lumière ambiante pour ajuster automatiquement l'image en fonction de la luminosité de votre environnement, la correction de trame trapézoïdale 4 angles et la roue de couleurs RGBRGB pour des couleurs vives. Il bénéficie également d'un rapport de contraste énorme de 20 000: 1, ce qui signifie que sa qualité d'image est difficile à battre, que vous regardiez un film dans une pièce sombre ou un sport un samedi après-midi lumineux. Si vous avez besoin d'un Screeneo pour le home cinéma ou le sport, le V7500 vous a couvert !

    Acer H6517ST, Projecteur DLP Full Throw Full HD / 3D de 3000 Lumen


    Un projecteur puissant à courte portée qui peut projeter un écran géant à seulement un mètre de votre surface de projection, le H6517ST pourrait ne pas être le projecteur le plus snapply-titled, mais il est idéal pour le cinéma, les jeux et plus encore!

    À 3000 Lumens, il peut projeter une image claire comme du cristal, même en plein soleil, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez obtenir Full HD dans un milliard de couleurs et sans scintillement 3D à 300 pouces en diagonale. Il dispose d'une gamme de commandes d'ajustement automatique et manuel de l'image de sorte qu'il est un doddle à mettre en place et obtenir ce grand écran sentiment dans le confort de votre salon. Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un projecteur qui peut produire une image massive et claire, même dans le salon de Noël le plus étroit, vous pouvez mettre le H6517ST sur votre liste de Noël.

    Projecteur Acer H7550ST, 3000 Lumen Projecteur Full HD / 3D


    Emballant un poinçon de poids lourd dans un cadre léger, le H7550ST est un projecteur court projecteur avec le pouvoir de transformer votre salle de devant dans un cinéma multiplex, même quand il est moins d'un mètre de votre surface de projection.

    Doté d'une gamme complète de fonctionnalités câblées et sans fil souples pour vous aider à vous connecter à n'importe quel périphérique audio ou visuel, le H7550ST sauvegarde son image cristalline projetée par une lampe 3000 Lumen avec un haut-parleur intégré de 10W, ce qui signifie que vous n'avez même pas besoin d'un écran externe Haut-parleur pour obtenir cette expérience sonore cinématographique. Qu'il s'agisse de jeux, de sport, de cinéma ou de fêtes festives, le H7550ST peut vous donner un écran géant et un son en plein essor même si vous n'avez pas beaucoup d'espace pour projeter.

    Utilisez notre feuille de comparaison pratique pour voir tous ces projecteurs côte à côte - cliquez ICI.

  • Philips Screeneo 2.0 Alternative Projectors

    Philips' Screeneo 2.0 short throw projector has been a surprise hit this Christmas, meaning you may well be one of the customers who missed out on one due to severe stock shortages. There's no reason to be downhearted, though, as we have some amazing alternatives that would fit just as nicely under the tree and for a fraction of the cost!

    Christmas is the time for giving, so let us give you some food for thought with these alternative high-spec projectors that you may not have considered.

    Acer V7500, 2500 Lumen Full HD/3D Home Cinema Projector


    The award-winning Acer V7500 is near the top of the tree this Christmas! Boasting an incredible 2500 Lumen lightshow to back up its revolutionary software and sophisticated colour technology, it's no surprise it comes recommended by Home Cinema Choice magazine.

    Inside its trendy white exterior is a range of seriously impressive features, including an Ambient Light Sensor to automatically adjust the image to suit the brightness of your surroundings, 4 Corner keystone correction and RGBRGB colour wheel for vivid colours. It also boasts a whopping 20,000:1 contrast ratio, meaning its picture quality is hard to beat, whether you're watching a film in a darkened room or sport on a bright Saturday afternoon. It isn't short throw, but it does have a massive max image size of 300", over twice the size of the Screeneo for less than half the cost! If you wanted a Screeneo for home cinema or sport, the V7500 has you covered!

    Acer H6517ST, 3000 Lumen Short Throw Full HD/3D DLP Projector


    A mighty short throw projector that can project a huge screen just a metre from your projection surface, the H6517ST might not be the most snappily-titled projector, but it's ideal for cinema, gaming and more!

    At 3000 Lumens, it can project a crystal clear image in even bright sunlight, meaning you can get Full HD in a billion colours and flicker-free 3D at 300 inches diagonally. It has a range of automatic and manual image adjustment controls so it's a doddle to set up and get that big-screen feeling from the comfort of your living room. If you're looking for a projector that can produce a massive, clear image even in the most cramped Christmas living room, you might want to put the H6517ST on your Christmas list.

    Acer H7550ST, 3000 Lumen Short Throw Full HD/3D Projector


    Packing a heavyweight punch in a lightweight frame, the H7550ST is a short throw projector with the power to turn your front room into a multiplex cinema, even when it's less than a metre away from your projection surface.

    Boasting a full range of flexible wired and wireless functionality to help you connect to any audio or visual device, the H7550ST backs up its crystal clear image projected by a 3000 Lumen lamp with an onboard 10W speaker, meaning you don't even need an external speaker to get that cinematic sound experience. Whether it's gaming, sport, cinema or a festive TV binge you want, the H7550ST can give you a huge screen and booming sound even if you don't have a lot of space to project in.

    Use our handy comparison sheet to view all these projectors side-by-side - just click HERE.

    UPDATE: We are currently stocking a different Screeneo model that still offers a high quality short throw projection for a greatly reduced price.

    Philips Screeneo 1690TV Smart HD/3D LED Projector with DVB-T Tuner


    The 1690TV offers incredible big screen entertainment just inches from your wall or screen, and it even comes with an inbuilt DVB-T tuner to give you all your favourite Freeview channels right out of the box. At a massively reduced price when compared to the 2.0, the 1690TV is the perfect festive bargain that'll fit nicely under the tree this year!

  • Buying Projectors on Amazon: Buyer Beware of Top 10 Chinese Fakes

    Many of our customers have been asking us how is it possible that projectors listed on Amazon's Top 15 projectors are 1000 lumens yet only cost £50.

    2 shots

    We decided to investigate back in September 2016 and purchase one of the Top 15 projectors on Amazon to see what was going on. We discovered a large amount of false trades descriptions which we have reported to Amazon. Unfortunately though its not in Amazons interests to do anything about it as they get paid for every sale whether you return it or not. Even when you return it they still take a 7% to 15% commission - so its a Win Win for Amazon and a pain for you as the customer to be duped by false trades descriptions! We reported the issue at the beginning of the year and 12 months later the problem still exists despite numerous complaints to Amazon.

    We reviewed the best selling Amazon projector: Elephas Full Color 130" Portable LED "Pico" Projector. This review highlights the major flaws in all Amazon's best selling projectors and shows how many manufacturers are massively exaggerating features and specifications of these projectors. This review/guide will help you to avoid buying fake products and to understand how these companies selling on Amazon's marketplace (and even via Amazon Prime FBA) are breaching trading standards and are blatantly lying to customers.

    Lumens Test: The biggest false description on Amazon

    The most important test is brightness so we compared the popular Pico Genie P55 which is a genuine 50 lumens to the Elephas Full Colour 130" which is stated as "1000 lumens". The Elephas is well priced at £54 on Amazon which is impossibly cheap for a projector of "1000" lumens.

    Below the image shows the brightness difference between the Pico Genie P55 (bottom image) and the Elephas (top image). If anything, the Pico Genie P55 is brighter and also has a better resolution. This is fairly shocking when you consider the Elphas is being listed as 20x brighter than the Pico Genie? Yes, 20 TIMES! Amazon’s top 15 projectors state they have 800-1500 lumens which is simply false.


    The alarm bells should initially start ringing when you see a headline figure of 1000 lumens and a price of anything less than £400.

    To see what a real 1000 lumen projector looks like take a look at the Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus - its a world apart, its like watching a home cinema and the brightness looks like a printed graphic showing perfectly and clearly in normally lit conditions. Then take a look at a projector that does a real 500 or 650 lumens in this video and you will see instantly the difference.

    Focus: Dont be limited to a fixed focus and fixed size image

    The Elephas and Amazon’s top 15 projectors often will have a fixed focus meaning it has to be an EXACT distance from the wall to be able to view it otherwise its out of focus. Thus it has to be exactly 1.5m away to create an image of 50-60”, as can be seen in the above image. If the Elephas is moved any closer to the projection surface, it is instantly out of focus so you just cant see it.

    In other words its useless if you want to put the projector anywhere other than 1.5m away from the wall.

    On some of the other top 15 Amazon projectors, if you have a small projection area you could end up with a screen size that is far too big for your projection space as well as it being out of focus.

    Pico Genie and other premium brand projectors can be focused as small as 15cm from the projection surface to create a tiny image or over >100" simply by moving them closer/further from the projected area.

    Check its got real DLP

    DLP is a premium image chip from Texas Instruments meaning your image quality will be viewable and far superior to the chinese versions listed on Amazon. It usually also means the projector itself is much smaller as can be seen with the Elephas versus the Pico Genie above.

    The costs of these DLP chips are high so as a rough guide anything advertised under £140 on Amazon is more than likely not going to have a real DLP chip inside. Its also likely to be a much larger size projector in terms of its dimensions (as can be seen in the photos above the Pico Genie is tiny in comparison to the Elephas).

    Size / Portability

    The P55 is a fraction of the size of most of the top 15 projectors listed on Amazon and is more pocketable. Also the quality is not compromised because of its size as Pico Genie projectors use DLP rather than poor quality LCOS.

    As can be seen below the Elephas is almost 4x bigger than the Pico Genie.

    Weight – even with a battery this product is lighter and smaller than the majority of the top 15 projectors, it’s therefore ideal for quickly moving or taking away on your travels. Unlike the Elephas that would need a larger back to be transported.

    2 shots


    All Pico Genie products include a battery as standard. The Pico Genie P55’s inbuilt battery will last for up to 2.5 hours. In comparison to Amazon’s top 15 which are 4x the size and do not have any battery at all. Pico Genie projectors are ultra portable and can be used anywhere.

    Fan Noise/usage & burning smells

    The Pico Genie P55 makes very little fan noise when in use and can be used for as long as required on mains power. Amazon’s top 15 projectors such as Elephas are incredibly noisy and kick out a lot of heat. They also state they should not be used for more than 3-4 hours at any one time. This also highlights a major safety concern. We used the Elephas for around 1-2 hours and it became very hot and produced some unusual burning smells.

    Build quality

    The Pico Genie P55 is built to a high quality and is highly robust. Aesthetically the P55 design is far superior to Amazon’s top 15.

    Trusted Portable Projector Brands Online:

    Below we have listed out a number of brands that have an excellent reputation across the projection market.

    • Acer
    • Pico Genie
    • Vivitek
    • Casio
    • Philips
    • Epson
    • BenQ
    • Optoma
    • Aiptek

    Beware Of:

    • Elephas
    • Uvistar
    • Crenova
    • Yokkao
    • UNHO

    SUMMARY:  Tips to Avoid Buying Fake Projectors from Amazon & Online 

    1. Claims its New < £80: If it's brand new and less than £80, don't bother. The projector is more than likely being way over sold by a Chinese company. LED projectors of any decent quality that are new with DLP and a minimum genuine lumens of 50 lumens start at £150 / €180 / $195
    2. Claims its New <£300 and claims over 600 lumens - it's quoting "Chinese marketing lumens" and maybe 10 or 20 times overstated and probably 50 lumens with no DLP and is fake
    3. DLP? - Ensure the projector has Texas Instruments DLP, this provides superior image quality and is the industry standard.
    4. States "use in a dark room" - If the projector has over 200 lumens and states "Use in a dark room", usually means its less than 50 lumens so avoid
    5. 1080p - this is one of the biggest lies - there are very few 1080p models out there and certainly none by any lesser known brands not listed above. The likelihood is that if you've not heard of the brand and its stating 1080p then its not 1080p. It should say "supports" 1080p ie supports Full HD but instead they just claim its Full HD when in fact its probably 2 or 3 grades down from that at VGA resolution - whats in a word eh !
    6. Catches Fire - If it says "it needs to be turned off after 2-4 hours", give it a miss. It is more than likely dangerous and prone to catching fire. It has been made very cheaply and so key safety processes can easily be missed.
    7. Common Sense - If it sounds too good to be true, it is!! Remember if you buy cheap you usually end up buying twice so just buy the product that's right for you first time around.

    How to get results with a complaint on Amazon in the UK

    We spent 14 months writing to Amazon to complain about fraudulent trades descriptions on Amazon as they continue to allow resellers, predominantly Chinese, to describe goods however they like without any resemblance to the truth. Amazon fail to do anything about it whatsoever so here are some steps you can take if you have similar problems.

    1. Try raising a case through seller central if you are a reseller or via Contact Us on Amazon as a consumer. If you get standard responses like we did for 14 months whereby its clear they are just not reading or listening to the complaint then go to step 2
    2. Report it to Trading Standards which has to be done via the Citizens Advice Bureau either by phone 03454 04 05 06 or Id recommend going to this online form at the bottom of their website. Get a case number
    3. Call the European Consumer Credit Center on 01268 886690 - Get a case number
    4. Write a letter to Amazon UK’s offices. This address is quite well hidden and hard to find so we’ve listed it below. Make sure you send it recorded delivery and inform them of the case numbers and the issues
    5. The main issue is Amazon’s HQ is outside the UK so they often like to pass the buck so the next step is to also report it to CMA - Competition & Markets Authority and this can be passed onto the equivalent trading standards bodies in the relevant countries – email for CMA general.enquiries@cma.gsi.gov.uk and again get a case number to pass onto Amazon

    Amazon UK Office Address

    Amazon EU SARL, UK Branch, 60 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FD, United Kingdom

    Registered in England & Wales

    Company No. FC032354

    UK Establishment No. BR017427

    UK VAT Number: GB 727255821


    Amazon EU HQ

    Amazon EU SARL, Société à responsabilité limitée, 5 Rue Plaetis, L2338 Luxembourg

    Share Capital: EUR 37,500

    Registered in Luxembourg

    RCS Luxembourg No: B-101818

    Business Licence Number: 134248

    Luxembourg VAT Registration Number:  LU 20260743

    We are here to advise customers on their needs and requirements and are familiar with all the projector products on the marketplace so please dont hesitate to contact us for more advice via email, Tel 0845 1218800 or our live chat at www.personalprojector.co.uk

  • Best New LED Portable Projectors This Christmas: Qumi Q3 Plus vs M550 Plus Comparison

    If you're looking for an affordable portable HD LED projector this Christmas (or maybe you're hoping for one to appear under the tree!), there are two excellent options on the market that can do it all. Whether you're looking to give the gift of an unbeatable home cinema set up or you want an ultra-portable solution for business presentations, Vivitek's Qumi Q3 Plus and Pico Genie's M550 Plus should be on your radar. But how do they stack up against one another?

    Battery Life

    When you're after a truly portable projector for the festive season, you really want something with a lengthy battery life so you can take it anywhere and set up without having to worry about power. The Q3 Plus boasts an impressive 2 hour battery life with 8,000 mAh at 500 Lumens, which means it's perfect for even the lengthiest presentation or meeting. The M550 Plus goes one step further though, with a mighty 3 hour battery life and 13,500 mAh (that's three episodes of Game Of Thrones!), putting it in a class of its own when compared with any other portable projector on the market. So both projectors are great to handle any meeting, lecture, presentation or just binge watching loads of TV/Movies.



    The other key factor to consider when taking your projector out and about is brightness (or lumens) as you never know what kind of light conditions you'll be projecting in. Blackout curtains are always nice but they're not always available, which is why both of these projectors pack a great spec in terms of brightness, resolution and contrast. Coupled with incredible DLP chip systems they provide a clear image even in brightly-lit or sunlit rooms.

    The Q3 Plus clocks in at 500 Lumens, which is usually more than enough to project a crisp HD image in normal light conditions up  to 150 inches in size, making it ideal for classrooms or business meetings. It also has a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 which will really help your colours pop!

    The M550 Plus has an impressive 650 Lumens, really making it the ultimate all-rounder that can be used anywhere, anytime for anything. Also, it can project up to a 200 inch image, big enough for any purpose which puts the M550 Plus top of its class in its price bracket!

    Shorter Throw Projection

    The M550 Plus has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to projecting a clear image: it's a shorter throw projector meaning you can get a much bigger image even when it sits close to your wall or screen (or whatever you're projecting onto).

    At Christmas time, your living room can become a little crowded, so you may not always have 5 metres of clear space to project a big image. The M550 Plus doesn't need anywhere near as much space to project a large, clear image, so it's the much more practical option for everyday use particularly when you're projecting in a busy front room or meeting room!

    Check out the video below to see this in action.


    A good sound system can be just as important as a clear image, whether you want a booming home cinema setup or an effective presentation tool. The Q3 Plus has onboard 2w speakers, meaning it sounds great in any environment. The M550 Plus goes one step further with its onboard 3w speakers. Both projectors offer wireless audio connectivity to external speakers but the M550 Plus also has a 3.5mm jack and supports 2.0 Stereo sound so you can hook it up to external sound systems for wireless or wired sound with amazing clarity.

    Ease of Use and Access

    So, both projectors offer a host of amazing features, but how easy are they to use?

    Both projectors are a doddle thanks to their Android OS, and The Q3 Plus comes with a remote control and you can download apps for iOS and Android mirroring, meaning you can mirror your smart devices onto a huge screen.

    However, if you need to access lots of files and apps quickly, the M550 Plus has a bit of a party piece for you: it comes with a wireless keyboard as well as a remote, so it couldn't be easier to flick through important files or search for your favourite TV shows on apps like Netflix, which comes pre-installed on both devices! 

    If that wasn't enough, the M550 Plus also has wireless mirroring for iOS and Android straight out of the box, making it one of the most easy-to-use projectors on the market today.

    What's In The Box

    With the Q3 Plus, you get;

    A Qumi Q3 Plus projector, remote control, power lead, HDMI cable

    With the M550 Plus, you get:

    A Pico Genie M550 Plus projector, remote control, power lead, HDMI cable, wireless keyboard, tripod and EU & UK plug (also available with USA plug).


    The M550 Plus comes with a keyboard (with integrated mouse) and a remote control!

    Both of these projectors have every feature you could want from a portable projector, and there's a lot to love about both of them. They both have Android OS and 8GB of storage for saving files or downloading apps. They also both offer a range of audio and visual wireless connectivity options.

    The Q3 Plus is an amazing portable projector that packs an incredible punch for a device just 28mm thick. At just £429 inc VAT, it's also the ideal option for anyone looking for a versatile and highly portable projector on a budget. It's very bright at 500 Lumens, offers a wealth of connectivity options and has 8GB of storage for preloading files and apps onto it for PC-free viewing, while its 2-hour battery life means you can watch most films or a football match on it without worrying about where the plug socket is. You can even wirelessly hook it up to your sound system to create that big-screen cinema feel at home in your living room.

    The M550 Plus is a little more at £599.99 inc VAT, but for that extra money you get a world leader in portable projectors that is the ultimate in flexibility, ease of use and is future-proofed and able to work with any device, anytime, anywhere. Never worry about having enough space in your living room again with its shorter throw projection, allowing you to get a huge screen just a couple of feet away from your screen. It's bright enough for almost anywhere at 650 Lumens, has 8GB of storage which you can use to store files (and get to them quicker than before using the keyboard) and its 3-hour battery life means you can even watch Lord Of The Rings on it without hooking it up to the power (well, almost!). It offers an amazing range of features which makes it fit for any purpose, including a great wireless keyboard & mouse for easy browsing, and it comes with wireless mirroring for iOS and Android as standard, so there's no need to download any mirroring apps to use it with your smart devices.

    Take a look at the video below to see all the great features of both projectors in action!

    Comparison Video

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