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Tag Archives: Personal Projector

  • Pico Genie M100 Video Review

    Technology Evolution have reviewed the tiny Pico Genie P50 pro, LED portable projector.

    View their YouTube video below so see what they thought.

  • Pico Genie P50 Pro Video Review

    Technology Evolution have reviewed the tiny Pico Genie P50 pro, LED portable projector.

    View their YouTube video below so see what they thought. 

  • Dream Beamer: Protect Your Eyes from Projection Rays

    The Eye-Friendly Projection System

    For as long as there has been projection, there has been a presenter pinned to the side walls or half way back up the room so as to avoid the dazzling glare from the projector bulb. Someone has finally come up with a "Dream" solution...software.

    Dream Beamer software protects the eyes of anyone inside a projector beam by tracking people in front of the projector beam and then blacking out that section of the projected image. Viacheslav Sabirov apparently thought of  the idea after seeing university lecturers suffer from the glare for hours every day

    Viacheslav says “Even projector manufacturers say in their manuals that the time of eye exposure to projector light must be strictly limited, otherwise it can cause harm to retina. Many of the people I interviewed complained of eye discomfort and headaches.”

    The product has been under construction since 2013 when he recruited software developers as well as technical and medical professors with industry experience.

    Recent advances in the interactive projector technology have made this idea a reality, “there was no inexpensive method of doing precise tracking of the presenter until recently-- it is still tough but now possible,” says the Dream Beamer inventor.

    a 3D sensory is fed through the PC which recognises people stood in front of the projector, it then acts as a middle man between the image that's supposed to be projected at that moment and adds in a black image where the presenter is stood. This means that in theory the software can work with any projector.

    The idea is to sell the software with a webcam type system to form one package and sell it on to projector manufacturers.“We already have an agreement with company called 3D-tek which is going to build a line of projectors. Our software will run on 3D-tek's projector hardware,” says Sabirov, but it could also just work as an add-on for existing projector users too.

    Our "vision is that all projectors must have the feature onboard as it can cost less than $5 if we are talking about mass production.”

    Source: http://www.dreambeamer.ru/index.html

  • Create The Perfect Summer House: Alan Titchmarsh shows Pico Genie screens in Love Your Garden

    In this week's Love Your Garden episode on ITV1 (Tues 5th August 2014) with Alan Titchmarsh, the Chapman family's garden was transformed with an amazing summer house. Watch online at https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/love-your-garden

    Alan Titchmarsh Projector Screen


    Personal Projector Ltd were delighted to be able to help the Chapman family by providing their summer house with an amazing 40" screen desktop projector screen, complete with the new wireless LED mini M100 projector.

    The Chapman family can now enjoy the outdoor space with this very discreet screen which completely folds down into the small tube in the base of the screen. Its ideal for watching TV on or connecting your iPad, tablet, DVD player to the M100 projector with its simple built in wireless capability. Just connect your device and mirror whats on your screen via HDMI cable or simply connect it wire-free to avoid lots of cables.

    The beauty is there is no installation required and both the screen and projector are completely portable so they can be moved from room to room. It also contains a good battery enabling you to watch a film without the need to plug the projector into the electrics.

    A range of alternative portable tabletop screen sizes are available in 25", 32", 40", 50" and 60"

  • 5 Reasons You Need Pico Genie A100 This Summer

    The Pico Genie A100 has a very special new price and here is why the  affordable pocket sized projector will work for you this summer:

    1. Keep the kids educated - 6 weeks is a long holiday for anyone, especially your children, so ensure you keep them at the top of the class by encouraging the use educational content and games.
    2. Entertainment - We know how hard it is to find something good on TV when it's grey and cloudy, so why not enjoy the latest blockbuster from your iPhone / iPod
    3. Travel - You've packed your sun cream and your passports but how about a movie for the flight or relaxing on a rainy day. From Glamping to jet-setting, it's small enough to fit neatly in your pocket or bag for a cinematic experience.
    4. Business - Take everything you need for your meeting in your pocket and project wherever you are. Ideal for those on the go or meeting with those who are.
    5. Sports - 2014 is another stellar year for sporting events, from Commonwealth Games, Wimbledon, F1, World Cup and more, now you can keep up with the game straight from your pocket. Also, if you're playing a few games yourself then why not record it on your phone / iPod and then play it straight back?! Great for perfecting your improving your own skill (or just embarrassing your friends by sharing their lack of skill with everyone).
    Click here for more info on the Pico Genie A100


    Click here for more information on other portable projectors

  • I Predict a Ritot! - Projector Watch Concept

    Okay, so speculation is rifle online about the latest Ritot projector watch, HOWEVER,  the concept has been born and we weren't the only ones to love it.

    Ritot projector watch

    The idea is simple, throw away that tired old watch with the minute hand that sticks and worn out strap, become a modern style icon with the new Ritot projector watch!

    We can see this easily challenging the big brands with its reasonable price tag and unique design. The Ritot concept was the "World's first projection watch" which claimed to project out content from your smartphone on to the back of your hand.

    The Simple design appealed to those who love having the latest tech but don't want to feel bogged down by lots of devices and wanted help to "stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist". Merging something you would probably be wearing anyway (watch) with technology that's actually useful in keeping you up to date with calls, texts, memos and more is something Personal Projector likes the look of.

    Whilst we are all waiting for this concept to actually be proposed,  why not view our range of pocketable projectors that work with almost any smartphone (plus many other devices) by clicking here

  • Hologram Projection... From Your Smartphone?

    Today the internet has exploded with the revelation Star Wars type tech is soon to be not only a reality but in your pocket!

    Ostendo Technologies have released news that their new chip which was almost a decade in development and is capable of producing a projected image larger than the standard TV (48 inches diagonally). This chip is tiny at only the same size as your existing smartphone's camera unit and will cost less than $50 to add. Ostendo are predicting that this will be on the market and in your hand before summer 2015.

    We've recently seen the demise of other smartphones with in-built projection capability, such as the Samsung Beam, so what makes Ostendo think that this will fare better? Well by the second half of 2015 they're expecting production to start on a 3D chip!

    With a lack of hologram content and capable apps / software, this might seem like a bit of a gimmick at the moment and is receiving some bad press, like 4K TV's on their release. However, in the same way as 4k has persisted and is now slowly trickling out the masses, we expect the content to catch up with the capability if it proves popular.

    It isn't clear how realistic it is to expect to own a smartphone that will produce an amazing 3D hologram within the next 2 years, we sure are excited to see whether it will happen!

    In the meantime, if you're looking for tomorrow's technology today, check out the Pico Genie M100 portable projector. Wireless Mirroring from your laptop / smartphone, LED light-source that produces a 70"  image and it still fits in your pocket!

  • Pico Genie P50 Pro Release

    The Pico Genie P50 Pro LED projector is the new, upgraded version of theworld’s smallest projector at 40 lumens of brightness on BOTH mains and/or battery power with amazing value for money and great connectivity. The Pico Genie P50 Pro now has a contemporary black high-gloss shell which is just 90mm x 75mm wide and 22mm thin, making this matchbox sized projector much smaller than the next smallest Pico Genie projector (Pico Genie P100). Weighing just 160g means you can slip it in your pocket and you won’t even notice you are carrying the ultra connected LED device, but switch it on and you will see the familiar brightness and quality.

    It is amazing to see how such a complex device with so many connection options has been squeezed into such a small device, connection options inclide:HDMI, VGA, USB, SD and AV inputs. Connect the new Pico Genie P50 pro to your smartphone, laptop, tablet,games console and any number of multimedia devices to project up to an impressive 70” diagonal image anywhere you go. Whether you have a Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, iPhone or any Smartphone with HDMI or video out capability, you can enjoy streaming (and in many cases mirroring) of your entire Smartphone on a very big screen. Alternatively, save content directly to a USB stick and  project without connecting any cables!

    The Pico Genie range has become synonymous with value for money as well as providing the same brightness on battery as it does on mains power so you don’t feel short changed on the brightness front when you are out and about. The Pico Genie P50 pro model is the latest to follow this refreshing trend, offering the full 40 lumens brightness with up to 3.5 hours operation time from the in-built battery, meaning it’s always a good time to project! When you have used all of the battery power, simply plug it in to the mains with the included charger and you can continue projecting, giving you hours of entertainment from your fingertips.

    Overall, if you’re looking for something that’s so portable you don’t even notice it is in your pocket but it still cuts the mustard in terms of performance then whether you’re looking to use this for business or personal use the Pico Genie P50 pro is the perfect companion LED projector. At only £225 (inc vat) it costs less than many of the rival portable projectors and offers one of the best specifications in the smallest package at one of the best prices. It would be the perfect gift and is ideal for sharing photos/videos on the big screen with friends/family or even for small presentations at home or in the office.

    Available from Personal Projector Ltd

  • Connecting your projector to Apple Devices (April 2014)

    If you are looking to connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod to a projector or TV to get a big screen from a tiny device then look no further. There are over 20 different projectors available that offer this capability, so whatever your need Personal Projector Ltd have a projector for you and your iPhone.

    What you will need
    For mirroring you will need a Digital AV adapter! Depending on the model and type of device you have, there are currently 2 options available,

    1. The 30 pin Digital AV adapter, for older Apple devices. See and purchase this adapter through Apple by clicking here
    2. The Lighting Digital AV adapter, for newer Apple devices. See and purchase this adapter through Apple by clicking here

    Please always check that your device is compatible with the Digital AV adapter you choose to purchase, you can see a list of compatibility on Apple's site here.  

    Cheaper options for Apple cables

    To stream out video and images that are already saved on your device then you may be able to use one of our cheaper Apple connection cables available to view here

    Wireless Projection
    There are some projectors which are starting to offer wireless projection, these devices will normally happily mirror Windows and Android devices but it's a little bit different when it comes to Apple. There is currently no way of wirelessly mirroring your Apple devices screen directly through the projector. You may wish to invest in Apple TV and use that to wirelessly stream content instead.

    Apps to use with your iPhone projector 

  • Elmo BOXi T-350, Reviewed

    The ELMO BOXi T-350 projector has been gathering reviews from some big names in publishing, below are a few examples:

    Digital Hippos: "The ELMO BOXi-T350 is one of the most impressive pieces of technology I have had the honor of testing. The design is sleek, solid and the picture is bright, defined and absolutely gorgeous. If you are seeking a portable but versatile projector, this is it." - See more here

    Expert Reviews: "The BOXi-T350’s native 1,280x800 resolution looked sharp, and its short throw range meant we didn’t have to place it very far away from the wall to get a large picture." See the full review here

    Computer Shopper's verdict is that the T-350 is“good personal projector” and is“ powerful enough to cope with a brightly lit room”. Katharine who reviewed the projector thinks that “this is good projector to use during presentations so you don’t have to plunge the room into darkness”. 

    James Smythe gave the projector an overall Mighty Gadget scoring of 70% out of 100, commenting that it’s "one of the more affordable palm projectors on the market" with"excellent’ image/colours so ‘great for gaming and presentations". Read more and view James' images here

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