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Tag Archives: Saumsung

  • Watch TV on demand with your pico projector.

    Gone are the days when you had to stay in to watch your favourite programme, over the past year there has been a significant rise in the number of websites available to watch ‘catch-up TV'.  And now some of these services have transferred over to our mobile phones.

    The next generation of phones may include a pico projector in-built. There are already models in the pipeline, such as the Galaxy Beam by Samsung due to be released in July, but with any advance in technology it is still in the early stages.

    If you are wanting to project images from a phone (or even TV, DVD player, games console, laptop...) then there is an excellent range of pico projectors out there, to meet all needs.
    Projectors can be connected up to phones and games consoles, as well as TV's, DVD players and laptops, via the video out cable (available for Adapt, Aiptek and 3M), to give you mobile entertainment at it's best.

    We have been looking at some of the on demand services out there, including TV, films, current affairs and sports. If you have used them, why not leave a comment?

    TVCatchup on the iPhone.

    Over one million iPhones were sold in its first weekend, and you can bet that if you want it, there's an App for it. Introducing TVCatchup, which allows you to tune in with an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. It's free and available via your browser - so no downloading an App!

    Blinkbox for PS3.

    Blinking from amazement, perhaps? Rent movies and TV shows and watch selected free content too, all through your Play Station 3.


    You can download iPlayer and catch up with all of your favourite shows. From the BBC.


    This carries content from the three main broadcasters, but not ITV. It offers recent shows, classics and has just launched a rental service for just 99p for 30days.


    A place for full length US and UK shows, schedules, viewer reviews and podcasts. Five have recently signed a deal to make their content available on the site.

    Virgin Media Online Movies

    Watch movies from £1.99 This site holds a decent selection of older and newer movies, and is powered by FilmFlex.

    This post was written by Katie. Want to talk to her? Do it here

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