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  • A Personal Buying Guide: What’s The Best Projector For Me This Christmas?



    So it’s that time of the year (again), time to hunt down the perfect gift for that special someone. Whether you’ve planned to buy a projector this year or not, check out our ultimate guide to the top projectors money can buy, we’ll be sure to inspire you with the endless applications portable projectors present!

      • Are you planning to buy a projector for someone this Christmas?
      • Or just treating yourself to some high spec tech?
      • Need a big screen the whole family can watch the latest James Bond on?

    Take a look at our Christmas best buys, we’ll guide you through the best projectors for your budget. A one stop shop for all things projector!

    New models for Christmas 2015!


    Pico Genie M400 Pro- The best all-round projector! Only £465 inc VAT. WAS £480

    Perfect for:

      • Creating a 100” screen anywhere with the built-in battery
      • Wirelessly streaming your Android/Apple* device
      • Watching those compulsory Christmas Movies with the whole family!



    The Vivitek Qumi Q6- Available in plenty of festive colours! Only £480 inc VAT

    Perfect for:

      • Streaming wirelessly from your Android/Apple* Device
      • Projecting a HD movie for the whole family
      • Slaying zombies on your new Xbox One/PS4/PC

    Vivitek Qumi Q6

    Casio XJ-V1 Core- A great budget Home Cinema Projector! Only £480 inc VAT + £50 Cashback

    Perfect for:

      • Use as a home cinema
      • Hooking up your Xbox One/PS4/PC to a huge 300” screen
      • Creating an ultra-bright image for the whole family to see

    Casio-v1 core


    Do you have a budget in mind? We’ll break down the top projectors for you this Christmas!


    What’s the best projector for my budget?


    £100-£300 – Extra Small Pico Projectors


    1. Pico Genie P100- £249.99. This ultra portable device is perfect for connecting to your other portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and more with the HDMI input.

    Perfect for:

      • Projecting your other portable devices (Smartphone/tablet) almost anywhere
      • Battery powered projection for up to 2 hours!
      • Quick, Easy and Portable projections


    £300-£500- Ultra Portable Projectors


    1. Vivitek Qumi Q4- £336.00. Offering HD (720p) WXGA resolution and 500 lumens of DLP brightness for bright projection in almost any environment it’s ideal for movies, gaming, education and business use!

    Perfect for:

      • Use with any other HDMI enabled device
      • Streaming movies via Laptops or other smart devices
      • Projecting HD quality images

    Qumi Q4 White

    2. Vivitek Qumi Q5- from £412.80. The Qumi Q5 is the perfect portable projector for everything from business presentations, gaming and personal use. It offers some distinctive features, 2W internal speaker + 4GB of internal memory.

    Perfect for:

      • Projecting HD quality images with 500 lumens
      • Presenting Microsoft Office Documents (built in MS Office Reader)
      • Web Browsing (Wi-Fi Dongle required)


    3. Pico Genie M400 Pro- £465. The Pico Genie M400 Pro mini projector has received rave reviews on BBC and on Channel 5's Gadget Show. It is the very latest in mini projection with inbuilt wireless connectivity and true wireless screen mirroring so you can instantly connect and project whatever is on your tablet, phone or ultrabook at 100".

    Perfect for:

      • Wireless connection via DLNA, In-Built Wireless or WiDi
      • Ultra portable projection on battery at 300 lumens
      • Portable Home Cinema!


    4. Vivitek Qumi Q6- £480. The Vivitek Qumi Q6 LED projector is the world's smallest projector at 800 lumens of brightness with Wi-Fi built in. The Qumi Q6 offers some distinctive features, including built in Wi-Fi, full sized HDMI input, 2W internal speaker and 2.5GB of internal memory.

    Perfect for:

      • Wirelessly presenting via Apple*/Android Devices
      • High brightness portable home cinema
      • HD Gaming up to 150”


    5. Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus- £610.80. The Vivitek Qumi Q7+ ultra portable LED HD projector offers ultra performance at 1000 lumens in a tiny package and is stunningly designed delivering unrivalled multimedia capability. With a weight of just 1.4kg and with its super-thin design, the Qumi is the ideal companion for the business traveller or home entertainment enthusiast.

    Perfect for:

    • Ultra high quality media presentation (Movie/Gaming/Business use)
    • Projecting to an audience in a bright room
    • Wirelessly projecting photos, movies and websites (Wi-Fi Dongle required)


    £600-£1,000- Portable (Medium/Pro)


    1. Casio XJ-A142, 2500 Lumens- £942. Casio XJA 142 is a true revolution in projection and is the first laser combined LED projector offering a staggering 2,500 lumen brightness with 20,000 hours lamp life. The Casio XJA's ultra thin and lightweight design means it is truly portable allowing it to easily squeeze into your laptop bag.

    Perfect for:

    • A professional home cinema
    • Projecting to a large audience
    • Huge projections up to 300”!

    Casio XJ A251 Personal Projector £50 off

    £1,000+ Other Projectors


    1. Casio XJ-M156, 3,000 lumen- £1,062.60. The Signature Casio XJ-M156 offers versatile projection solutions using the cost-effective, environmentally friendly, 3,000 lumen Casio Laser & LED Hybrid light source. Connect wirelessly to your network with the USB/WLAN option.

    Perfect for:

    • Desktop or ceiling mounted projection
    • Projecting to a large audience
    • Connecting to a wireless network via USB/WLAN

    Casio XJ-M246

    Do you have a specific requirement for your projector?

    Here’s our top pick in each category!


    Portable Battery Powered Projectors (Small)

    Pico Genie P100

    Connecting to Apple Devices (iPhone/iPad) Wireless + Wired

    Vivitek Qumi Q6

    Connecting to Android Devices – Wireless + Wired

    Pico Genie M400 Pro

    Creating the ultimate home cinema

    Casio XJ-V1 Core

    Enjoy the latest Xbox/PS4/PC games on the big screen?

    Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus


    We also have a range of special offer bundles, all designed to bring out the best in your projector!

    For more information on any of these models or if you have any other enquiries about applications of your projector, please give us a call on 0845 121 8800 or email us at enquiries@personalprojector.co.uk

    All prices include VAT.



  • What Is The Smallest Image I Can Project?






    Want to know the smallest size image your projector can create?

    Most traditional projectors struggle to project anything less than A4 size images whereas the Pico Genie range of projectors can project ultra small images as low as 12cm x 12 cm in sharp focus with an ultra bright image just 10cm away from the screen.


    Here is a contrast of the Pico Genie P50 Pro projecting at 12cm square versus the A4 standard image (45 cm away).


    20150923_103547 20150923_103657

    It’s ideal for artists or anyone wanting to use a projector for creative installations in small places as the projectors are not much bigger than match boxes and have good battery power as well.


    The Pico Genie P100 is also very popular with artists and used for installations in museums and visitor attractions around the world or for creative pieces hidden inside sculptures.

    Check out the Pico Genie P100 here!


  • The World’s Largest Projection at London’s O2 Arena! All In Support Of England Rugby!






    The event has been organised to highlight the telecom giant’s partnership with England Rugby. With the upcoming World Cup due to start on Friday, this huge stunt allows fans to have their tweets projected onto the O2 by using the hashtag #WearTheRose.

    Wear The Rose

    The 68 projectors and 144 moving headlight fixtures will be lighting up the O2 for the duration of the world cup, that’s a whole 7 weeks! Fans tweets will be visible from sunset to midnight and tweeters selected for broadcast will be sent an exclusive image of their message on the O2.

    This magnificent event was launched last week with England Official singer Laura Wright performing Jerusalem (English National Anthem). Laura performed from the roof of the O2 whilst being engulfed by the famous British Red Rose.

    Nina Bibby, marketing and consumer director at O2, said: "This is the pinnacle of our 20-year partnership with the England Rugby and is the ultimate demonstration of O2’s support for the team. We’re calling on the entire country to show their support and now we are handing over the incredible opportunity for fans to tweet their messages on The O2 to make the team feel like giants and inspire them onto victory."

    Why not create your own huge projection in your home? Our projectors can create an image over 100” or more, perfect for having all your friends and family round to support England’s campaign!

    Check out the Pico Genie M400 Pro and the Vivitek Qumi Q4/Q5 from £299.99! Both perfect for creating an awesome cinema experience!





  • Want to Wirelessly Connect Your Apple Device to a Projector? Check out the below options

    Apple are rumoured to be releasing the new Apple TV 2 in September 2015 alongside the new iPhone 6s. The new hardware is set to include Siri, meaning you can command your TV/projector with your voice alone! And it will even chat back... just like the iPhone... How cool is that?!

    Apple TV provides the perfect solution to connecting your Apple devices to your portable projector. If you are looking to connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod / MacBook Pro to a projector or TV to get a big screen from a tiny device then look no further.

    Here are the different options to wirelessly connect Apple devices:

    MacBook Pro/Air

    1. Apple TV- Connect the Apple TV directly to the projector via HDMI. This then acts as a wireless HDMI link to your MacBook Pro/Air
    2. Wireless Chromecast Dongle- Connect the dongle to the projector via HDMI. This then acts a wireless HDMI link to your MacBook Pro/Air  (check out this computer world article for a list of the top 10)

    iPhone / iPad / iPod

    1. Apple TV- Connect the Apple TV directly to the projector via HDMI. This then acts as a wireless HDMI link to your iPhone / iPad / iPod
    2. Wireless Chromecast Dongle- Connect the dongle to the projector via HDMI. This then acts a wireless HDMI link to your MacBook Pro/Air  (check out this computer world article for a list of the top 10)

    If you don't need a wireless connection, see how to connect your device using a wired cable here.

    Apple device plus adapter2

    All projectors that have an HDMI port can connect using this method, for example our Pico Genie and Vivitek range!

  • Press Release: New Vivitek Qumi Q4, Available Now

    Vivitek's brand new Qumi Q4 is the latest addition to the portable LED Qumi projector range.  At 500 lumens it is a cheaper option to the feature packed Vivitek Qumi Q5, retaining everything that makes the Q5 great, without the price tag. The brand new Vivitek Qumi Q4 is the cheaper version of the popular Vivitek Qumi 5. Its still 500 lumens and acts as a pass through only projector (but excludes original Qumi Q5 features such as no wifi, ppt,word, pdf viewer or battery dock option)

    Slim and lightweight, the sleek white, high gloss projector has lots of features to project your content in any situation. It is easy to use and has multiple connectivity options to make it an ideal companion for gamers and movie enthusiasts. The image quality is unique for a projector of this size and price. The HD quality image can be projected in sizes up to 90”and the 500 ANSI Lumens and 30,000:1 contrast ratio deliver an image beyond expectations. Qumi Q4 is It is the perfect portable companion.

    View the Vivitek Qumi Q4 product page here

    Vivitek Qumi Q2 Lite





    Key features

    • 500 ANSI lumens and a 30,000:1 contrast for vibrant, colorful and incredible imagery
    • TI's DLP® and BrilliantColor™ technologies for sharp and detailed projection quality
    • Widescreen image projection up to 90" in diameter
    • MHL device compatibility for streaming of video and audio content from a compatible mobile device
    • Assortment of connectivity options for easy connection to almost any kind of multimedia device including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, cameras and more
    • Long life LED light source with up to 30,000 plus hours of operation
    • Quick search source filtering function to quickly locate input signal source
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes projector adjustments a snap
    • Embedded Closed Caption Decoding (CCD) ensures a video or TV signal’s audio is displayed as subtitles (captions) on the projected screen
    • 6 preset display modes and 3 user defined modes allow the projected image to be tweaked for the most suitable display requirements
    • Slim size at only 32mm in depth to easily fit into a purse, briefcase or backpack
    • Easy portability with a weight of only 460g



  • Press Release: New Vivitek Qumi Q7+ (Plus), Available Now

    Vivitek, creator of the Qumi  range of portable personal projectors, has introduced the latest addition to its line line up of LED-based projectors. At 1000 lumens, the Qumi Q7 plus (Q7+) is an upgrade the previous Qumi Q7. This expands the Qumi portfolio to offer a portable, powerful and feature-rich LED projector in a slim and svelte design.

    View the Vivitek Qumi Q7 on the Personal Projector page here

    The Qumi Q7+ delivers up to 1000 ANSI Lumens of brightness with an LED light source that gives it up to 30,000 hours of operation time enough to view more than 10,000 movies offering years of meetings, presentations, movies, gaming and more. The brightness coupled with the wide colour range and contrast ratio of 30,000:1 delivers rich black levels, giving the Q7+ absolutely stunning picture quality. The Q7+ is the ideal solution for impressive presentations or video projections up to 107”(2.7m) diagonally, yet is equally at home in small meeting rooms as it is in the home.

    At 1.4kg and with its thin design, the Qumi is the ideal companion for business travellers or home entertainment enthusiast. Compatible with a variety of devices, the Q7+ easily connects with digital cameras, laptops, Smartphones, tablets and more. Due to the quick start up of its LED light source the projector really is plug and play. The Q7+ features the unique touch sensitive button controls and sleek design that is synonymous with the Qumi projector series.

    The Qumi Q7+ was devised to cater to the most demanding multimedia requirements. Qumi allows for Direct 3D projection via HDMI and also 2D to 3D conversion built-in for standard and Blu-Ray 3D playback.

    The Q7+ can natively display a range of Microsoft Office® files and Adobe™ PDFs, alongside being compatible with a huge selection of different multimedia formats which can be played back via a USB stick. Connect tablets and smartphones directly to the Qumi Q7+ via MHL to mirror any content directly onto the big screen. Finally, the 4GB of on-board memory as well as input and output options complete the multimedia offering.

    Qumi Q7+ Key Features & Specifications:

    • 1000 ANSI Lumens of brightness and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio
    • 720p native WXGA (1280x800) resolution
    • DLP pico chipset from Texas Instruments
    • Direct 3D through HDMI, as well as integrated 2D-to-3D content conversion technology
    • 1,4kg; Dimensions: 238 x 180 x 40mm
    • 30,000+ estimated LED hours of operation
    • Connectivity options include: HDMI (x2) including MHL connectivity, VGA-In, Composite Video, Audio-In RCA and USB; 4GB of on-board memory
    • Connect an MHL enabled smartphone or tablet to the Q7 and everything will be will be mirrored and displayed onto the projected screen.
    • Built-in Microsoft Office® and Adobe™ PDF document reader
    • 2x 2W stereo sound speaker
    • Available now 

    For more information visit www.personalprojector.co.uk

  • Pico Genie M400 on BBC Four's 'Spider House'

    The Pico Genie M400 portable LED projector appeared on BBC Four last night (Wednesday October 29th 2014) at 9pm, helping you get you in the mood for Halloween. 'Spider House' gave an up close and personal look at the Spiders with the help of the M400 to demonstrate.

    If you missed Spider House then just click the image below to catch up on iPlayer (subject to availability on iPlayer)  

    Pico Genie M400 on BBC's Spider House

    Official Press Release for Spider House:

    Ever wondered what spiders really get up to in your home? In this Halloween special Alice Roberts overcomes her arachnophobia to enter a spider-filled house where an astonishing drama unfolds within its walls.

    Inside she meets entomologist, Tim Cockerill, who loves spiders and quickly immerses Alice in the wonders of web building, the secrets of fly-catching and the dangerous spider-eat-spider world they inhabit.

    Tim wants us to welcome spiders into our homes. Think of all the flies and unwanted insects they kill. He takes Alice on a macro mystery tour of the rooms of the Spider House revealing what goes on in the cracks and crannies of our homes.

    Why do we always find spiders in the bathroom? They seem to lie in wait in our bathtubs. And what happens if we flush them down the plughole?  Using powerful macro photography they find out.

    In the dining room, they uncover the complex engineering behind the most beautifully constructed ‘dinner plate’ in the home – a spider’s web.

    In the kitchen Alice witnesses the extraordinary hunting ability of the keen-eyed jumping spider; while Tim finds out how spiders kill their prey using venom.

    In the bedroom, the secrets of spider courtship are revealed. For spiders mating is a high stakes life or death game, where males risk being eaten by females.

    In the nursery we enter an enchanting cocoon where tiny spiderlings struggle out of their exoskeletons – the first of many molts on the road to becoming adult spiders. Meanwhile, down in the cellar, we meet an unexpectedly voracious killer – the Daddy Long Legs.

    Many of us have a love-hate relationship with spiders. The rational side of Alice Roberts understands their benefits, but can she overcome her irrational fears? She faces the ultimate challenge: to spend the night alone…  with the spiders… in Spider House.

    A Windfall Films production for BBC 4
    Source: BBC / Windfall Films 

  • Staying in or going out for Halloween

    Why you need a projector if you're going out / partying this Halloween

    If you're heading out Trick or Treating this Halloween, visiting friends' to have a party or painting the town red with fake blood, you will love the cool effects you can get from a portable LED projector.

    Have a monster ball (Party Projection) 
    You’re excited, you’ve been waiting for this day for the past 364 days! There’s cocktail sausages on the table with a room full of mummies and witches ...but how to keep the gaggle of undead satisfied? Play your favourite horror movie clips, some spooky images or just some cool effects and turn the living room into the next Thriller video.

    Visit www.morguefile.com to get some spooky images to use on your projector for free

    Projectors to consider:

    • Pico Genie P50 Pro – 40 lumens of brightness, 2-3 hour battery, pocket sized, wide range of connection options
    • Pico Genie M100 – 65 lumens of brightness, pocket sized, wireless connection to Android devices
    • Pico Genie P100 – 85 lumens of brightness, pocket sized, 2 hour battery, HDMI connection
    • Pico Genie M400 - 300 lumens of brightness, HD, best value palm projector, inbuilt battery, lots of features, inbuilt 3D conversion
    • Vivitek Qumi Q5 projectors - 500 lumens of brightness, HD, wide range of connectivity

    Why you need a projector if you're dressing up forHalloween

    As the kids break up from school and Halloween mania begins to grip Britain, we know it can sometimes be hard to think of something novel & exciting to do for Halloween. Whether you’re having a quiet night in or painting the town red with fake blood, take a look at our failsafe guide for hosting a killer night.

    Projectors to consider:

    • Pico Genie P50 Pro - 40 lumens, 2-3 hour battery, pocket sized, wide range of connection options
    • Pico Genie M100 - 65 lumens of brightness, pocket sized, wireless connection to Android devices
    • Pico Genie P100 - 85 lumens of brightness, pocket sized, 2 hour battery, HDMI connection
    • Pico Genie M400 - 300 lumens of brightness, HD, best value palm projector, inbuilt battery, lots of features, inbuilt 3D conversion

    Why you need a projector this Halloween

    So, you’re staying in this year, that doesn't mean it has to be snore-fest between answering the door to trick or treaters.

    Pillow watching (Scary Movies)
    Settle in with friends (or yourself, if you dare!) and a bag of popcorn to experience that scary movie like never before at 150” with a Pico Genie M400

    Slay your opponents (Gaming)
    Whether you’re shunning dressing up for a night of Destiny or having a monster rave with your mates on Mario Kart, take your portable Pico projector with you for a huge multi-player or intense solo experience. See one user's gaming set up with the Pico Genie M400 in his room.


    Projectors to consider:

    • Pico Genie M400 - 300 lumens of brightness, HD, best value palm projector, inbuilt battery, lots of features, inbuilt 3D conversion
    • Elmo T-350 - 300 lumens of brightness, HD, Short-Throw, HDMI connection
    • Vivitek Qumi Q5 - 500 lumens of brightness, HD, brightest palm sized projector, wide range of connectivity
    • Elmo MP-350 - 300 lumens of brightness, HD, Short-throw, inbuilt wireless
    • Elmo T-200 - 150 lumens of brightness, HD, Short-throw, HDMI connection

    Watch out for projection if you're visiting Halloween attractions?

    As the kids break up from school and Halloween mania begins to grip Britain, we know it can sometimes be hard to think of something novel & exciting to do for Halloween. Keep the adults and kids entertained with a trip to a spooky location with some of our cool projectors.

    Projection at York Castle Museum
    See life sized videos of prisoners talking about their life in the cells at York Castle museum, brought to life by versatile Vivitek Qumi Q5 LED portable projectors. The prison cells at the York Castle Museum all have interesting tales to tell as many were home to a number of well-known inmates during the 18th century.  Undoubtedly the most notorious of these was Richard ‘Dick’ Turpin the highwayman who was held captive in York Prison prior to his execution on York’s Knavesmire in 1739. Find out more on the York Castle Musem website here

    A sensory experience at Dunster Castle, Somerset
    LED projectors create a spooky atmosphere with an exhibit documenting real life ghost stories told by the castle’s staff and residents, whilst other ghost tales are brought to life by the voice of actor Clive Swift – famous for his role as Richard Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances. Using a black light torch, visitors can also find hidden messages written in UV ink on a collection of photos and sketches, and a shadow theatre enhanced by a selection of props is a fun interactive for children. Find out more on the Dunster Castle National Trust website here

    Why not try out a ghost walk like the one in York where the guide will explain all the ghostly local happenings with help from a pocket sized mini projector.

    Projectors to consider:

    • Pico Genie P50 Pro – 40 lumens of brightness, 2-3 hour battery, pocket sized, wide range of connection options
    • Pico Genie M100 – 65 lumens of brightness, pocket sized, wireless connection to Android devices
    • Pico Genie P100 – 85 lumens of brightness, pocket sized, 2 hour battery, HDMI connection
    • Pico Genie M400 - 300 lumens of brightness, HD, best value palm projector, inbuilt battery, lots of features, inbuilt 3D conversion
    • Vivitek Qumi Q5 projectors - 500 lumens of brightness, HD, wide range of connectivity

  • Pico Genie M400 featured on Gadget Show TV: Outdoor Projection & Camping

    In Series 20 Episode 4 The Gadget Show TV team featured a Wild Challenge Camping event showing all manner of gadgets for the outdoors....


    In the show, Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley showed off their talents by creating a cinema in a forest while camping using the tiny Pico Genie M400 LED Projector with a huge 10ft x 5.6ft inflatable screen.

    The beauty of the Pico Genie M400 mini ultra-portable projector is its the only projector on the market capable of projecting for long periods on full brightness, as despite its small size and weight, it has a very powerful lightweight battery inside meaning it provides 300 lumens of brightness and can project up to 2 hours on eco mode (1 hour on full brightness 300 lumens).

    The Pico Genie M400 is a very versatile portable device and is used from everything from business, personal use, travel, home cinema and gaming.

    Jon Bentley who regularly reviews big home cinema screens said he was "pleased with the picture quality."

    Jason Bradbury went on to say "it is a stunning picture and its also battery powered which is a really great feature, especially for the outdoors. You can load your stuff onto an SD card or USB so its quite versatile." One thing that took the team by surprise was despite what seemed like relatively low lumens the picture quality punched well above its weight, Jason commented that, "it looks splendid even when its not dark on a 10ft by 5.6 ft screen".

    The inflatable air screen will actually go up to 40 foot and can be pumped up with an electric pump inside 15 mins and strapped to anything nearyby like a tree.

    Jason said "The Airscreen is fantastic. I put it up in about 15 minutes and ratcheted it up to the trees. Im not beyond one of these in my back garden for the kids."

    For more information see Series 20: Episode 4 - Wild Challenge Camping Gadgets (goto 6 mins 46 secs)

  • Pico Genie M100 Video Review

    Technology Evolution have reviewed the tiny Pico Genie P50 pro, LED portable projector.

    View their YouTube video below so see what they thought.

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