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Pico Genie P100, LED Pico projector, 85 lumens, HDMI

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Quick Overview

The Pico Genie ® P100 pico projector has several unique features making it really stand out from all others:-

1. The Pico Genie P100 is the first ultra-compact LED projector with 85 lumens of brightness both on battery and mains power so unlike many competitor products you never have to sacrifice brightness or image quality. Offering a 1000:1 contrast ratio it fits into the palm of your hand weighing not much more than a mobile phone.

2. The P100 is one of the first projectors to connect & mirror almost all Smartphone screens including Android, Windows, iPhone mirroring your iPad, tablet, laptop and other HDMI devices*.

3. Uniquely charge your phone while projecting so your smartphone's battery will not deplete when projecting battery-consuming video content.

4. Use it as an Emergency Power Supply and charge your Smartphone via its USB port ensuring you've always got power on the go for 2 hours!

Overall, the Pico Genie P100 is one of the best value portable HDMI projectors capable of powering, connecting and mirroring an array of HDMI devices at the highest brightness on battery and is a "must buy" for anyone wanting great quality at a great price.

* (additional cable mabye required)

Pico Genie P100, LED Pico projector, 85 lumens, HDMI

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The Pico Genie ® P100 LED pico projector is ultra small & light (matchbox sized). This compact LED projector was designed for use on battery power, meaning you consistently get the high 85 lumens of brightness whether powering it from its inbuilt rechargable battery or the mains. 

This ultra portable device is perfect for connecting to your other portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and more with the HDMI input. Utilising the latest DLP chip technology means it provides rich colours and high contrast images from any connected device.

Compared to its rivals, the P100 is smaller, lighter, better designed with higher performance from battery and mains power. Use it in the office, at home or on the road to share your life on the big screen.

 Key Unique Features

  • 85 lumens of brightness on battery and mains power
  • Mirror everything on your device's screen
  • Tiny size (99.5 x 99 x 22.5mm)
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio for deeper colour
  • 2 hour operation from the inbuilt, rechargable battery. Up to 9 hours projection on battery with optional Energizer XP18000 external battery
  • Can charge your Smartphone when connected (even when the projector is switched off) so you dont deplete your phone's battery
  • Can be used with almost any Smartphone (including Android, Windows and iPhone) 
  • Can be used with VGA devices with a VGA to HDMI adapter.

Other Main Features 

  • DLP Technology for richer sharper images
  • 20000 hour LED lamp life
  • Excellent form factor with a cool pure white design
  • HDMI connection
  • WVGA (854 x 480) resolution
  • Dual 1W stereo speakers
  • Includes HDMI cable, charger, small woven bag
  • UK plug

Power this projector and your other devices for longer with an Energizer XP18000 external battery or the Energizer XP8000 battery. The emergency charger powers up to 3 devices at once and comes with 'Free Tips for Life' so it will always work with your latest gadgets!

Although the P100 is a HDMI passthrough device, it can be used with laptops which only have VGA output. To use with a VGA device you will need to purchase a VGA to HDMI adapter (available seperately online and through electrical retailers) and connect that to the included HDMI cable to mirror the screen. The image quality will depend on the quality of the VGA to HDMI adapter.

If you plan to connect to a smartphone via MHL cable, we recomend you check the list of MHL compatible mobile phones before purchase by clicking here

If you plan to connect to an Apple device, we recommend that you also purchase the Apple Digital AV adapter and check Apple's list of compatible devices by clicking here. The P100 can mirror almost all HDMI devices inlcuding the iPhone 4s, iPad 2/3 and iPod Touch (4th Generation onwards), please note that it will not mirror the screen of the iPhone 4 or below. It will mirror pictures and videos displayed on the device, not the full screen or Apps.

The P100 will work with Apple devices such as the MacBook Air. For this you will need to purchase the appropriate adapter (available separately, from Apple) to convert Apple's connection port (usually the lightning port on the MacBook Air) to HDMI. You then use the HDMI cable included in the P100's box to connect it to the projector.

To view the PDF manual for the Pico Genie P100, please see our FAQ section

Online Reviews:

Gadgets Boy - Recently reviewed by online gadget expert, Gadgets Boy notes "Extremely good performance for such a small HDMI projector" and recognises that the exceptional "Battery life and 85 Lumens of brightness is a great bonus that the manufacturer can boast about"

Richard Hirstwood Educational constultant (see video below) says "I really like this projector and I really like its simplicity. For 85 lumens I'm impressed that it is pretty bright. I got well over an hour on the battery. It works well with Apple TV, iPads and more. This is the one for you"

Video Reviews

1. To see it projecting see Device Squad review video of Pico Genie P100 at the Gadget Show Exhibition, Dec 2012 Video starts 7.32 secs http://vimeo.com/55614074

2. Education Consultant Richard Hirstwood's video review - View this video review of the P100 for a hands-on insight into how the projector works. Richard has 27+ years of experience in the field of the Multi Sensory Room (MSR) or 'Studio' & was one of the innovators of multi sensory rooms in the 1980's UK and uses the P100 himself.

3. Gadget Boy Video - unboxing video


Comments / Feedback / Reviews

Manufacturer Pico Genie
Type LED
Resolution WVGA (854 x 480)
Projection Size (Diagonal) 10” to 60” (25.4cm to 152.4cm)
Brightness (Lumens) 80 lumens (battery and mains)
DLP (Digital Light Processing) Yes
Internal Memory No
"Lamp" Lifespan (Hours) up to 20,000 hours
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Focus Manual
Speakers Onboard Yes, dual 1w stereo speakers
Touchscreen No, Touch panel on top for Volume / Mode
Dimensions 99.5 x 99 x 22.5mm
Product Weight 235g
USB Stick Port No
USB Lead No
AV-in No
Composite (RCA) Connection No
Component Connection No
VGA Port (PC) No
VGA Cable No
HDMI Port Yes
HDMI Cable Yes
Audio Out Yes, 3.5mm jack
Bluetooth No
WiFi No - Optional dongles are available
Video Formats Supported 3GP, AVI, H.264, MOV, MP4
Photo Formats Supported BMP, JPG
Video Compatibility H.264
Power Supply Output 5v
Battery Built-in Li-Polymer Rechargable Battery
Battery Type 3800 mAh
Battery Life up to 2 hours
Tripod Yes, standard tripod receptacle
User Guide Quick Start Guide
Remote Control No
World Plug UK plug
  1. Really love it! Review by Maryellen

    "I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this teeny little projector! It rocks! It is absolutely perfect for presentations and DVD use and ease of travel due to size and weight. Brilliant! It has a good screen range in terms of distance and the size is good, and the picture is crisp and clear. I didn't use the speaker I used my external ones. My only comment would be to make sure you tell people to order the cables needed to attach to a laptop or mobile unit as they are not included (just the HDMI cable is). Works brilliantly with my Mac Air. Really love it!" (Posted on 10/12/2013)

  2. Superb Service! Review by Silverscarman

    I ordered a Pico Genie P100 HDMI projector from Personal Projector and I'm very pleased with both the service and product. The price was cheaper than Amazon and ordering was seamless - the projector arrived next day by courier good as gold! The after sales service is excellent too.

    The projector itself is a marvel of technology, it's very small (palm sized)and nicely built. Once linked to a laptop by the supplied HDMI cable it was very straight forward to set up and I was pleasantly surprised at how bright and rich the colours are. The size of the projection from such a small device is also impressive (easily 80") and the sound from the Pico Genie isn't bad but benefits from being remotely plugged into an amplified system via the jack output. I'm awaiting the Apple AV HDMI converter lead to check out compatibility with iPhone and iPad but hopefully this will allow full mirroring. Battery life good too - about 2 hours.

    My one reservation is that the tripod supplied is a bit fiddly so I'll probably look to replace that with a better one.

    Overall, if like myself, you're planning on giving presentations with mobility as your prime concern - this kit is ideal. Highly recommended. (Posted on 06/09/2013)

  3. Lightweight Review by Jackie

    With lots of things to carry for work we needed a small, light projector for a laptop presentation. The Pico Genie P100 is less than half the weight of a bag of sugar and fits in your pocket nicely! It did the job very well, though I would recommend giving yourself a minute extra to get the image set up nice and sharp (as with any projection I guess). Highly recommended though. (Posted on 06/09/2013)

  4. Tried and tested in the middle of nowhere! Review by Steve Long

    I bought one of these projectors from Personal Projectors, and their advice and customer care was excellent. It arrived next moning at 9.00, just in time for me to bring it with me to Nepal where I am currently using it for courses where daily power cuts are a way of life.

    The projector is brilliant for no frills simple projection from ipad/iphone of laptop with HDMI output. Works well even in fairly bright rooms and can be used anywhere. The battery life is as good as claimed - we watched a whole movie during a power cut.

    Postscript: In fact it was so popular that I ended up leaving it in Nepal and will have to replace it now! (Posted on 31/01/2013)

  5. Used it, loved it! Review by Stephen

    Next day delivery arrived at 9.00 am in time for my flight to Nepal. We used the projector for presentations in a remote school north of Kathmandu with daytime power cuts and no blackout blinds or curtains. It worked very well and was adequate for a room that was far from dark! I recommend this for anybody travelling without access to regular power supplies. Lots of interest in Nepal for purchases as well! I've sent a review to Amazon as well as the service and product were so good. (Posted on 25/01/2013)

  6. Get This! Review by JW

    I just got this from Personal Projector. They delivered it overnight.

    This projector is astonishing. I plugged it into my iPhone and it works flawlessly. It is bright enough to compare to mid-2000s standard projectors. It doesn't mirror iPhone (iOS), so you can only play videos in the videos app, audio from iTunes, photos from camera roll, etc - but it looks beautiful.

    It does however mirror my 2011 MacBook Pro 17" PERFECTLY - and flawlessly.

    I have been waiting for the day when innovation and technology would finally afford me a tiny bright projector - and that day has arrived! (Posted on 29/11/2012)

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