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Monthly Archives: December 2008

  • Pocket Projectors Present a Clear Idea of the Future

    Presentations and displays are being revolutionised with the launch of a new generation of pocket projectors by Personal Projector, offering clear images of still pictures and video whilst being small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

    Reducing the size of the equipment needed to display a PowerPoint presentation, spreadsheet or video is leading to innovative new approaches to company pitches, meetings and reports. Advances in battery life and electronics now make it possible to carry everything needed for a presentation in your pocket.

    Oliver Webster, Managing Director of Personal Projector, says the new technology creates greater flexibility and connectivity for companies:

    ”It is now possible for someone to email a presentation to your mobile phone and for you to project it directly to colleagues via the Pocket Projector. The device can also connect to camcorders, cameras and even games consoles.”

    “The new generation of pocket projectors means you can present displays anywhere and project them on to almost anyone or anything from a napkin in a restaurant to the side of a vehicle, on the floor of an exhibition hall or even on to a standard projection screen in a meeting room with no projector.”

    “By having something so portable, you can store up to 9 gigabytes (the equivalent of two DVD’s) which is ideal for an impromptu business meeting or sales pitch without having to get out a laptop and wait for it to start it up.”

    Oliver adds it’s not just for work: “The device can connect to DVD players, video recorders and games consoles meaning there are a number of family applications. You could let your kids watch a film in the back of a car on a long journey, play computer games without the need for a screen or watch family holiday videos on a hotel room wall.”

    “The projectors are about the size of a mobile phone whilst videos and presentations can be stored on standard SD cards or even on a mobile phone.

    “We are getting a lot of interest, not just from gadget fans, but from sales teams, SME businesses, public sector and creatives. Users are now able to improve their communication, content sharing and distinguish themselves from their competitors with on-the-go presentations with a real WOW factor. “

    “Personal Projector is about advising our customers how they can get the most out of this new technology.

    There are other great advantages for businesses too, such as using LED’s instead of expensive lamps, thereby reducing the total costs of projector ownership and providing a far greener solution as there are no mercury disposal issues.”

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