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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • Elonex Ebook reader with multi-format ebook support

    Elonex Ebook Reader


    The Elonex ebook is a revolution in reading which even the most technophobic readers are simply going to love. As soon as you take the ebook out of its box its hard not to like this ebook reader.

    A number of things strike you as you open the box. We were amazed at just  how thin and incredibly lightweight the ebook is, making it very easy to use. What's also striking is the exceptional design of this ebook, which not only has a great look and feel to it but also has a nice tactile grip making it very easy to use.

    Of course, the key test is how good the screen is compared to a trusty old book and its suprisingly very similar to reading a standard book. There is no back light so your eyes dont strain to read from a screen as they would do if you were reading on a normal computer screen. One of the key features of the ebook is this e-ink technology and its perhaps the main reason people should now buy an ebook.

    Imagine being able to take all the books, text books and business publications you have and store them on this one device (or in the SD card slot) and carry them around in something that weighs just a few grams. The ebook reader comes already pre-loaded with 100 books including War and Peace which loads in just a few seconds and the battery will last for 8,000 page turns!

    One of the key advantages of this book is that its multi format so it keeps your options open when it comes to buying ebooks from the various different online bookstores.

    So its great for any keen readers or anyone wanting to renew a passion for reading but its also ideal for education or business users wanting to cut down on paper and store content in a simple easy to read format. Once you've got one of these ebooks you'll wonder how you ever survived without one....

    The ebook can be purchased for £169 ex VAT.

  • The Perfect Pico Accessory: Aiptek all in one HD Camcorder, HD Still Cam and Web Cam

    Aiptek HD Camcorder / HD Still Cam / Webcam


    The Aiptek Camcorder AHD C100 a great 3-in-1 gadget offering high quality HD video, a web cam and excellent HD still pics. Its quite a unique gadget with good value for money at £99 plus its simple to use and provides excellent video/picture quality, portability and pico projector compatibility. It also syncs perfectly with Aiptek pocket projectors providing instant playback without the need to use a PC to convert video files.

    If you haven't bought a video camera in a few years you will be impressed just how small and light these devices have now become, not to mention the value they offer. The last camcorder I bought was a few years ago and it cost £600 and its staggering to think this £99 camcorder offers better picture quality, is far lighter and much easier to operate. The ability to use SD cards to hold video footage also makes it very easy to record and store a large amount of video on high capacity HD cards.

    A key feature of this camcorder is its simplicity and ease of use, in fact even your Grandad could easily operate this device as there are only 3 buttons and the menus are childs play.

    SD card with USB


    The AHD C100 is similar to other devices such as the flip cam which is also very popular due to its simplicity. Whilst the flip cam uses a flip-out USB stick to transfer content from one device to another the Aiptek AHD can take advantage of folding SD cards which transform into a USB stick. Thus you can easily transfer not just to a PC but to a whole range of devices including cameras and pocket projectors. This also means you benefit from wireless connection so there's no hunting high and low for that cable with the right ending to fit the camcorder!

    Aiptek Pocket Cinema


    One of the best features of this Aiptek camcorder is it's the perfect accessory for the Aiptek range of pico projectors as it syncs perfectly between both devices. Compatibility between Aiptek devices means there is no need to convert video files on the PC prior to watching them. Simply press record on the camcorder and then take the SD card out and slide it into the Aiptek Pocket Cinema (V10 or V10+) and the video will playback instantly on the projectors 50" screen. This is great for quick and easy playback, especially if you've just taken a video and need to play it back to a large group. It would be ideal for training, education, learning and development. Its also possible to connect a cable and playback in real time so you can record your friends doing karaoke down the pub and play it back in real time onto a large wall! Also great for weddings, so people can record content cheaply during the day and then easily play it back later.

    Project without wires or laptop


    Connectivity is also good and it comes with all the cables you would expect to playback video on your TV. If your looking to upgrade your webcam as well then this would be a good solution too as its simple to connect directly to the laptop/pc.

    To find out more visit www.personalprojector.co.uk where the product is available for £99 and can also be bought as a package with the Aiptek V10+ and folding USB/SD card.

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