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'Open up' your iPhone with the Adapt 450

Crowded Brain recently gave an extensive review of the Adapt 450 Pro Projector, which received a ‘Recommended’ Award. The Tech Reviews/News website concluded that the 450 is a ‘a really nifty portable projector’. In addition to the review, Crowded Brain offered some top tips about using the personal projector with the iPhone and iPod Touch:

“When we spoke to Personal Projector a short while ago they also lent us an iPhone/iPod Touch TV-out cable. We then got talking about how useful such a cable would be, given that Apple restricts the output to iPod functionality only, thus leaving the rest of the phone unusable when displaying content such as word docs... With the iPhone Jailbreaked and the small projector in place, they both make an ideal portable solution for presentations!”

What’s a 'jailbreak' you may ask?

"A jailbreak is simply the ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks not approved by Apple. Jailbreaking doesn't slow down your device or use any extra battery. A jailbreak lets your device be how you want it" (jailbreakme.com)

Crowded Brain recommend ‘Jailbreaking’ your device, for those users still on iOS 4.0.1 or lower. You can just head over to jailbreakme.com on your device and follow the instructions. After this you can install a small app called ‘TVOutTuner’ and abracadabra you're away!

Crowded Brain’s suggested solution means you can ‘truly open up’ your iPhone or iPod Touch, now able to display any screen from your operating system...a word document...Angry Birds...whatever you need or fancy. This yet again demonstrates the 450’s appeal for both business and pleasure.

This post was written by Sam. Want to talk to him? You can contact him by clicking here. You can read the original review in full at Crowded Brain.

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