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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • 3MCamcorder Projector: How many times have you taken photos, left them on the camera and forgotten about them?

    We've all done it, taken some photo’s promised to upload them later instead of share them on such a small screen and forgotten they exist. 3M’s new CP45 Camcorder Projector puts an end to that, it’s the first device of its kind to make it easy to shoot and share stunning HD (720p) videos and 5mp photos with the touch of a button. What that all means in plain English is you just press one button, record your videos or photos and then project them anywhere on a super sized screen at up to 65 inches (diagonally) so everyone in the room can see it rather than just the 3 people stood looking at the 3” camcorder screen – pure genius!

    The real unique bit here though is the projector itself which projects an awesome image. Previous generations of this type of device have kicked out a very low image however 3M have developed their own projection system which is truly stunning and is more than twice the power of anything else we’ve seen on any other camcorder projectors.

    With this type of convergence expect this to be on top of many people’s Christmas list this year as you get the best of both worlds with a superb HD camcorder (like the flip cam) but with a genuinely impressive pico projector inside as well.

    There’s no need to worry about fiddly wires or uploading simply switch on, record and project almost instantly directly from the device.

    The unique lens and driver mean that you can project at 20 lumens with minimal effort and battery time is great at up to 150 minutes recording or 100 minutes projection per charge. It’s also small and light so you can easily slip it into your bag, just like you would a standard camera.

    It’s packed with other useful features like 2GB inbuilt memory (expandable up to 32GB Micro SD), speaker, microphone & LED flash to make your experience even more enjoyable. Best of all this is a really simple camcorder to use with easy connection via USB so you can quickly download captured content to share on your favourite devices.

    It’s time to redefine how you use a camcorder…

    Having a built-in projector inside a camcorder helps redefine how you use one and helps you get the most out of it. There are endless possible applications for sharing…

    Personal / Holidays / Parties: Use to capture precious moments from home, weddings or on holiday and share them instantly with friends & family for everyone to enjoy. Could be great for this year’s Xmas party!

    Sports: We used this on a golf course, filming friends’ hits (& misses!), played them back at the 19th hole and used it as our own personal golf analysis tool so we could see just how badly we’d done, and it helps to correct mistakes next time.

    Business: Do you travel around a lot, perhaps making a lot of presentations? Film your content on the go with the CP45 and project back anywhere.

    Education: Make learning fun by filming/ photographing lessons, play, football matches etc and projecting them back to share with the class all the progress that’s been made.

    Coming this Thursday, the Camcorder Projector CP45 is available with the stylish black accent for £299.99. Overall, it’s the best camcorder projector on the market to date and is a worthwhile gadget for business, personal use or travel.

    Visit Personal Projector – the LED and Portable Projector Specialists – today, and start capturing and sharing your favourite moments.

    Where to buy: Personal Projector Ltd.  


  • Time Out Hong Kong features Vivitek's Qumi Q2

    Featured in popular magazine - 'Time Out Hong Kong' this week, Vivitek's Qumi Q2 LED projector is really impressing on a global scale.

    Vivitek's Qumi Q2 LED pico projector from personalprojector.co.uk


    Time Out said, "Oh the woes of setting up a projector. Try lugging out the monster and sorting the spaghetti tangled cables while everyone in the room stares at you, then at their wrist watches before rolling their eyes... But with the Qumi Q2 giving Henry Tang an Autocue on a televised speech to stop him from commenting further on his affair has never been easier. this 1.4lb cutie will slot right inside your pocket and can deliver up to 300 lumens. its LED has a life expectancy of up to 30,000 hours and supports an output resolution of 1200x800. Hook it up with your iGadgets, PS3 of even a USB drive and your game of Angry birds will come alive against any flat surface. Around $5,000 (£500), from www.personal projector.co.uk or www.Amazon.com

    NERD ALERT: Compact and long-life LED projector that can project onto any flat surface"

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