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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Suzi Perry Presents the Microvision Showwx+ HDMI pico projector on ITV’s ‘this morning’

    It's been ten years since a little gizmo was launched that changed the way we listen to music forever... yes, it's hard to believe that it has been a decade since the iPod was launched!

    To celebrate ten years of portable music perfection, Suzi Perry takes a look at some of the most fun and unusual musical gadgets available today.

    Microvision Showwx+ HDMI on 'This Morning'

     (Watch the video here)

    Original source: www.itv.com
    (Thursday 24th November 2011)




  • Convert your 2D content to 3D content with the Vivitek D536 projector

    If you’ve been thinking that the problem of 3D is that there is not enough 3D content available then Vivitek have solved this problem with their latest projector which converts your 2D content into 3D content without a PC!

    Vivitek’s D536 is amongst the first range of projectors to utilise built-in 3D conversion technology. It takes your standard 2D content and converts it into amazing 3D content at 720p (50/60hz) or 1080p (at 24hz) from your BluRay player or other non 3D device.

    There is no need for fiddly additional wires and conversion boxes with the Vivitek D536 as all the hard work is done under the sleek, compact housing of the projector. There are no hidden costs when looking at screens either, simply project on to a suitably blank and flat surface to enjoy the best projection.

    Vivitek's D536 2D to 3D conversion projector


    Perhaps you already have a device like a BluRay player or laptop? Just plug in your video source via the multitude of optional connection ports and directly stream content, then sit back and relax with a pair of 3D glasses and watch the show.

    A dazzling 3200 lumens of DLP brightness partnered with the 3000:1 contrast ratio and Vivitek’s exceptional BrilliantColor™, means that anyone looking for a hassle free way to convert their 2D content is sure to be getting crisp, vibrant images in no time.

    Are you looking to give your latest presentation a uniquely creative edge? Broadcast your most complex 3D visuals in amazing definition to distinguish your work from everyone else’s.

    Maybe you’re more interested in the boost it would give your gaming career, being able to play the latest best seller in 3D? Simply hook up your Xbox and instantly achieve an immersive environment for some serious adventure.

    A host of features such as rapid on/off for quick access to your files, enhanced colour and display adjustments ensure that you always achieve the best possible image keypad lock

    The high-efficiency eco-friendly lamps last up to 4000 hours in economy mode without the usual associated problem of also sacrificing brightness or picture integrity.

  • Vivitek D791 - The worlds shortest 'throw' & brightest "extreme short-throw" projector

    Vivitek’s D791 is the world’s shortest throw and brightest “Extreme short-throw’ projector, making it an exceptional solution for education and business applications.

    With a throw distance of 0.24: 1 the D791 creates great images and offers with numerous mounting options (rear, top, side, underneath) allowing you to mount this wherever you want, even under a glass table to make it an interactive surface!

    At 3000 lumens DLP brightness, you will be able to see these projections right from the back of the class on any day of the week and with Vivitek’s ‘Vividwheel III’ technology it has dazzling colour rendering and gain control.

    The new HDMI 1.2 port provides incredible HD content playback, and don’t worry if you don’t’ have a HDMI port as extensive connectivity options mean you can connect to almost any electronic device in the room with two VGA-in ports, composite video, S-Video. Now if you’re thinking, ‘that’s great but I’d prefer to control it wirelessly’ then we have the answer for you too! Control your projections with a dedicated LAN connection and RJ-45 port for network integration.

    Vivitek's D791


    This model is also 3D ready with a great 10watt speaker built into the unit.

    We understand that bulb replacement can be expensive and fiddly, which make having and operating a projector of your own somewhat less appealing. That’s why we made sure that the bulb access to this projector is as simple as possible, sitting behind a slide away cover and the 6000 hour bulb life (in economy mode) you will rarely utilise that cool feature anyway.

    Included with this are an 5 year educational warranty (or 3 years standard warranty) PLUS a free wall mount to help avoid any of those common, complex installation problems.

    Overall, if you’re looking to install a projector that’s ultra short throw then it doesn’t get any shorter throw than the Vivitek D791. Coupled with the highest brightness of any short throw projector, a 6000 hr lamp life and a 5 year education warranty this is one of the best short throw projectors on the market today.

  • Is this how we will all be working in the future: Projector Phone

    This is a great video from researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen  whcih demonstrates how we could all be using pico projectors integrated into our phones.

    As you can see from the video having a projector built into the phone makes it far easier to start sharing everything from photos to organising a calander by seeing the other person's phone screen on a split screen at the same time as yours. It means you dont have to keep taking the phone away from your ear to touch the display each time you want to look at anything on your Smartphone.

    Its the future people..



  • World's First extended battery + projector + case + speaker accessory for an iPhone/iPod Touch

    Everywhere we go nowadays we take along our invaluable mobile phones & with the latest iPhone 4/4S releases having cameras to rival those of the digital compacts, we’re using them more and more to record our lives. The Pico Genie A100 is the World's First iPhone/iPod Touch accessory with extended battery + projector + case + speakers. Just dock your iPhone or iPod Touch into the superbly designed Pico Genie case and start projecting the latest videos, online TV or even your business presentations straight from your iPhone / iPod Touch.

    You can share content anywhere and enlarge videos/photos from a 3 inch iPhone screen to a 60 inch image on the wall, floor, ceiling desk etc. You can even watch (music) videos on louder 2W speakers built-in to the device.

    With a 15 lumen DLP projector inside the casing it’s possible to project from your iPhone 4/4S/ iPod Touch up to 60 inches wherever you like. This provides a surprisingly good image even in normal daylight conditions and makes sharing videos/photos from your phone so much easier.

    Personal / Holidays / Parties: Whether it’s a trip to the park or a meal with the family, record your day and project back instantly to wow everyone with the events of the day. Ever wonder what your holiday video looks like on the big screen? Imagine no longer with Pico Genie.


    iPhone Accessory with case,  projector and extended battery


    Travel: Going on holiday or taking a ski trip this year? Taking your iPhone with you? Don’t forget your Pico Genie! Film the sights or slopes then project them back to enjoy once you get chance to relax at the hotel, in the bar or just project them back for friends and family back home.

    Business: Are you always on the go, making presentations and carrying lots of heavy bags? Why not store your content on the iPhone4/4S/iPod Touch and project back anywhere, even on the train.

    Education: Who says learning has to be done in a classroom? Education on the go is possible with the Pico Genie – its ideal for class trips or just record that cool art project on your phone then project it back for the whole class to enjoy.

    Don’t forget the Pico Genie doubles up as a case too and is ultra lightweight so it’s a perfect compliment for your favourite phone or iPod Touch. The Pico Genie A100 also doubles up as a battery extender for your iPhone/iPod Touch providing an added 3 hours of use so you’re less likely to run out of battery power again. If using the projector only, the battery provides 1.5 to 3 hours projection.

    All of this straight from your phone, made possible by Pico Genie.

    For more information see the Pico Genie A100 here
    Release date: TBC

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