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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Gadget Show Live 3M/ Personal Projector announce groundbreaking products, prices & competitions

    At this year’s Gadget Show Live, Personal Projector Ltd has teamed up with 3M to exhibit some groundbreaking new products in wireless streaming and high powered pocket projection. There will also be some amazing bargains with up to £200 off certain projectors, now from only £99.

    Even if you are not going to the show we are offering the chance to win a Free ticket to the Friday, Saturday or Sunday show as well as the opportunity to enter our competition to win the new 3M MP410. Read on to find out more.

    On the 3M / Personal Projector Stand: Offers / Competition / World First demo

      • The world’s smallest LED projector at 300 lumens, capable of wirelessly streaming content from most Smartphones, tablets or laptops (3M MP410)
      • A new high brightness camcorder projector: Instantly record and projector photos or videos at surprisingly high quality (3M CP45)
      • The launch of a new high powered pocket projector from 3M, (3M MP220)
      • Bargains galore: A breakthrough in high quality projectors at low prices, previously £200, now from only £99!!
      • Competitions are always popular on the Gadget Show so we are offering a chance to win a free ticket to the show as well as win the new MP410 wireless projector worth £500!!

    Win a Free Ticket to the Show

    ‘Like’ Personal Projector on Facebook for a chance to win a free ticket to the show on Fri 13th-to Sun 15th April at Birmingham’s NEC arena.

    New Products

    1. 3M MP410 Wireless Projector - Last year Personal Projector narrowly missed out on having ‘product of the show’ due to a lack of wireless streaming capability by the Pico Projectors.
    This year it has arrived!

    The 3M MP410 is the world’s smallest 300 lumen projector with wireless streaming capabilities and high definition image output.

    Bring along a Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone and see how great the wireless streaming capabilities of the new 3M MP410 are by projecting photos and videos at huge image sizes.

    2. Camcorder Projector  - New all in one video camcorder with  high brightness pico projector built in so its one click record and project to share movies & photos. Find out more

    3. 3M MP220 - Due for release this month, the new super compact and bright LED battery mobile projector connects to almost any device, projects at 65 lumens and includes on-board memory.

    Price Breakthrough

    1. 3M MPro120: Now only £99

    The 3M Mpro120 is the best value for money projector on the market today, saving you up to £200 and offering features and accessories normally only available on higher priced models. It includes a carry case, tripod, 4 hour battery life, 0.5w speakers and the best “price to brightness ratio”.

    It can be connected to  iPads, Smartphones, Laptops, Games consoles or other AV equipment, plus with plug & play setup it is easy for everyone to share movies, images & presentations with sound on this great pass-through device.

    Visit the product page here for more info...

    2. 3M MPro150: Now only £149

    With its 15 lumens of brightness, 2GB interchangeable Micro SD card and integrated speakers, you can download presentations from a computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, videocam or PDA and share from the 3M MPro 150.

    The MPro150 supports the most popular applications in the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe PDF, plus movie, photo and music files. Run whole presentations or show images and videos with one powerful, pocket sized projector.

    Visit the product page here for more info ...

    Find us at Gadget Show Live, Birimingham NEC, 10th to 15th April,

    Stand D172 Hall 10 - next to the Hub Theatre

  • Bright, Shiny & Incredibly Tiny: 3M Launches new MP410 wireless streaming pico projector

    3M have recently announced the release of the 3M MP410, the world's smallest 300 lumen LED palm projector. The killer feature of this projector however is its ability to use an optional dongle and steam content directly from your mobile, laptop or tablet/ iPad. It is available for Pre-Order now from Personal Projector at an exclusive £25 Pre-Order discount until April 9th. With a strap line of "Bright, shiny and incredibly tiny", you can expect great things from this as a pocketable device, including two world firsts:

    Bright, shiny & incredibly tiny - MP4101. Stream media from your mobile!
    2. Smallest 300 lumen Pico projector we've seen!

    Stream from your Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop
    The most impressive feature has to be the adoption of the new downloadable application for your portable media devices. This works in conjunction with the brilliant wireless adapter (optional) to enable you to wirelessly stream content to the 3M MP410. Leave your laptop at home and make your presentation from your mobile device or stream images in your lounge directly from your phone: The app is compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone/ iPad or Android device.

    Bright & Tiny (300 lumens)!
    This is the world's smallest pico projector with 300 lumens so it doesn't hold back in the specification stakes with WXGA/720p resolution, HDMI, VGA & USB connectivity as well as wireless streaming capabilities. The super bright LED light source allows you to present in most meeting room environments, as well as use instant on/off technology so that is is ready to present when you are.

    Enhanced memory & connectivity
    You may prefer to load content directly onto the 3M mobile projector. 3M MP410's 1Gb onboard memory, micro SDHC (upto 32GB) or USB to make sure you're always ready to go. Alternatively, you can utilise the HDMI or VGA connection for great quality projection. Also, it comes with a VGA cable and carry case as well to make your presentations run smoothly every time.

    Overall, the 3M MP410 LED projector is the one to beat right now, simply because of its size, brightness image quality and not least the amazing wireless capabilities. Pre-Order now at www.personalprojector.co.uk for £475 inc. Vat (offer lasts until 9th April 2012 only) pre launch.

    Visit the product page here for more information...

  • 3M Mpro 120/150 Perfect Tech Gift: Grab a bargain as prices fall £200 on LED pocket projectors

    For many people pocket projectors are an ideal way of watching/presenting small images on a much larger screen whether its from an iPad, Smartphone or laptop. Up until now such devices could cost upto £400 or were of dubious quality if they were anything less than £150.

    As with most technology mini projectors have moved on leaps and bounds in the past couple of years so some of the 2nd generation pocket projectors are now appearing on the market at £200 discount to their launch price. This makes them very attractive as the second generation devices were brighter and offered more accessories than is the current trend.

    3M were the first to get in on the LED pico market so this is the best place to start if you’re looking for a bargain with the best “brightness to price ratio” or “price to accessory ratio”

    Whilst there were some previous pico projector models at £99 inc vat such as the Adapt Pico Play, they were only half the brightness of the 3M models now avialable. Also the Pico Play came with virtually no accessories (tripod etc) when compared with the 3m models.

    3M Mpro 120 (£299 now £99 inc vat)

    The 3M Mpro 120 was a breakthrough pocket projector when it launched in terms of size, design and overall value for what’s included in the box. Launched at £299 its now available for just £99 or (£83.33 ex vat) which is an absolute bargain in a box and makes it the cheapest pocket projector on the market today. It is also without a doubt the best value projector on the market today as it offers many features and accessories normally only available on higher priced models. It includes a carry case, tripod, 4 hour battery life, 0.5w speakers and the best “price to brightness ratio”.

    The 3M pico projector also has the ability to connect to iPads, Smartphones, laptops, games consoles or other AV equipment and has a simple plug & play setup. It is easy for everyone to share movies, images & presentations with sound on this great pass-through device. It includes an AV cable but you will need a separate cable to connect to iPhone/iPad.

    3M Mpro 150

    If however you’re looking for the ability to project without connecting to any other device at all then take a look at the 3M MPro 150 which has all the features of the 120, plus its brighter and has powerpoint/pdf  viewer onboard so you can project straight from the palm of your hand with no wires.

    Overall, both projectors offer incredible value and would make the perfect gift and are ideal for personal use, business or travel.

  • Currys & PC World take on Netflix & LOVEFiLM

    Curry's & PC World have again joined forces in the retail world, this time to offer a new online streaming and download service for UK customers.

    As of March 1st, knowhowmovies.com have offered the streaming and/or download of the latest TVshows, Movie titles to your PC, Ultrabook or MAC (although you can only currently download movie titles to MAC's) for a monthly subscribtion fee of £0

    Although you can only currently download/stream the titles to your computer, it's promised that you will soon be able to view them from your mobile smartphone, games console, BluRay player, Tablet & TV

    Disney, Momentum pictures, Warner Bro's and Pixar are all on board from he get-go, with 1,500 titles available from 1st March, so it looks like they're ready to give other established services like NetFlix, LOVEFiLM, Hulu, Apple Tv, Google Tv a run for their money in the future.

    TV shows cost from 99p to £3.99 for a new show, films from £2.99 to £12.99 and are available in full HD and 5.1 Dolby Surround. This is an exciting time for TV and Movie lovers as competition in the market increases, now you can download and play with a Pico Projector

  • JVC & Kenwood's new HUD system, coming to a car near you?

    JVC & Kenwood are developing their own, laser based Heads-Up-Display (HUD) for vehicles. It looks set to be the next mod con for cars

    Will we soon be seeing this technology fitted into new cars, everywhere?
    Click below to see the video example

    Kenwood\'s new laser HUD

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