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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Winner announced for 3M MP410 Gadget Show Live competition!

    Thank you to everyone who visited the 3M/ Personal Projector stand at Gadget


    Show Live in Birmingham’s NEC arena.  There was an exceptional turn out and many of you took advantage of the competition we ran on the stand.

    We are delighted to announce that this year’s winner of is Sheridan Webb from Merseyside.

    Congratulations on winning the brand new 3M MP410 projector with 300 lumens of LED brightness, with optional Wi-Fi streaming, WXGA resolution and more...

    Sheridan sent us a couple of photos of her using it to present for her training company, ‘Keystone Development’– Thanks Sheridan!

    Here is Sheridan's 3M MP410 connected to a laptop, ready to make a PowerPoint presentation...

    Sheridan's projector connected to her laptop, ready to present


  • Highlights of Gadget Show Live 2012 / Best Product Award

    Here’s our round up of some of the cool things we saw at this year’s Gadget Show 2012. These are our highlights of the gadget show 2012

    The SoloWheel

    Costing nearly £2000, it’s not the cheapest gadget at the show, but it is certainly created a unique talking point. With speeds of up to 12mph it is also the greenest method of transport at the show, operating on just one Li-Ion battery. The gyroscopes mean that you just have to hop on and lean to ride!

    3M CP45 Camcorder Projector

    3M Camcorder CP45 Highlight of Gadget Show 2012


    Record HD video and pictures, then share them instantly, anywhere, with anyone at up to 65” without the need to sync. Just put it in your pocket and create your own memories as you go. No more passing around you r small screen devices to get the big picture!

    Aurasma Technology

    You will see it in Budweisers new FA Cup app in pubs this summer, use your Smartphone on the Aurasma beer mats to bring 3D to life. Hold the FA cup above your head in celebration for yourself (well, almost), just point and see!

    50 Cent’s headphones

    Following in the steps of the Dr Dre’s ‘Beats’ range, 50 Cent and Ludacris came to reveal their new range of high end audio equipment. Speaking on the launch, 50 Cent said: “As well as the sound quality, it was very important to me to make something durable”.

    Slouch Mat

    A revolutionary mouse mat design with mouldable base that ‘slouches’ and grips a range of

    Slouch Mouse Matt


    uneven and narrow surfaces to provide a stable and level mouse mat. A special grip dot base and mark resistant pad allows it to be used even with optical devices. It feels great too



    AYE Gear

    Take everything everywhere without a bag with AYE Gear’s handy, tech friendly clothing. These products have pockets galore with water resistant fabric that allow you to store everything from an eTablet, to a Smartphone to your spare coins and access them easily.

    Update your garden furniture and put a fish pond in the middle of it, just don’t let the cat see the gold fish!

    Gaden furniture with a fish pond inside







    Zip wire – great experience from go ape




    3D printers– if like me you’ve always wondered about these check these in action, now

    3D Printers


    from £800 to make your own cube




    Dancing Robots – loving this one that dances to Beat It


    Product of the show: 3M MP410 Mini Wireless Projector

    3M MP410 Gadget Show 2012: Steels the show


    Last year a 3M product almost topped the Gadget Show Product of the Show award but narrowly missed the Top 5 slot as their ultra cool pico projector lacked wireless streaming but this year wireless has finally arrived. The New MP410 is the worlds smallest, brighteest LED projector at 300 lumens - its Bright, Shiny, Very Tiny and Wireless Too.

    Stream your pictures, videos, presentations from iphone, tablet or laptop with incredible image quality from an LED 300 lumen projector.


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