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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Projector for iPhone Review: Pico Genie A100 compared

    If you're looking to purchase an iphone projector that docks directly into a case made for the iPhone 4/4s or iPod Touch its worth spending some time looking at the key features and how they compare.

    As there are no retail shops that currently stock this type of gadget you can only purchase iphone projector cases online and so it can be quite difficult to compare the visual images side by side so we've pulled together the key features to consider when looking at the spec on a website.

    The first thing to remember is to be careful not to just look at the headline stats such as brightness particularly for this type of phone docking case as there are many other factors to consider that often mean that what looks good on paper doesnt actually look as good as you think when you open the box. The classic example here is where brightness, measured in lumens, is higher on one projector yet the actual image quality is better on the projector with lower lumens.

    When selecting an LED projector for your iphone dont just consider brightness, also consider contrast ratio, aspect ratio, battery life, resolution, optics and the overal technical design of the device.

    Comparison of Pico Genie A100 v Alternative Projector Docks/Chargers for iPhone

    Here's what to look for when buying an iPhone case with a built in projector and battery charger. The table shows the Pico Genie A100 as the original benchmark device:-

    Pico Genie A100 Alternative Comments
    Aspect ratio & image distortion 16:9 4:3 Most videos when projecting from a phone are now in 16:9 especially on Youtube so for ease of viewing 16:9 is the way forward.Watch out for projectors offering only 4:3 as they tend to really distort your images (see the screenshow below).
    Contrast ratio 1000:1 100:1 A100's contrast ratio is 10 times higher which creates a noticeable difference in image quality by creating clear vivid images. Having a higher lumens rating makes a marginal difference but the contrast ratio brings the images to life and is far better for movies / photos
    Lumens (Ainsi) 15 35 On paper products may appear brighter and have a higher lumens rating but suprisingly when put side by side the contrast ratio and other optical features mean the Pico Genie punches well above its weight and looks clear and just as bright as a much higher lumen projector
    Battery 2100 mah 1800 mah A100's higher battery capacity powers your projector for longer and this stops your phone battery from draining too quickly!
    Resolution 640 x 360 640 x 480 No noticeable difference
    Price (RRP) £174.99 £199.99
    Made For iPhone license (MFI) Apple Approved License Check carefully Pico Genie has the crucially important 'Made For iPhone' license and is thus licensed for use by Apple.In some products without a license the iphone signal can be blocked so you cant make any calls from your phone.

    View a 16:9 (widescreen) image without distortion

    Pico Genie A100 (on the right) has a significantly higher contrast ratio which gives deeper colour, meaning blacker blacks and more vivid images. The alternatives (left) significantly lose image quality when projecting and are in 4:3 format.

    Pico Genie A100 is made for iPhone use

    Pico Genie on the left leaves a clear space in the design to ensure no interference or blockage of iphone signal.

    Offset projection for convenient viewing

    The Pico Genie on the left has a 100% offset meaning that it can sit on a flat surface and project upwards making it much more user friendly with a much easier viewing angle. 


    Overall, when selecting an iphone projector docking solution dont just consider brightness as there are many other factors which affect image quality such as contrast ratio, aspect ratio as well as critical elements affecting the phone signal itself. Battery power is also critical as there is no point in draining your phone battery after each video projection. Finally look for "Made For iPhone" license which means it has been approved by Apple.

  • Personal Projector Exhibiting Gadget Show Live: 30 Nov to 2 Dec

    Personal Projector are pleased to announce that we will again be displaying a range of projectors and accessories at Gadget Show Live.

    The show will be held in London's ExCel area from 30th November until 2nd December 2012, so it's the perfect time to start thinking about christmas presents for your loved ones (or even yourself!).

    As part of this, Personal Projector will be running a series of promotions from now until the show where there will be even more special offers.

    Claim £50 off a Casio XJ A251 projector from now until the end of October.

    If portable projection is more your style then claim your free Wi-Fi dongle for every ViewSonic PLED-W500 projector you purchase.

    For more information on what you can expect from this years Gadget Show Live event, visit their official site below...




  • Vivitek Qumi Q5 Projector Review

    The Vivitek Qumi Q5 LED projector has finally arrived and is proving popular for business or entertainment purposes. This projector is ideal for a wide variety of users from ad agencies, designers, trainers, home cinema enthusiasts to business people on the go who want the best quality ultra portable projector that money can buy. You can also of course use the Qumi Q5 for pure selfish reasons and just watch high quality TV through it.

    If you really want to stand out from the crowd the vivid colours are sure to attract attention wherever you go as the Qumi Q5 is its the first LED projector  to come in a range of colours that would not look out of place on Jonathan Iyves office desk.

    The Qumi Q5 is the only model to date to come in multiple colours so you can have a red projector, yellow projector, blue projector, white projector or black projector.....Vuvitek Qumi Q5 Led projectors

    For a more detailed review of the Vivitek Qumi Q5 see our review article to see why its unique features make it one of the best projectors on the market right now....

  • Best Tech of IFA: From Eye controlled TV's to Headcams and Car Camcorders

    Well we've just come back from IFA show and have had a sneak preview of what we'll all be wanting for Christmas 2012. Often IFA only shows a few brief glimpses of what's coming up but we were pleasantly surprised this year with the wealth of new generation products ranging from pico projectors to eye controlled TV's, quality headcams and car camcorders to help proetct you in the event of an accident.

    Aiptek Z3 Sports Camera


    Aiptek Z3 Sports Camera - If you're into your sports then the chances are you want to be recording your amazing performances on your bike, skis, surf board, skuba dive, windsurfing or even your rally car.  The snag is most headcams or sports camcorders dont come with all the necessary accessories to attach your camera to your chosen equipment. The good news about the Aiptek Z3 camera is it comes with all the kit you're ever gonna need in the box to mount the camera.

    Aiptek Sports Camera headcam


    It includes a diving case waterproof to 30m and mounts with 3-way pivot arm, clips or  even velcro fixing option. It also offers full HD with a 120 degree viewing angle. Its going to be a popular gift for  xmas this year.

    Car camcorder X1 Aiptek RRP £119 - Another suprise from Aiptek at IFA, Berlin was the car camcorder which has a 120 degree wide angle lens and continously records while you are driving so in the event of an accident you can prove who is at fault.

    Car Camcorder X1


    Young drivers in particular will really welcome the Aiptek X1 Car Camcorder this  idea as in the event of an accident they can prove fault much more easily and avoid nasty hikes in high insurance premuims.

    Aiptek V100 pocket projector was on show proving its ideal for home portable enterntainment. For alternatives to the Aiptek V100 see the new Pico Genie P100

    Eye Controlled TV - Haier demontrated a really cool eye controlled TV. It takes a bit of getting used to but in seconds your eyes easily control the TV and can change channels and open documents on the smart TV's. Just to show how off the wall the guys are at Haier they had people jumping and spinning off the walls all day which actually is one the better PR stunts we've seen.


    Samsung All Share


    Samsung All Share - a new dongle is about to be released for about £80 from Samsung which will mean their latest kit will work wirelessly on any TV with an HDMI connection. It will however only work with new devices from the latest Galaxy range such as S3 mobile phone or the new ultra cool Galaxy wifi cameras.

    Samsung dual screen laptop tablet


    Samsung Dual Screen laptops plus tablet- now this was one of the coolest concepts  at the show sporting a normal laptop screen on one side and a tablet screen on the reverse. You can even use it as a tablet or simply show the person sat opposite you exactly what your seeing so could be great for presentations.


    Samsung Transformer laptop


    Samsung Slider Laptop screen



    They also showed a few other cool concept screens similar to the Asus Transformer laptops. Lets hope they decide to release them.



    Samsung Galaxy cameras - they seem to have gone mental for cameras this year at Samsung with 3 new models out to suite everyone from the casual user to the professional.

    Samsung Galaxy wifi 3G camera x20 Optical Zoom


    They all have wifi on them and the zoom lens on this samsung camera is x20 optical but its so easy to use and incredibly light. There is a lighter smaller compact version too which you'd be happy to carry around and the wifi and 3G options mean you can always transfer those photos.



    LG 21 inch wide monitor


    LG had some really widescreen displays as well so if your into your spreadsheets then this is pefect for you at 21" wide you're never gonna run out of columns again.

    Acer showed their Acer K750 hybrid laser LED projector. Although slightly smaller than other hybrids we've seen we cant see it beating the Casio laser projector specs any time soon with only 1600 lumens plus the fact its the heaviest projector we've come across in a while.

    AEG Eclipse 10 Designer Cordless Phone


    AEG Eclipse 10 Designer Cordless Phone - a nice bit of kit to confuse everyone in the office when the phone rings the first time - see if they can guess where the ring comes from...wouldnt look out of place on Johny Ives desk.

  • Create your own big screen cinema with NETFLIX and Pico Projectors

    Great news for iPhone and Android users everywhere! NETFLIX now has an APP available to download that lets you stream DVD’s and TV Series’ through your Smartphone and other portable devices. If you love film and would like to watch content on the go then a Pico Projector could be for you. Instead of watching on a screen a couple of inches wide, project images at 80” from a Pico projector like the Pico Genie P100 or LumaFire M200, by simply connecting a HDMI or MHL cable from your device to the projector.

    Pico Genie P100 LED projectorLED projectors like the Pico Genie P100 with 2 hours of battery life are a great way to view content on the go, whether it be at work, in your hotel room, camping, Skiing, at a wedding or long car journeys, the possibilities are endless. What is unique about NETFLIX is that there are no restrictions on what content you can project, unlike the SKY GO APP for example.

    Energizer External BatteryAdd extra power with the Energizer XP8000 & XP18000 external battery packs for those extended journeys, even charge up to 3 devices at once!

    If you sign up to NETFLIX this September (2012) you will receive a FREE month trial of the NETFLIX service.

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