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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Device Squad reviews Pico Genie P100 at Gadget Show Live exhibition

    At this year's Gadget Show Live exhibition at Excel, London,  Device Squad gadget programe did the rounds of the top items at the show and profiled the Pico Genie P100 HDMI projector.

    The team pointed out that the Pico Genie P100 mini projector is great for Smartphones/HDMI devices and that there is a distinct cross over with this device between consumers who want the best available pico projector and those who need to do business presentations.The quality is such that the Pico Genie P100 works brilliantly for both business and pleasure allowing you to connect your laptop, phone or iPad/tablet to it via the HDMI port. It also charges your phone from its USB charge port so you dont loose battery power.

    Check out the video to see just how small and portable the Pico Genie P100 portable projector is and what great image quality (up to 85") you can get nowadays even on battery power

    Video starts 7.32 secs

  • Vivitek’s Qumi HD pocket projector helps bring the past to life at the York Castle Museum

    When the York Castle Museum required a new AV solution for their interactive exhibit, the Vivitek Qumi Q5 proved to be the perfect solution.  

    Qumi Q5

    The prison cells at the York Castle Museum all have interesting tales to tell as many were home to a number of well-known inmates during the 18th century.  Undoubtedly the most notorious of these was Richard ‘Dick’ Turpin the highwayman who was held captive in York Prison prior to his execution on York's Knavesmire in 1739.

    In order to bring these fascinating tales to life for visitors, the museum used AV equipment to project a life-sized video of the prisoners talking about their life in the cells.  However after extensive use, the existing projectors were suffering from a degraded picture quality and intermittent failures.

    “The projectors the museum was using were 150 ANSI lumen LED units and after researching the LED projector market I contacted Vivitek UK to arrange a trial of their Qumi Q2 projector, we were delighted though when the new Qumi Q5.

    The projectors are mounted in a bespoke casing and are fed by a multimedia player which in most cases is triggered by an infra-red sensor. The AV source is locked onto the composite video input and is set to auto-power therefore minimizing the intervention required by museum staff.

    “Following a successful trial, the museum agreed to purchase 10 Qumi’s.  The Q5 was a great solution for the York Castle Museum as it fitted their requirements perfectly.  The mounting holes which are normally used to mount the portable battery pack were perfect to mount the projector in the protective case in the cells.  The projector also comes with a great warranty on the LED light source as well as being small and versatile.” continues John Nowell.  “Brian Grogan from Vivitek UK was fantastic in assessing the required needs of the installation and advising us on the best projector that would fit these requirements.  Overall I am delighted by the performance of the Qumi Q5.”

    With an LED light source guaranteeing 30,000 hours of operation and just three seconds to power on (or off), the Qumi Q5 is projection-ready whenever needed – making it a truly mobile projector, which easily fits into a bag or backpack. Weighing just 490 grams, it is 3D-ready and uses DLP chip technology by Texas Instruments.  It packs a punch with a brightness of 500 lumens, WXGA resolution, and a contrast of 3500:1, delivering crisp pictures and rich colours.

    Qumi Q5 series is a very versatile projector.  At home and at business presentations as it is to share videos or pictures with friends.  It can also display PowerPoint presentations, Word, Excel or Adobe PDF files straight from a USB flash drive – no laptop necessary. It even has a built-in Web-Browser, making it the first “Smart-Projector” by using the WiFi Qumi Dongle to connect to a WAP with Internet access.  Its multitude of connectivity options, including HDMI, makes the Qumi Q5 the ideal companion for tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

    To find out more about the York Castle Museum and the York Castle Prison exhibition visit http://www.yorkcastleprison.org.uk/home.html or contact Personal Projector Ltd on 0845 121 8800 or visit http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=qumi+5&pick=mage or (http://bit.ly/U86NVC)

  • Gadget Show Mini Projectors & Portable Screens

    On last night's Gadget Show Polly and Jason reviewed the 3M MP410 mini projector (£389 inc vat) at the bubble hotel in Marseille. Its true to say that 3m generally understate their quality and range of products so it was no surprise to see it won the best image quality with its superior LED 300 lumens of brightnes.It really is a great performing projector that beat the Optoma PK301+ and the Philips Pico Pix 2480 projector on image performance hands down.

    3M MP410 mini projector on Gadget Show


    Whilst the projector didnt fair quite so well on the sound how many people will actually be using the speakers on the device itself. I suspect most people will actually use external speakers and connect via HDMI to their laptop or other external source. Its really a question of whats more important to you, sound quality or image quality and for us image quality is far more important and you shouldnt really expect to get a massive sound out of something thats already packing amazing image quality into something so tiny.

    We always advise our customers to go for the best image they can afford as there is no point watching a projector if you cant see actually see it but you can always connect an external sound source so we would give the 3M 4 G rating.

    The 3M MP410 is currently on special offer at Personal Projector Ltd at £389.99 including vat (limited stock available). Also see the 3M MP 220 Android mini projector also on special offer at £299 (Save £90)

    Portable Screens: Pico Genie

    Pico Genie Portable Screens on the Gadget Show


    The portable screens on the Gadget Show looked really great side by side. The Gadget Show used the Pico Genie 40" screens which are adequate for the lesser brightness projectors such as the Philips 2480 and the Optoma PK301+ but for the higher brightness projectors such as the 3M MP410 then its worth considering the slightly larger Pico Genie ultra portable desktop screens at 50" and 60". These are still easily portable and come in a carry case with a shoulder strap.

    Video of the Gadget Show Mini Projector Review

    Gadget Show Mini Projector review

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