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Silver Screen and LEDs join at last. The New York Times features Elmo BOXi MP350

The New York Times have recognised the benefits and rising popularity of LED projection in their latest piece, "Silver Screen and LEDs join at last" and feature the Elmo BOXi MP-350 as one of the top portable business LED projectors .

New York Times say: "Elmo (no relation to the red Muppet) is best known for its overhead projectors and cameras, like the ones from biology class in 1975.

This attractive, white 300-lumen projector is a super short-thrower. You can put it very close to the wall or screen (three feet) and get a surprisingly big image (50 inches).

Remarkably, Wi-Fi is built in; once you install the free iPhone or Android app, or Windows program, you can project images and Office files wirelessly."

The New York Times also highlight the financial and environmental benefits of these portable LED projectors. Most traditional projectors in boardrooms and home-theatres "still have a regular old light bulb inside. A very, very bright one that gets very, very hot and costs very, very much to replace...and that’s after about 2,000 hours of use". " The world is discovering LED lights, and for good reason. They last 25 times as long as regular bulbs, they use a fraction of the power, they don’t get as hot and they’re very rugged". Therefore, replacing your old projector's "hot, expensive bulb with LED lights, you’d use half as much power, so you’d be polluting less. Because it would need less cooling, your projector could be much smaller and lighter".

Read the full article here