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The Gadget Show's top 5 set-top boxes

As an update to our review of set-top boxes and where to source content for your projector / TV, Jon Bentley has now also reviewed the top set-top boxes on The Gadget Show's Christmas special. Jon covers Apple TV (Best Price £84.50) and the D-Link Boxee Box (Best Price £96.77)

Some of these boxes  will restrict the content you can play back, stopping you from using certain Apps and services (for example iPlayer, ITV player etc). Sometimes you are better using an android stick and a wireless keyboard (like this bundle) to turn your projector / TV into a smart TV. You can simply download the Apps or use an online browser to stream content with this smaller, cheaper, portable option.

View the original Personal Projector review article here: Get a Multi-Room, 100″ Projection from Your Set-Top Box & Games Consoles Anywhere!