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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Pico Genie P50 - how the BETT show 2014 winner uses his

    This year at BETT, Personal Projector offered a special prize draw to win a new projector. Robert Duffy from Hythe House education was the lucky winner and has recently received his very own new Pico Genie P50 mini projector.

    Robert has taken some time out of his busy schedule to share with us all how his new pico projector is used at school:

    "I was the lucky winner of the Pico Genie mini projector whilst attending the BETT show. I have used the usual ceiling mounted large projectors and was interested to see how these little projectors compete. I have to admit I was a little optimistic but upon my initial usage of this LED projector my first impressions are impressive.

    Obviously the size is the greatest feature, you can carry this anywhere and it is easily set up in any area. The projected image was actually fairly large and this again surprised me, an internal battery also features and this is rechargeable which again makes the ease of use second to none. An onboard speaker is also present and I thought this would be a very low level volume but again was surprised by its volume. The number of devices you can attach is superb with all cables present in the kit (except apple) and a smart credit card sized remote controller is also provided.

    The students in our school will benefit greatly from this and teaching staff now have the freedom to take this technology literally anywhere.As an entry level mini projector this works very well, and I for one have been impressed with what these small projectors are capable of.

    For the cost, size and quality I have been converted to these much smaller projectors and will in the future look to upgrade from this entry level projector to one of the better, but still excellently priced models.

    In a nutshell.......Whoever said size matters is very wrong !!!!!!!!"

    For more information on Pico Genie projectors and how they can be used in school, at work or at home, just take a look at our product pages, videos and blogs

  • Elmo BOXi T-350, Reviewed

    The ELMO BOXi T-350 projector has been gathering reviews from some big names in publishing, below are a few examples:

    Digital Hippos: "The ELMO BOXi-T350 is one of the most impressive pieces of technology I have had the honor of testing. The design is sleek, solid and the picture is bright, defined and absolutely gorgeous. If you are seeking a portable but versatile projector, this is it." - See more here

    Expert Reviews: "The BOXi-T350’s native 1,280x800 resolution looked sharp, and its short throw range meant we didn’t have to place it very far away from the wall to get a large picture." See the full review here

    Computer Shopper's verdict is that the T-350 is“good personal projector” and is“ powerful enough to cope with a brightly lit room”. Katharine who reviewed the projector thinks that “this is good projector to use during presentations so you don’t have to plunge the room into darkness”. 

    James Smythe gave the projector an overall Mighty Gadget scoring of 70% out of 100, commenting that it’s "one of the more affordable palm projectors on the market" with"excellent’ image/colours so ‘great for gaming and presentations". Read more and view James' images here

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