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5 Reasons You Need Pico Genie A100 This Summer

The Pico Genie A100 has a very special new price and here is why the  affordable pocket sized projector will work for you this summer:

  1. Keep the kids educated - 6 weeks is a long holiday for anyone, especially your children, so ensure you keep them at the top of the class by encouraging the use educational content and games.
  2. Entertainment - We know how hard it is to find something good on TV when it's grey and cloudy, so why not enjoy the latest blockbuster from your iPhone / iPod
  3. Travel - You've packed your sun cream and your passports but how about a movie for the flight or relaxing on a rainy day. From Glamping to jet-setting, it's small enough to fit neatly in your pocket or bag for a cinematic experience.
  4. Business - Take everything you need for your meeting in your pocket and project wherever you are. Ideal for those on the go or meeting with those who are.
  5. Sports - 2014 is another stellar year for sporting events, from Commonwealth Games, Wimbledon, F1, World Cup and more, now you can keep up with the game straight from your pocket. Also, if you're playing a few games yourself then why not record it on your phone / iPod and then play it straight back?! Great for perfecting your improving your own skill (or just embarrassing your friends by sharing their lack of skill with everyone).
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