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I Predict a Ritot! - Projector Watch Concept

Okay, so speculation is rifle online about the latest Ritot projector watch, HOWEVER,  the concept has been born and we weren't the only ones to love it.

Ritot projector watch

The idea is simple, throw away that tired old watch with the minute hand that sticks and worn out strap, become a modern style icon with the new Ritot projector watch!

We can see this easily challenging the big brands with its reasonable price tag and unique design. The Ritot concept was the "World's first projection watch" which claimed to project out content from your smartphone on to the back of your hand.

The Simple design appealed to those who love having the latest tech but don't want to feel bogged down by lots of devices and wanted help to "stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist". Merging something you would probably be wearing anyway (watch) with technology that's actually useful in keeping you up to date with calls, texts, memos and more is something Personal Projector likes the look of.

Whilst we are all waiting for this concept to actually be proposed,  why not view our range of pocketable projectors that work with almost any smartphone (plus many other devices) by clicking here