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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Pico Genie in Education Today for ideas on portable projection in education

    Pico Genie is featured in this month's popular Education Today magazine and online as a top pick for projection both inside and outside the classroom. Discussed in the article are ideas on how portable projection can benefit any education environment to "maximise ALL your indoor and outdoor spaces" whether it be a classroom or field trip.

    Click here to read the full article about Pico Genie projectors in Education Today

    Ideal for connecting to iPads, tablets, smartphones, laptops and more, there is a portable LED projector for everyone.

    View the Pico Genie portable LED projector range here

  • Forget the Cinema Just Transform Your SkyGo into a Portable Cinema with a mini projector: Its Pocket Cinema Anywhwere!

    Forget the Cinema Just Transform Your SkyGo into a Portable Cinema with a mini projector: Its Pocket Cinema Anwhwere!

    We all know how expensive the cinema can be these days so you may be very pleased to find out that if you are a Sky customer then you can enjoy the best selection of movies & TV on the go from your iPad, iPod touch, games console or laptop (with the SkyGo service). However, now with a Pico Genie mini projector you can also connect your laptop to SkyGo and enjoy live on-demand content at screen sizes up to 150 inches directly from your laptop anywhere you go!

    It’s a great concept being able to watch your favourite box set or the latest movies but its even better now its available from a projector that’s small enough to fit into your pocket and create a cinematic experience wherever you are! So whether you’re in the living room, at a hotel, friends house or even if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere there’s no excuse for spending a fortune at the cinema when you can watch the latest content at home on the Big Screen.

    How to connect SkyGo to Mini Projectors:

    There are multiple options for connecting Skygo from your laptop including via HDMI (newer laptops), VGA (older laptops) and even AV (RCA red, white, yellow) connections. Ideally for the best image quality with the HD mini projectors its best to connect via HDMI

    1. Login to www.skygo.com on your laptop
    2. Connect your laptop to the projector (HDMI, VGA, AV cables)
    3. Select the input source on the projector (some projectors do this automatically eg Pico Genie P100)
    4. Change the output mode on your laptop to output via HDMI (also automatic on some projectors)

    Tip: Connect to a surround sound system to enjoy TV and movies in true cinematic style. Connect directly from the projector with a 3.5mm AUX cable or connect via your laptop (wired or wirelessly).

    You are now ready to enjoy content on the big screen although it doesn’t stop there. Its also possible to mirror other content from the screen of your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android device and show web pages, presentations, pictures, games and more.

    Skygo Wireless options – unfortunately Sky have blocked wireless connectivity via portable devices such as DLNA, miracast and we’ve even heard Apple TV has problems with wireless connection in this way so the only real stable option is to connect via HDMI, VGA or AV.

    Which are the Best Portable Projectors for use with Sky Go?

    The best options for connecting to SkyGo are ultra portable battery powered projectors that require the minimum amount of cables and are simple to connect with just one cable. Batteries can last from 1 to 3.5 hours depending on the model and can be used simply anywhere and easily moved from room to room in the house or outdoors.

    1. The tiny (pocket sized) Pico Genie P50 Pro will connect to almost any device, including your laptop for SkyGo, to project a 70” image. With a 3.5 hour battery and just about every connection option including AV, HDMI, VGA it’s the perfect pocket cinema companion at only £185 inc vat.
    2. Recently featured on the Gadget Show, the Pico Genie M400 is the brightest (300 lumen) portable HD LED projector with a high powered battery and a wide range of connectivity options. It has features like inbuilt 3D conversation, digital keystone correction (and more) but it is also great value for money.
    3. Elmo Boxi range of projectors – Japanese designed Elmo projectors, whilst new to the market and don’t have a battery, they do offer some excellent quality projectors, ideal for cinema on the go. The entry level model, Elmo Boxi T200 is good value for money and the T350 and MP350 have a good range of connection options, including built in wireless on MP350.

    So if you are looking for an inspirational Christmas gifts this year you cant go far wrong buying a pocket cinema for the family. The versatility of these new mini LED projectors also means they are not just a one-trick pony and are ideal for kids sharing content for learning. Other applications include gaming, business meetings/presentations or travelling.

    Find out more at www.personalprojector.co.uk

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