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3 Ways to Connect Your Apple/Android Device to Your Projector: Wired vs Wireless



Want to Link Your Apple/Android device to your Projector with a Pico Genie portable projector? Here are 3 options to connect your tablet, smartphone (Android or Apple) to a portable mini projector.

  1. Connect Projector Wirelessly with in-built wireless:-
    • Pico Genie M550 Plus (Screen Mirroring/Miracast ideal for Android) has superb instant connectivity with full screen mirroring and the ability to surf online at the same time without going through an app. The dongle is therefore built-in. Mirroring from Apple devices is achieved through the Happycast app, which comes installed on the projector.
    • Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus – this is a 500 lumen projector which has DLNA inbuilt (ios Apple compatible) and connects via wifi in the same way as the chromecast dongles. Effectively its got the dongle built in.
  2. Connect Projector via HDMI wire - via Apple Digital AV adaptors for tablets, phones (see this for full details iPad/ iPhones) or to MacBooks
  3. Connect Wirelessly via HDMI dongles
    • Ideal for mirroring your device’s screen eg using Apple TV or Chromecast dongles
    • This Computerworld article is the most comprehensive explanation of pros and cons and it lists 10 dongles.
    • Bear in mind you might still need power to the dongle. If using the Pico Genie P200  this one has a USB power out feature so it can power the dongle and so it doesn’t have wires trailing to a plug.

These unique features of the Pico Genie projectors make them very popular with anyone wanting to connect via wire or wire free.

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