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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • Aiptek MobileCinema i70 projector

    The Aiptek MobileCinema i70 projector recently listed in the Sunday Times Style shopping section offers 70 lumens and wireless projection. Its very similar to the Pico Genie P85 projector.

    Alternative portable projectors for the Aiptek MobileCinema i70 projector include:

    • Pico Genie P55 £149 (50 genuine lumens, HDMI, microSD, MHL, AV, USB & a case, 2.5 hr battery)
    • Pico Genie P85 £249 (85 genuine lumens, wireless wifi IOS/Android, HDMI, microSD, AV, USB, 2 hr battery)
    • Pico Genie P200 £299 (200 genuine lumens, HDMI, microSD, MHL, AV, USB & a case, 1 hr battery)
    • Vivitek Qumi Q4 £378 (500 genuine lumens, HDMI, USB)
  • The RiF6 Cube LED Projector Review

    The RiF6 Cube LED Projector Review

    The RIF6 Cube is a 50 lumens personal projector, 854 by 480 pixels. Like many Chinese projectors on the market the lumens are often rated at a brightness of 100 lumens although the real lumens of the RiF6 is 50 lumens.

    At just 2 inches square it’s a v small handy projector.

    Key features include screen mirroring but only via wire not via wireless. If you want the wireless option of the RiF6 cube you are better off choosing the Pico Genie P85 or other cheaper models and adding a wireless dongle that connects to everything (£65).

    When wired the RiF6 projector can mirror the screen of an MHL-compatible mobile device (ie Android devices mainly). It can also connect via HDMI or project content from a microSD card.

    Overall, it’s a nice design but at £245 / $299 the RiF6 cube projector is about £100 more expensive than comparable projectors and suffers from low pound to lumens value (@50 lumens £245)  and a lack of wireless connectivity as well as rainbow affects when projecting video.

    Alternative projectors to the RiF6 Projector which add wifi, higher lumens or at lower cost include:

    • Pico Genie P55 £149 (50 genuine lumens, HDMI, microSD, MHL, AV, USB & a case, 2.5 hr battery)
    • Pico Genie P85 £249 (85 genuine lumens, wireless wifi IOS/Android, HDMI, microSD, AV, USB, 2 hr battery)
    • Pico Genie P200 £299 (200 genuine lumens, HDMI, microSD, MHL, AV, USB & a case, 1 hr battery)
    • Vivitek Qumi Q4 £378 (500 genuine lumens, HDMI, USB)
  • Digital Art Through Projection: Change Your Physical World

    Check out the amazing things Charles Sandison does with projectors converting environments into digital works of art through clever 360 projection onto walls, floors, ceilings and objects.

    I can see with music this kind of digital art projection would look fantastic as an installation in many public places, art galleries or museums or even for a concert.

    You can see more of Charles' amazing work at the website below.


  • How to Project Holograms for your Halloween with a Portable Projector

    You'd be amazed at what can be achieved with a small projector for Halloween parties these days where holograms of ghosts, ghouls and goblins can now easily be projected.

    Imagine images like these being projected at Halloween onto a pumpkin, window or doorway. Its mind boggling what can be done with a small projector and some fabric!

    The guys at Atmos FX have done an amazing job of creating high quality digital holographic images that can be projected. All you need is a dark room, some opaque sheeting (scrim, mosquito netting or material from your local fabric shop) and you can create these amazing and very real life holograms. Just be careful which ones you select or project to avoid scarring the neighbours or next doors kids to death!

    So if you want to project onto something small like a pumpkin and make it look like its a talking pumpkin then you can use a relatively low lumen projector like The Pico Genie P55 @ only £145 or the brighter Pico Genie P200 projector.

    AtmosFX Tips & Tricks #3 - Projecting onto Solid Surfaces from AtmosFX on Vimeo.

    As you project onto larger areas like doorways and windows then the lumens needs to increase depending on the ambient light. For those looking to keep the projector as discreet as possible we think a good compromise is the Pico Genie M400 Pro (300 lumens) or M550 Plus (650 lumens) with a 2 hr and 3 hr battery respectively. You can put the media content onto a USB or SD card with either model.

    AtmosFX Tips & Tricks #1 - Window Projection from AtmosFX on Vimeo.

    M550 NewThe Pico Genie M550 Plus has the added advantage of having an Android interface too so you can also download apps with holographic files directly to it its built in wifi connection so you have a completely stand alone device with no cables, no wires, no mains power that can sit there for 3 hours and you can put it anywhere in the room without restrictions. You can ceiling mount it too and it has automatic keystone correction so there is no fiddling with the menu buttons its just plug and play.

    Of course it doesn't just stop at holograms for Halloween you can produce the same holographic effects for any event and create your own theatre specatacle.

    Personal Projector Ltd has a range of low heat LED projectors starting at £145 inc vat with mid range 650 lumen projectors a £549 and high end high lumen (portable and non portable) LED projectors at 3300 lumens in LED as low as £492.

  • Projectors That Dont Need a BBC TV Licence

    Students are now more likely to take an iPad to university than a TV these days however are you protected by the recent change in the law on September 1st 2016 regarding the requirement to have a TV license even for catch-up TV or BBC iPlayer?

    Now everyone has to be covered by a TV license even if they never watch live TV and only use catch up on BBC iPlayer and this applies to any kind of device, laptop, PC, mobile or tablet.

    Unfortunately, the university halls of residence don't cover students with a license and each student needs their own license. However the good news is that students are covered on their parents license if they watch on a device powered by internal batteries rather than being plugged into the aerial or the mains. You can even claim a refund if you've bought a license already- see tinyurl.com/student-licence.

    This also means certain projectors also cover you for the new regulations assuming they have a built in battery and capable of downloading TV. There are just a couple on the market at the moment that have built-in platforms to do this.

    The first is the new Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus with Android and a 2 hour battery. medium_vivitek_q3_plus_with_hand


    The second is the Pico Genie M550 projector with a 3 hour battery and inbuilt battery. They are arguably better than looking at the screen on an ipad as you benefit from a super sized home cinema in a pocket sized projector. Wireless M550

    With the ability to download iPlayer or any other app and project them at home cinema size, it gets around the licensing issue and provides a giant screen up to 100 to 150" which beats the small iPad or laptop screens any day of the week. Its also capable of wirelessly mirroring your iPad or other devices.

    Movie night anyone!

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