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Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • Personal Projector Ltd Exhibiting At BETT 2017 (Acer, Philips, Vivitek)

    The biggest technology show in the UK's education sector is just around the corner and we're delighted to say we'll be attending the BETT Show for the fourth straight year. If you're attending, come and say hi - we'll be in Hall 15, at stand F354. Our focus this year is on great projector deals and portable interactivity, which could revolutionise the way you think about your interactive whiteboard. We're also have deals on large format displays (LFDs), new short throw portable projectors and wireless portable LED projectors with Android interfaces.

    If you've ever wanted a large format interactive whiteboard you can fit in your bag and set up in minutes, you will definitely want to read our sneak preview of what we'll be showing at BETT!

    Interactive (Portable) Whiteboards & Accessories

    We have two products that will be released in the very near future that will let you turn any flat surface into a touch-sensitive interactive whiteboard up to 120" in size!


    The first to be released is the Acer Smart Touch Kit, which is compatible with a number of Acer projectors (U5520B, U5320W, U5220, S1383WHne (pictured above), S1283Hne, S1283e). It's a  dongle that fits onto the projector, along with an infrared sensor that you put on your projection surface, but there are a lot of features packed into this device! Although the projectors themselves are not portable the Smart Touch Kit turns any flat surface into a whiteboard with a 10-point touch screen, meaning large groups can all use it at the same time. It's also finger touch compatible, so you don't need to buy a load of expensive accessories to use it.



    Ultra Short Throw Large Format Displays


    Inspire students, parents and staff alike with large dynamic digital displays in your reception area, corridors, staff room, dining hall or classrooms. The real unique feature is how close this projector can sit to the wall and still be able to project a huge 120" image on any wall (even a coloured wall) so you are maximising space in small areas.

    The Philips Screeneo 2.0 offers a Full HD display and 2000 lumens. Since the Screeneo sits so close to your projection surface, those 2000 lumens go much further, giving you an ultra bright display that can be seen in any light conditions. It features automatic colour correction technology, meaning you can even project onto most coloured walls without having to worry about image quality!

    Wireless Projectors

    Projectors are evolving beyond simply being pass through devices - the new breed of projectors have WiFi, inbuilt Android OS (that works with Apple products too!) and onboard memory so you can save files and apps onto the projector. This means you don't even need a PC or laptop to project from, just set up and go! What's more, projectors such as the Pico Genie M550 Plus and the Qumi Q3 Plus (pictured below) which we'll be exhibiting at BETT, have long battery lives (the M550 Plus has up to 3 hours) so you can take a whole lesson without a single wire in sight!


    Also at the show will be wireless dongles that turn any projector into a wireless projector that connect to your iPad, android device or laptop (Win 7 and 8).

    The Vivitek Qumi Q6 will also be at the show along with its bigger brother the Qumi Q7 with wireless dongle.

    Full HD Portable LED Projector: Vivitek Qumi Q8

    The long awaited, record-breaking Qumi Q8 will also be available to pre-order at the show. Its tiny size defies belief and it offers an amazing 1000 lumens and is the smallest Full HD (1080p) LED projector in the world.

    Ultra Portable Short Throw Projectors


    The Acer K138ST is the latest in ultra portable short throw projection so you can get a bigger image close up to the wall. If you are tight on space  in your classroom then short throw projection is a must! The K138ST benefits from an 800 lumen LED light source and offers phenomenal value, meaning it is a quality budget option.

    To view our full range of short throw projectors, click HERE.

  • Vivitek Qumi Q8: World's Smallest 1080p Full HD 1000 Ansi Lumen Projector

    After months of waiting, it's nearly here: the Vivitek Qumi Q8, the smallest Full HD projector in the world, will finally be released in mid February! Let us cut to the chase - we've had a lot of enquiries about these projectors for months, and we only have five in stock, so if you're one of those who's been waiting for it, you might want to skip this article and click HERE to pre-order yours now!


    If you aren't aware of what this projector can do, let us fill you in: the Q8 offers an unparalleled combination of portability, power and image quality that we've never seen before in a projector this size. Weighing just 621 grams and measuring just 4.3cm thick, the Q8 can literally project 1080p HD images from the palm of your hand, making it a world leader in portable LED projectors.

    It projects those images from an incredibly powerful 1000 lumen LED light source, which is strong enough to give you full HD images even at a massive 120 inch diagonal screen size.

    The Q8 has brains to go with that brawn too, and has a whole host of handy features to help make your life a lot easier. It has inbuilt WiFi and can mirror iOS and Android products straight out of the box, while its horizontal and vertical keystone feature (it's a world first to have both in a LED portable projector) means you never need to worry about your image being stretched or distorted ever again no matter where you put the projector.

    It's a simple but beautiful combination of simplicity, practicality and amazing brightness in a tiny package. This makes it perfect for any purpose, whether you're looking for a powerful home cinema setup you can take anywhere, a projector that can display fine detail in technical drawings or an impressive business presentation tool.

    If you're interested, please click HERE and reserve yours before they're all gone!

    Perfect For:

    • Home cinema and getting the most out of Blu-Ray
    • Business or training presentations
    • Education
    • Creating portable digital displays
    • Blowing up technical drawings
    • Gaming

    Like This:

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus, which offers brilliant brightness, Apple and iOS wireless mirroring and has the added bonus of an included wireless keyboard.

  • BACK IN STOCK: Philips Screeneo 2.0 Full HD Ultra Short Throw Home Cinema Projector

    The Philips Screeneo 2.0 has been THE must-have projector for the last few months, and it's fair to say everyone has been surprised by how fast it sold out. Unfortunately for many customers, Philips also found themselves a bit surprised, and as a result the Screeneo has been unavailable pretty much everywhere since last Autumn, with stock shortages likely to continue across Europe until June 2017 at the earliest.


    You don't need to get too downhearted, though; we've managed to get our hands on a very limited quantity. Currently, Personal Projector is one of a handful of stores in Europe to have the Screeneo in stock, and we're also offering the lowest price! However - and we can't stress this enough - demand is so high across Europe these will disappear in short order. If you don't want to be waiting 6 months or more for the Screeneo, we recommend you order yours today to avoid disappointment!

    The Screeneo 2.0 is the ultimate home cinema projector, boasting Full HD, 3D, a booming 26w onboard Dolby soundsystem (plus Bluetooth and wired soundsystem support), and the ability to project a huge 120" screen when placed just inches from the wall. The best part is that it's 2000 lumen lamp is powerful enough to project a pin-sharp image in any light conditions, whether you're watching an epic movie or a nail-biting football match.

    Get your hands on a Screeneo 2.0 by clicking HERE.

  • CES 2017 Day 3: Gaming Laptops, 4K TV Boxes, Smart Beds and More - LIVE UPDATES

    It's our third day of CES coverage - as always, check this blog throughout the day for rolling updates! See our previous two days here (4th Jan) and here (5th Jan).

    Meet Kuri

    Robots are a big part of CES every year, and 2017 is no different. Stealing the show this year is Kuri the adorable house robot! He isn't just a pretty face, with smart processors, cameras behind his eyes and live streaming capability so he can keep watch in your house while you're out. He'll respond to sound and touch too, and will display a coloured light that reflects his emotions. If he runs low on charge, he'll automatically take himself off for a power nap at his charging unit. If it's all sounding a bit like Wall-E, that might be because Kuri's designer is an ex-Pixar employee who worked on that film!

    World First: Tri-Screen Laptop


    Gaming laptop specialists Razer have raised (or should that be widened) the bar with their gorgeous triple-screen laptop. The two additional screens slide out from behind the main display automatically, giving you a display unlike any other laptop on the market right now. Named Project Valerie, it's only a prototype at this stage, but in the high-end gaming market, this could well be a game changer.

    Smart Beds


    If you're having trouble getting the perfect mattress, or you always want the cold side of the pillow, this gadget could well be the bed of your dreams (sorry...). The Sleep Number 360 learns your sleeping habits and patterns and tracks how you move in your sleep. It can then automatically adjust mattress firmness, support, angle and temperature to name but a few configurations, meaning you can drift off in peace.

    4K TV Boxes


    There's been a lot of buzz about the new breed of TVs this year so naturally many companies are trying to follow that with the very latest in TV Box technology. One impressive model is the Nvidia Shield and its voice-controlled assistant Nvidia Spot, which offers full 4K capabilities as well as an Android OS for apps and other handy functions.

  • CES 2017 Day 2: Wallpaper TVs, the Smartest Fridge Ever, Amazing Lego and More - LIVE UPDATES

    We covered a few of the highlights of CES yesterday (check those out here) but the world's biggest technology show is running all week long! It's a new day with lots of exciting new gadgets announced, so be sure to keep checking this blog for rolling updates from the floor at CES.

    Teach Kids Coding With Lego

    You may already have heard of Mindstorm, a line of Lego products that teaches kids how to build and code basic robots and machines. At CES, Lego revealed a new, lower difficulty line for ages 7+ that they're calling Boost. Programming is handled by an app you can get on iOS and Android, a tilt sensor and an electric motor - the rest is up to your imagination! Lego demoed this with a slightly unnerving robot cat playing a harmonica, because of course they did.

    QLED: The Future of TV?


    In yesterday's coverage we noted that Samsung is expected to build its brand around a new range of QLED TVs (see yesterday's blog for more info on that). They've announced a range of flat and curved QLED TVs that boast some incredibly complex science, but the long and short of it promises that these TVs will offer brighter images and more vibrant colours no matter what angle you view from.

    Wallpaper TVs

    No, it's not a gadget from The Jetsons, it's real! LG's response to Samsung's QLED revolution is to announce a paper-thin TV that fits snugly to the wall like wallpaper! It's a headline grabber for sure, but how good is it? Watch the video above to find out.

  • CES 2017 Latest: QLED, New Smartphones, Self-Driving Cars and More - LIVE UPDATES

    The new year is still young but there's already plenty of reasons to get excited about new tech and gadgets at one of the world's biggest technology shows. CES 2017 is here, and we've got all the latest news from the show floor in Vegas. Keep checking back to this blog for constant updates throughout the week!

    Secure Smart Devices


    Now every other product on the market has the ability to connect to the internet (including many of our projectors!), security is as important as ever. Luckily, CES has seen the launch of a new class of device; one that attaches itself to your router and monitors the activity of all devices that are connected to it. The Norton Core (in addition to being the coolest-looking gadget of CES so far) does exactly that, and promises to defend your smart devices from hacking. At a time when even Mark Zuckerberg is covering up his webcam for fear of being hacked, these could be the products to watch in 2017.

    Smarter WiFi


    If you're not happy with the speed or reliability of your network at home, LinkSys may have just unveiled the product of your dreams. It's Velop WiFi mesh system is a set of devices that each acts as a router, access point and repeater which means you can get a super strong connection no matter where you are in your home. This would be perfect for use with an all-in-one projector like the Pico Genie M550 Plus!

    Meet Olly the Adorable AI Assistant

    World First: QLED TVs


    Samsung will be a big presence at CES this year and we're expecting them to put more of a focus on QLED TVs. There's a lot of buzz about this, but what exactly are QLEDs?

    QLEDs are a best-of-both-worlds combination of quantum dots - the things in that gives you bright colours in high-end TVs - and OLEDs, which are organic materials that give the most vibrant colours and deepest blacks. This means QLED TVs will offer the brightest images and most vibrant colours of any display we've ever seen!

    Samsung is expected to announce the first ever retail QLED TVs at CES - keep checking the blog for the latest!

    Easy As USB-C

    USB-C is going to be everywhere at CES, notably on the shiny new Dell and Lenovo laptops.


    USB-C is being pushed as an all-purpose connection that can operate as a charger, data connection and even an audio jack, meaning the trusty 3.5mm jack could be on its way out!

    Faraday Future's Self-Driving Car

    Once merely a sci-fi movie staple, the self-driving car is making waves at CES! The FF91, who manufacturers Faraday Future claim boasts 1,000 horsepower, can go from 0-60 in just 2.39 seconds. It can be connected to smart devices to use augmented reality and drive and park itself, too!

    If you're impressed by these stats, you might want to set aside the £4000 needed to pre-order it now!

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