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Monthly Archives: March 2017

  • Samsung Galaxy S8: How Do I Connect It to a Projector?

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have finally been released after months of hype, and happy tech fans are enjoying its revolutionary new features, such as a Quad HD display, facial recognition and iris scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is packed with features, however there is one key feature missing from the new phone: MHL compatibility.

    Samsung #unboxyourphone TV ad from Projection Artworks on Vimeo.

    If you didn't know, MHL allows you to use an MHL-HDMI cable to connect your phone to a projector, or other HD display such as your HDTV. Samsung removed MHL compatibility in their S7 range and it hasn't returned for the Galaxy S8 as the company moves towards wireless connectivity. Quite ironic that the company used projectors in their launch event (see above) for the phone that can't connect to any projector via a standard cable!

    Luckily, there are ways to get around this. If your projector doesn't have WiFi built in, you can simply pick up a wireless mirroring dongle with a Miracast function that you can stick into the HDMI port of your projector (products like the Acer C200 have powered HDMI ports too, so you won't need to have your dongle hooked up to power)!. After that, you can wirelessly cast to your projector from your shiny new Galaxy S8 whether you're connected to WiFi or not!

    An even easier method is to get a projector with WiFi and Miracast built in, such as the awesome Pico Genie M550 Plus. This means you enable the Miracast setting on your projector and your phone should detect the projector in your Quick Connect settings. Just one tap and you're connected, without any need for expensive cables, or to be connected to WiFi.


    If you're looking for a portable projector to use with your new Samsung Galaxy S8, for ease of use and quality, the top of the range right now is the Pico Genie M550 Plus.

  • Projecting Without Power: Solutions and Ideas

    Being connected to power is something we often take for granted when using a projector. However, it's not always the case that you have access to the power you need. If you're a travelling businessman or working on a building site, you might not always have a handy plug socket nearby to power your presentations. In some parts of the world though, getting a reliable power source is even more difficult.

    Getting reliable power in some areas of rural India has been such a problem for schools that they need to search for another solution. These schools and businesses in India were featured on BBC Click (click below for that and skip to 19 minutes in) and use an innovative solar charge pack as a backup for the hours when power fails. 2017-03-28_11-41-45

    This is an innovative solution but a cheaper and equally effective solution would be to purchase a projector with a long battery life, like the Pico Genie M550 Plus, that can last long enough to cope with long power outages, while still being bright enough to project clearly even in bright light conditions.


    You can also load all your content onto the projector itself and project files from its onboard document reader, so you don't need to worry about supplying power to an external source to use it.

    If you're in a part of the world where power isn't reliable or you work in a job where you travel to remote areas without power, a portable projector could be the economical solution to your problems!

  • NEW: Aiptek PocketCinema V150W Review

    The Aiptek PocketCinema V150W is a tiny pocket projector that packs a surprising amount of features into its tiny dimensions. It's only 2.5cm thick, weighing just 285g, but despite this tiny size still offers 100 lumens of LED brightness as well as up to a 2 hour battery.


    That's impressive enough, but it gets even better when you look at the extensive list of connectivity options this tiny unit has. The V150W has built-in WiFi, allowing full wireless mirroring of your phone or tablet, as well as an array of connection ports for wired connections in the back, including HDMI, USB, micro USB, micro SD and even a VGA port, as well as a 3.5mm jack for connecting external speakers. The V150W does have 1W speakers built in which are perfectly serviceable for presentations or quiet environments but it won't give you that booming home cinema feel.

    Amazingly, the V150W also has 2GB of internal storage and an inbuilt document reader so you can load content onto the projector itself and project without an external source. The document reader even works with .pdf and .ppt files, so you're not restricted to saving your presentations as image files.

    If that isn't enough, the projector ships with a wealth of accessories, including MHL cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, and a carrying pouch, so everything you could ever need comes in the box!

    Overall, it's a powerful tool for presentations or getting a big screen for your home cinema. Granted, it's not as bright as the Pico Genie P200, however it makes up for that with a huge range of features and connectivity options that not many other projectors of this size can offer.

    To find out more about this brilliant little projector, click HERE.

    Customer reviews:

    "I wanted a versatile decent projector with wireless connection and came across this neat projector.
    First thing is the size , it is small and very compact. I was pleasantly surprised how good looking it is.
    The other surprise was the carry pouch and complete set of cables so no extras to purchase.
    I charged the battery for 8 Hours to condition the battery, but after this it only took a couple of hours to recharge.
    Picture quality is good, the focus wheel/lever on the side does its job very well.
    The picture is bright ,colourful and sharp.
    I loved the app for my laptop pc and my android device. Setting up the wireless side of things was short and simple.
    Click on the app , put the number key in and job done.
    The advantage of the wireless connection for me is that the sound can be switched to blue tooth via the laptop.
    My sound bar with base box added to the cinema experience and works a treat.
    All the cables are provided yet I havnt needed to use them yet. This is such a bonus to be able to sit the projector down on a shelf or coffee table without tripping over or fussing with cables. I will try my dvd with the HDMI at some point , but I have stacks of converted movies on my hard drive.
    I am very pleased with this projector for its looks and wireless connection . The picture quality for movies works for me.
    I would recommend this neat projector if you're looking for a pocket type projector." - Amazon customer

    "So this little piece of tech is amazing, it is really bright in a well lit room , the focusing wheel is sturdy and leads to a crisp image ,and the menu is very intuitive. Having had a little play with the progector I inserted a 128 gb sd card and it played all of my movies no problem. The on board speaker is very clear and loud not tinny at all ,but I did install my wi fi which can give you a wireless sound source if you need it. As the other reviewer indicated , you should give the unit a full charge but you can still use it with the adaptor. It comes with most of the leads that you are likely to use and the charger has all of the required USA euro GB pins . There is a tripod base that I tried using my quality tripod that I purchased from poundland , and it worked perfectly. The remote control is a useful feature and you don t have to go far to produce a large image . So all in all a really quality piece of equipment that outshines all of the others I have used. So if you take the plunge you should be pleasantly surprised." - Amazon customer

  • Product Review: Philips PicoPix PPX4935

    The Philips PicoPix PPX4935 is a 350 lumen pocket projector. It offers native 720p HD resolution, which is impressive from a projector of this size. It will also give you a screen of up to 150 inches, although you will need 5 metres of space at that size. Its worth noting at 350 lumens, you can lose some of the brightness and image quality if you have the projector 5m away from the screen.


    To avoid screen wash out or the need for 5m of space then you may want to consider short throw projectors such as the Pico Genie M550 Plus, a smart projector which also offers several improvements over the PicoPix such as 650 lumens, a 3 hour battery and wireless mirroring to Apple as well as Android and comes with a tripod in the package.

    T3 tech magazine recently reviewed the Philips PicoPix PPX4935 and said

    "Don't expect silky smooth motion and inky blacks, but it's seriously good fun and can even be run on its internal battery - although two hours of life makes that more suited to Olympic sprints and boxing matches than games of football" T3.com March 2017

    Key features of the PicoPix include an onboard Android OS, Wi-Fi and a 2 hour battery so it is certainly feature-packed and decent value, although not quite on the same level as the M550 Plus.

    When wired the PicoPix PPX4935 can mirror the screen of an MHL-compatible mobile device (ie Android devices mainly), as well as having the option to connect Android devices wirelessly via Miracast. You can also connect Apple devices via a wire, using the Apple Digital AV Adapter, although you cannot connect the PicoPix PPX4935 to an Apple device wirelessly without downloading extra apps. It can also connect via HDMI or project content from a microSD card, which is pretty standard these days.

    However the PicoPix does lack a VGA port,


    Overall, it’s a decent projector with quite a few good features, however at around £475 it is a little pricey when compared to other models such as the Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus, which offers all the same features including Android OS, 2 hour battery and Wi-Fi. The Q3 Plus however has 500 lumens compared to the PicoPix's 350, which you'll certainly notice in a brighter room, and it is around £50 cheaper. The Qumi Q3 Plus is also a similar size and weight to the Philips PicoPix PPX4935.

    While the PicoPix is impressive it isn't as good value as the Qumi Q3 Plus and doesn't offer the extensive features and high performance of the Pico Genie M550 Plus so we would look at those models before the PicoPix.

    Like many of the Philips projector range such as the PicoPix and Philips Screeneo 2.0 these models are increasingly difficult to get hold of in Europe and this stock shortage is expected to continue for some months so if you cant get hold of one consider the Qumi Q3 Plus or the really high end Pico Genie M550 Plus

  • Flying Cars, Gardens in the Glove Box and the Future of Driving Technology: The Geneva Motor Show

    The Geneva Motor Show is the ultimate fusion of motoring and gadgets, so it's no surprise that the show seems to grow every year. This year was no different, so we hit the show floor in Geneva to get a first glimpse at the cars of the future! Read on for some of the highlights of the show.

    Airbus' Flying Drone Car

    In a concept car that was presumably inspired by Wacky races, this tiny Airbus concept car is an electric two-seater that comes with a detachable, autonomous drone that can pick the car up and take it to the skies!


    Wing Cameras

    A high-tech, aerodynamic alternative to wing mirrors, this Mercedes instead offers cameras that hook up to a screen on the inside. The Car doesn't look too bad either!


    Tending the Car-den

    The big trend at the moment among car manufacturers is self-driving cars. As cars will have eyes on the road for us in future, then car interiors will become more spacious, luxurious and living room-like. This model, the Rinspeed Oasis takes that to the extreme, and even comes with houseplants. More useful is the onboard touchscreen, touch sensitive projection HUD and voice and gesture control. No word on whether it waters the plants for you though!

    5. As for an even crazier concept car, Rinspeed showed off its Oasis car at CES. The vehicle has an actual garden, complete with Bonsai trees and radishes.

    The 21st Century Camper Van

    Yes, Volkswagen are re-imagining the iconic Camper and bringing it into the 21st Century! This electric-powered model has lidar, radar, cameras and all sorts of sensors making it fully self-driving. It also comes with a detachable tablet that you can take and use independently of the car. Perhaps most impressively, it can supposedly do 270mph on a single charge, meaning you can kit it out with a projector and take it out into the wilderness for a drive-in cinema without worrying about running out of juice.

    [video width="640" height="368" mp4="http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/video-1489582801.mp4"][/video]

    Renault Raise the Roof

    ...and we mean that literally! This gorgeous concept car, the Trezor, stole the show at GMS 2017, with its eye-popping design being made up of only two separate pieces of metal, separated by one seam. That means there aren't any doors - instead, the entire top half of the car opens like a clamshell! How practical that will be remains to be seen, but the Trezor promises 350bhp from its electric motor, as well as full self-driving capabilities. Renault hope to release it commercially in 2020, so you could be seeing them appearing on drives in the not too distant future!


  • End Of Line Products

    The following Pico Genie products are now end of line.

    Pico Genie P100

    Pico Genie M400 Pro

    Pico Genie P55

    Pico Genie P85

    Don't worry though, they've been replaced by some amazing high-spec models with the same British Pico Genie quality and service you can trust.

    Our latest entry-level projector is the Pico Genie P200, which boasts an impressive 200 lumens inside a projector you can literally fit in the palm of your hand. This makes it by far the brightest projector of its size on the market!


    For the people who need their projector to do everything, there's also the Pico Genie M550 Plus, an ultra portable short throw LED smart projector with 650 lumens, a 3 hour battery and built-in WiFi, along with an Android operating system. For more information, click HERE.


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