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NEW: Aiptek PocketCinema V150W Review

The Aiptek PocketCinema V150W is a tiny pocket projector that packs a surprising amount of features into its tiny dimensions. It's only 2.5cm thick, weighing just 285g, but despite this tiny size still offers 100 lumens of LED brightness as well as up to a 2 hour battery.


That's impressive enough, but it gets even better when you look at the extensive list of connectivity options this tiny unit has. The V150W has built-in WiFi, allowing full wireless mirroring of your phone or tablet, as well as an array of connection ports for wired connections in the back, including HDMI, USB, micro USB, micro SD and even a VGA port, as well as a 3.5mm jack for connecting external speakers. The V150W does have 1W speakers built in which are perfectly serviceable for presentations or quiet environments but it won't give you that booming home cinema feel.

Amazingly, the V150W also has 2GB of internal storage and an inbuilt document reader so you can load content onto the projector itself and project without an external source. The document reader even works with .pdf and .ppt files, so you're not restricted to saving your presentations as image files.

If that isn't enough, the projector ships with a wealth of accessories, including MHL cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, and a carrying pouch, so everything you could ever need comes in the box!

Overall, it's a powerful tool for presentations or getting a big screen for your home cinema. Granted, it's not as bright as the Pico Genie P200, however it makes up for that with a huge range of features and connectivity options that not many other projectors of this size can offer.

To find out more about this brilliant little projector, click HERE.

Customer reviews:

"I wanted a versatile decent projector with wireless connection and came across this neat projector.
First thing is the size , it is small and very compact. I was pleasantly surprised how good looking it is.
The other surprise was the carry pouch and complete set of cables so no extras to purchase.
I charged the battery for 8 Hours to condition the battery, but after this it only took a couple of hours to recharge.
Picture quality is good, the focus wheel/lever on the side does its job very well.
The picture is bright ,colourful and sharp.
I loved the app for my laptop pc and my android device. Setting up the wireless side of things was short and simple.
Click on the app , put the number key in and job done.
The advantage of the wireless connection for me is that the sound can be switched to blue tooth via the laptop.
My sound bar with base box added to the cinema experience and works a treat.
All the cables are provided yet I havnt needed to use them yet. This is such a bonus to be able to sit the projector down on a shelf or coffee table without tripping over or fussing with cables. I will try my dvd with the HDMI at some point , but I have stacks of converted movies on my hard drive.
I am very pleased with this projector for its looks and wireless connection . The picture quality for movies works for me.
I would recommend this neat projector if you're looking for a pocket type projector." - Amazon customer

"So this little piece of tech is amazing, it is really bright in a well lit room , the focusing wheel is sturdy and leads to a crisp image ,and the menu is very intuitive. Having had a little play with the progector I inserted a 128 gb sd card and it played all of my movies no problem. The on board speaker is very clear and loud not tinny at all ,but I did install my wi fi which can give you a wireless sound source if you need it. As the other reviewer indicated , you should give the unit a full charge but you can still use it with the adaptor. It comes with most of the leads that you are likely to use and the charger has all of the required USA euro GB pins . There is a tripod base that I tried using my quality tripod that I purchased from poundland , and it worked perfectly. The remote control is a useful feature and you don t have to go far to produce a large image . So all in all a really quality piece of equipment that outshines all of the others I have used. So if you take the plunge you should be pleasantly surprised." - Amazon customer

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