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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • What are lumens, ansi lumens and marketing lumens?

    Understanding the lumens and brightness levels offered by projectors can be a minefield, with fake lumen ratings rife on Amazon, Ebay and across the web.

    To illuminate the issue we've put together a helpful consumer guide to understanding ANSI lumens, the only certified measure of brightness you can trust!

    Always remember, if you buy it cheap you usually have to buy it twice! LED projectors of any decent quality usually start around a minimum of 50 True ANSI lumens start and a price point of £150 / €180 / $195.

    A good place to start as examples of a genuine projectors around the entry level would be the Pico Genie P200  or the powerful Acer C200, both 200 ANSI lumens.

    If you are seeing lower price points it might be due to any of the following reasons :

    • second hand
    • fake lumens
    • fake resolution
    • not true resolution eg they quote HD, full HD or 1080p when they are in fact not even HD
    • not LED
    • not DLP (this component from Texas Instruments is very expensive)
    • usually LCOS  (lower quality generally than DLP at this end of the market)
    • lack good connectivity eg HDMI, good wireless, Bluetooth or wireless audio

    What are ANSI Lumens?

    An ANSI Lumen is a unit of measurement devised by the American National Standards Institute to measure true brightness.

    If a projector doesn't list its ANSI lumens it is likely it will be lying about its true lumen rating, even if it just offers a generic 'lumen' rating you should still look for the ANSI lumen rating.

    How are ANSI Lumens Measured?

    At the National Standards institute they test the brightness of a projector under several different conditions and rigorous tests, they then combine all their results to create the True ANSI lumen rating for that product.
    Amazon Fake Lumens

    We once asked a Chinese Supplier "why do you rate your lumens 6 times higher than the true ANSI lumen rating?" He looked confused and replied "our competitors would sell more than us if we mentioned true ANSI lumens, how would we sell any products?"

    The practice of ignoring true ANSI lumens has left the market spiralling out of control. These fake lumen standards are often called 'marketing', 'peak',  'useful', ISO or chinese lumens so keep an eye out for those terms.

    Anything other than the ANSI lumen rating is likely to be a lie.

    Below there is a comparison between a Pico Genie P55 True 50 ANSI lumen projector (bottom image) and an  Elephas Full Colour 130" which is stated as "1000 lumens". The Elephas is well priced at £54 on Amazon which is impossibly cheap for a projector of "1000" lumens.


    If anything, the Pico Genie P55 is brighter and also has a better resolution. This is fairly shocking when you consider the Elphas is being listed as 20x brighter than the genuine Pico Genie? Yes, 20 TIMES! Amazon’s top 15 projectors state they have 800-1500 lumens which is simply false, Try a genuine 800 Lumen Projector here.

    How to compare like-with-like

    The ANSI Lumen rating should be your core comparison figure, we include both ANSI and 'marketing lumens' on our site to help consumers understand how the true brightness levels are manipulated on other sites like Amazon.

    What are marketing lumens

    "Marketing lumens" is the generic term used for non ansi lumens. Ansi lumens is the true/real measure of the brightness of a projector. When lumens are used for marekting purposes they tend to be overstated and are also referred to by a number of other different terms including:

    • lumens listed on Amazon, Ebay and other sites that do not state Ansi lumens
    • peak lumens
    • ISO lumens
    • chinese lumens
    • lumens (with no reference in the description to ansi)

    For the purposes of helping our customers understand the market better we are displaying 'marketing lumens' as 6 times the ANSI lumens but on some sites the lumen levels can be overstated by as much as 20 times the true ANSI lumens!

    Brands overstating the lumen counts on their products can negatively effect your shopping experience, how are you to know which brands you can trust? Don't worry, we have done a lot of the hard work for you and have compiled a list of these fakers which you can find here.

    While lumens are an important factor in choosing a projector there are many other things to consider, we have written a handy guide on how to choose a projector which you can find here.

  • Giakonda's Solar School

    We recently supplied a portable projector for Giakonda's fantastic Solar Schools Project in South Zambia. A collection of charities including the Wales Africa Hub and the Waterloo Foundation banded together to bring electricity to Kawila school and with it the promise of education for the community. Watch the video below to find out more.

    Education for all

    The solar powered project is focused on helping train the next generation of students and teachers in the area, using the electricity to create a modern educational environment.

    Some parts of South Zambia still operate without any electricity at all, so the educational aspect to the project could help create the engineers the area need.

    Portable and Battery Powered

    A portable projector with an in-built battery was chosen so that when electricity was scarce at the school the projector could run off its own charge and keep the lessons going. Schools around the world experience power-outages, floods or damage to their classrooms but that doesn't have to mean the end of the lesson.

    Providing an ideal back-up to the conventional classroom projector, the range of ultra portable projectors with in-built batteries offer a project anywhere, anytime solution. You can take your lesson anywhere,

    We are proud to have played a small part in bringing a modern educational experience to their local community and we wish them every success.

  • Are Vivitek's Ultra Short Throw, Maintenance-Free Projectors, the most versatile projectors yet?

    If you are looking to create a huge image in a tight space or even with the projector right up against the wall, then look no further than Vivitek's range of ultra short throw laser projectors which have the added advantage of being maintenance and bulb free. Both the Vivitek DH765Z and the DW763Z offer the ideal solution for anyone looking to create big-screen visuals in tight spaces.


    Hassle-Free: No Installation Needed (Ultra Short Throw)

    The Vivitek DH7650 requires no installation and because its ultra short throw it can be placed just a few inches from your wall to display 150” images, thereby reducing the need for expensive installation in the ceiling and making it really easy to place on a table right next to the wall for big screen projection.

    Low Cost: Run for 10 yrs 8 hours a day without changing a single bulb

    Traditionally running a projector all day long has been expensive in terms of replacement bulbs and maintenance, however the advantage of the new Vivitek DH7650 laser projector is that not only does it not need replacement bulbs it can last 30000 hours.

    Perfect For..

    The Education Sector

    If you've ever thought about creating eye-catching 150" displays in your entrance hall, staff room or main hall then Vivitek's new laser projectors provide the perfect digital signage solution. You can project anything in a Large Format Display from pupils work to noticeboards, powerpoint, TV or Video, helping to keep your pupils, staff and parents up to date at all times

    You can share everything from your timetables to exhibition for pupils' work. Engage stakeholders in the halls, corridors or entrance hall.

    Ideal for the Office

    Creating a lasting impression in your office, reception or boardroom has never been easier with a digital signage projector capable of projecting super crisp clear displays at 150 inches? You can project anything from noticeboards to powerpoint, TV or Video, keeping your customers up to date on all your latest marketing messages, products, services or initiatives.

    So why not start today, easily sharing your work and presentations in the office, then seamlessly switch into eye-catching graphics or videos for your clients to enjoy in the office, reception or boardroom.

    Choose a Vivitek UST projector for a simpler, hassle-free solution at a lower overall cost.

  • Acer 4k Home Cinema Range Review

    Acer 4k Home Cinema Range Review

    Acer now has a full range of 4K Projectors offering a comprehensive range of 4k options, so now it’s time to see how they perform. We have broken down the key features of each projector for this Acer 4K Home Cinema review, with an at-a-glance table and all the latest 4k terms explained.

    At-a-glance comparison table of Acer 4k Projectors:

    Acer M550 Acer H7850 Acer V7850 Acer V9800
    RP £1,999.99 £2,299.99 £2,699.99 £3,950.99
    Rank Entry Mid High Pro
    Key Feature 1 2900lms 3000lms 2200lms 2000lms
    Key Feature 2 Rec. 2020 Compatible Rec. 2020 Compatible Rec. 2020 Compatible Rec. 2020 Compatible
    Key Feature 3 Rec. 709 Compatible Rec. 709 Compatible
    Key Feature 4 HDR Compatible HDR Compatible HDR Compatible HDR Compatible
    Key Feature 5 Vertical lens shift Vertical lens shift Vertical lens shift Horizontal / Vertical lens shift
    Colour wheel Standard Standard RGBRGB RGBRGB


    Key Comparisons

    The Acer M550 projector is an excellent entry level 4k choice, only 100 lumens behind its mid range cousin the Acer H7850 which also offers an affordable cinematic experience. Both offer vertical lens shift for improved adjustability.

    The Acer V7850 is what many consider the colour purist model due to its RGBRGB colour wheel. If you want life-like immersion, the fantastic colour reproductions of the V7850 are award winning. The V7850 has won awards in the press with Home Cinema Choice and T3, proving itself a market leader in the 4k projector high end range.

    At the Pro level the Acer V9800 produces similarly stunning visuals to the H7850 but has more image positioning options, allowing for more precisely adjusted home cinema. Uniquely this model also is one of the projectors to offer the rare horizontal lens shift as well as vertical lens shift so you can place the projector on the ceiling or in the corner of the room with little or no skewing of the image horizontally or vertically.

    Some key technologies explained:

    4K UHD

    The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) definition of 4K Ultra HD (UHD, 3,840 x 2,160) states the display resolution must have at least 8 million active pixels. Acer4K Ultra HD resolution with TI XPR technology serves more than 8.3 million on-screen pixels —four times more of a Full HD. All details come alive.

    HDR compatible

    HDR (High dynamic range) is a technique to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity. It preserves details in the darkest & brightest areas, and presents a similar range of luminance that the colour is close to how we see in real life. The expanded contrast & wider range of brightness produces true-to-life colour. Image comes to life with HDR compatible.

     Rec. 2020 compatible

    Rec. 2020, also known as BT. 2020, is the recommendation for UHDTV defined by International Telecommunications Union (ITU). With Rec. 2020 compatible, projector is able to read and translate rec. 2020 language into rec. 709 for superior colour reproduction.

    Rec. 709

    Rec. 709 is a standard of HDTV. It is also the colour standard that movie direct or adopted for post-production. Thanks to the inclusion of Rec 709, Acer’s projector is able to reproduce faithfully the original colours and tones to give viewers an authentic movie-watching experience. Recreate colours exactly as they’ve been imagined by the director.

    HDCP 2.2

    HDCP 2.2 is the specification required for HDMI ports to play full 4K video. If your HDMI port is older than V2 then you will need to check how well 4K video displays depending on your HDMI version. All the Acer projectors above have one HDMI 2.0 port which is HDCP 2.2 enabled for your 4K content.

    The Verdict

    There is now something for everyone in the Acer 4k home cinema range whether you are on a budget or looking for the best contrast ratio/features money can buy.

    The award winning V7850 is also a great high end choice at a good price whilst the entry level Acer M550 and the H7850 models offer amazing value for a 4k projector.

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