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Are Vivitek's Ultra Short Throw, Maintenance-Free Projectors, the most versatile projectors yet?

If you are looking to create a huge image in a tight space or even with the projector right up against the wall, then look no further than Vivitek's range of ultra short throw laser projectors which have the added advantage of being maintenance and bulb free. Both the Vivitek DH765Z and the DW763Z offer the ideal solution for anyone looking to create big-screen visuals in tight spaces.


Hassle-Free: No Installation Needed (Ultra Short Throw)

The Vivitek DH7650 requires no installation and because its ultra short throw it can be placed just a few inches from your wall to display 150” images, thereby reducing the need for expensive installation in the ceiling and making it really easy to place on a table right next to the wall for big screen projection.

Low Cost: Run for 10 yrs 8 hours a day without changing a single bulb

Traditionally running a projector all day long has been expensive in terms of replacement bulbs and maintenance, however the advantage of the new Vivitek DH7650 laser projector is that not only does it not need replacement bulbs it can last 30000 hours.

Perfect For..

The Education Sector

If you've ever thought about creating eye-catching 150" displays in your entrance hall, staff room or main hall then Vivitek's new laser projectors provide the perfect digital signage solution. You can project anything in a Large Format Display from pupils work to noticeboards, powerpoint, TV or Video, helping to keep your pupils, staff and parents up to date at all times

You can share everything from your timetables to exhibition for pupils' work. Engage stakeholders in the halls, corridors or entrance hall.

Ideal for the Office

Creating a lasting impression in your office, reception or boardroom has never been easier with a digital signage projector capable of projecting super crisp clear displays at 150 inches? You can project anything from noticeboards to powerpoint, TV or Video, keeping your customers up to date on all your latest marketing messages, products, services or initiatives.

So why not start today, easily sharing your work and presentations in the office, then seamlessly switch into eye-catching graphics or videos for your clients to enjoy in the office, reception or boardroom.

Choose a Vivitek UST projector for a simpler, hassle-free solution at a lower overall cost.

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