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The Acer Smart Touch Kit transforms any wall into an interactive whiteboard

The Acer Smart Touch Kit turns ANY short throw or ultra short throw projector into an interactive whiteboard display. It saves on expensive whiteboards and accessories by using the Smart Touch Kit to project an interactive touch-sensitive display onto any wall or flat surface!

It means large savings as well as space savings and more flexible working as well as the opportunity for creative interactivity by projecting onto any wall, table or flat surface to make it finger (or stylus) touch interactive.

Get creative and use this tiny device instead of using a small monitor. We all know multitasking on a smaller monitor is a nightmare, so who wouldn't prefer a larger interactive work space with the Acer Smart Touch Kit

No longer will schools have to pay out for expensive interactive whiteboards in every room. The Acer Smart Touch Kit now works with ANY short throw or ultra short throw (UST) projector to offer a more cost effective solution.

Also think about the wall space saved: displaying class work around your room is made so much simpler when the wall space isn't being occupied by a massive whiteboard.

With 10 point touch capability the interactive touch kit can easily handle a busy collaboration session, and without a screen to damage you can rest easy!

So why not replace that outdated (interactive) whiteboard with the Smart Touch Kit to make classroom learning more engaging and interactive.

The Smart Touch kit is an Ideal companion to the Short throw Acer s1283e Projector or the ultra short throw Acer S1283hne projector. Both Projectors are capable of producing bright and clear images from both near and far so installation costs are drastically reduced. Alternatively you can use your existing short throw or ultra short throw projector (but not standard throw).

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