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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • Vivitek's Novo Range promotes a more efficient collaborative classroom

    For today’s students, a blackboard just isn’t enough. Social media, videos and other online resources play a vital part in the educational experience. NovoConnect Solution enables students to contribute to the classroom, while keeping educators and administrators in full control of content.

    Connect to share content and mirror any device directly onto the projector screen or monitor at meetings and lectures. Work with up to 64 students, share screens from up to 4 devices with cross-platform screen mirroring.

    Connect. Teach. Share.

    Share ideas and files instantly with all participants, so no one is out of
    the loop. 

    No time to waste. Bring your own device. Keep in control. No License Fees.

    Free software upgrades and no license fee enable large scale implementation with no hidden costs. Teachers have no time to waste fumbling around with cables. That’s where NovoConnect comes in – full wireless operation and support for content sharing enable educators to make the most out of every lesson.

    NovoConnect is a wireless presentation system designed for the education market and based on the BYOD principle. That means that everyone can connect and share content using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook device of their choice. NovoConnect’s innovative moderator preview function enables students participate fluidly in the discussion, all while giving the teacher full control over displays.

    Novo Touch

    NovoTouch is an all-in-one premium choice
    featuring an interactive screen available
    in various sizes

    Novo Pro

    NovoPro is designed to be integrated
    into the existing network and deployed
    to multiple rooms.

    Novo Enterprise

    NovoEnterprise is the ideal companion for
    a meeting room projector, or screen - ensuring
    optimal standalone WiFi performance.

    Launcher Plus

    The optional LauncherPlus connects to a laptop to
    establish a direct WiFi connection to any NovoConnect
    device. This USB dongle greatly simplifes the connection.
    With zero impact on the existing network, this USB
    dongle makes WiFi connection to NovoConnect devices
    easy and secure.



    Business applications: PDF

  • Turn your entire wall into a stadium wherever you are with a portable projector

    If you're going camping or travelling this summer without access to your entertainment set up but you still want to watch the world cup in style, we have the ideal solution: a Portable Projector! Don't settle for that tiny phone or hotel TV screen when you can watch this year's biggest sports events in over 100" big screen style, wherever you are.

    No wires, no installation and 3 hour batteries make for a nice simple big screen experience wherever you maybe whether its camping in the wilderness or on holiday with no big tv's in site.

    Ultra small, Easy Connectivity: The Acer C200 Projector

    The tiny Acer C200 portable projector makes a great smartphone projector thanks to its massive 4 hour battery - so you can stream the football at up to 200" without mains power. If you wanted to project completely without wires there is even a Wifi Dongle bundle, save £10 and get a small dongle to mirror your smart device on the pico projector.

    If your campsite or holiday destination has wifi then the dongle option is a great way to ensure easy smartphone connectivity.

    To top it all off this robust pico projector is not much bigger than a passport and weighs only 350 grams, ideal for backpacking with big screen sports at the push of a button.

    The PIQS TT: Great Family holiday projector

    The PIQS TT  ultra portable projector is ideal for travelling because it automatically adjusts the screen size and shape depending on where your target surface is. Meaning no tricky set up, just put-down-and-play with an automatic 100" HD image wherever you are.  Don't settle for the tiny hotel TV this summer, watch the world cup at an immersive, atmospheric size with this wifi LED projector.

    The interactive remote makes scrolling through your apps and content super simple, easy for everyone to game, draw or present with. Ideal for feeling like a sky sports pundit when you use your cursor on screen as games unfold.

    As a smart projector the PIQS TT can become a smartphone projector easily and connect wirelessly to apple and android devices without any extra devices. Android products will not need any other wifi networks in order to connect so if you've got a Samsung for example its a simple wifi connection. Otherwise just use your hotel or site wifi for the apple connection. If you're completely out in the wilderness you can always use an apple HDMI to lightening adaptor.

    This Pico Projector weighs in at only 570g, making it extremely portable and ideal for travel, especially with its impressive built-in battery that has a 3 hour lifespan in Eco Mode.

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus: Best Portable Projector 2018

    Crowned the Best portable projector by Techadvisor this year the Pico Genie M550 Plus Short Throw portable projector is a portable powerhouse designed for maximum versatility.

    You can project in semi bright conditions and indoors at a massive 650 ansi lumens even whilst using the 3 hour in built battery. That means you can watch the Russia 2018 world cup in HD (720p) indoor and outdoor wherever you are with this LED portable projector.

    And if space is tight in your hotel, caravan or tent the M550's shorter throw means you get a larger image at smaller distances when compared to other portable projectors on the market.

  • Sports projectors: T3's choices and the Best Alternatives

    If you're looking for the true big screen stadium feeling then there's no better entertainment system than a projector. All encompassing 100" visuals and vibrant colours are easily achievable, but which models should be looking for?

    T3 magazine's latest State Of The Art feature brings three projectors onto the pitch for a hat-trick of easy installation, great visuals and good value for money. We will go a step further and provide some super-sub alternatives eager to get off the bench.

    Optoma HD39Darbee Projector

    With plenty of easy to use buttons and wheels the Optoma HD39Darbee was T3's most usable with "winning selection of image presets" and "generous amount of vertical lens shift". So it's easy to set up.

    It also boasts Darbee processing power meaning it can handle fast motion on the "Hi-Def setting, team colours positively zing". Ideal for sports and gaming the Optoma HD39Darbee was crowned the winner of the three way contest- securing a 5 star Rating and a T3 Platinum award.


    Epson EH-LS100 Ultra Short Throw projector

    With a massive 4000 lumens T3 remarked the Epson had "class leading brightness" but also thought it was let down by its hefty 11kg weight and huge size. With Ultra Short throw you can get 100" images from mere centimetres from your target surface but if you'd rather not have this coffee table sized unit take centre stage then a traditional approach might be better.


    BenQ W1050 Home cinema Projector

    T3 felt the BenQ W1050 scored well on the value for money round, saying it fell into the "budget category but this model comes last in the test due it being noisy on full brightness and the supplied remote is awkward to use so other entry level alternatives may be more sought after.


    Our top alternative sports projectors: The Super Subs

    Acer W1600 Projector

    Ultra short projection means you can literally plonk a projector on any table and put it directly against the wall to project a cinema sized image. It has many advantages not least of which it means there is no trailing wires, electric cables to the ceiling and installing projector mounts, but it also means nobody can walk in front of the device.

    The styling is excellent with powerful inbuilt 10 watt speakers and the brightness is a huge 3,300 ansi lumens which is easily enough to view in daylight conditions. It handles fast moving images well too providing full HD.

    Acer P1502 Projector

    Everyone wants full HD but for under £600 you don't often get true native 1080p resolution, so to get that crisp HD image with a whopping 3400 ANSI lumens of brightness is a great deal. For £550 the Acer P10502 projector offers a full HD, bright and sharp image with colorboost technology for a massive 20,000:1 active contrast ratio. High end spec, entry level pricing.


    Casio XJ-L8300HN 4K DLP Projector

    The one thing the above projectors still lack though is the combination of everything in one box.  Imagine a combination of high brightness projection, ideal for even a bright room, coupled with ultra high definition 4k HDR and fast moving sports images. If you mix that with the added advantages of LED laser projection and zero maintenance with 30000 hour lamp life then the Casio XJ-L8300HN is the perfect alternative to the Epson, BenQ and Optoma offerings albeit in a larger size than the Benq.

    So if you want true-to-life visuals and you've got space to spare then the Casio XJ-L8300HN 4K DLP Projector is the ultimate in big screen entertainment. Able to operate at 60fps the Casio is ideal for fluid sports and with the stunning 4K resolution at 5000 Ansi lumens you're getting vividly realistic colours to bring the big game to your living room.


    Sourced from T3 magazine Article: State of the Art, Issue 282, 16/05/18

  • The Acer X138WH Projector: High lumens, High contrast, Low Price

    The Acer X138WH Projector offers the brightness of a projector worth 3 times it's price and stands out as one of the most versatile entry level projectors around.

    For just £375.00 you can get a whopping 3700 ANSI lumens, with enhanced contrast ratio and rich colours.

    Who is it designed for? 

    So what does 3700 ANSI lumens mean in the real world? 3700 ANSI lumens is bright enough to handle bright indoor conditions at long distance so if you've got a larger venue without the large budget the Acer X138WH projector is a solid option. For example an office or church with large windows and lights would be able to use this projector.

    It would also be ideal for bars, small businesses and even home cinemas due to quality HD resolution, easy connectivity and versatile high brightness.

    Is it easy to install?

    With the Acer X138WH projector you have a particularly long throw projector, meaning you can project up to 10m away from the target screen! The minimum projection distance is down to 1.2m so there's a massive range of potential installation distances for this projector.


    Also consider Eiki 301W which has a range as low as 0.9m and saves on expensive interchangeable lens. It offers short and long throw projection combined in one unit without interchangeable lenses, with 5100 lumens, 10 watt speakers, multiple inputs and horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

    Vivitek and NEC also offer a range of projectors with interchangeable lenses.

    The NEC PA572W has multiple lenses which can cater towards most requirements.

    Contact us for pricing or more information on your specific requirements.

  • The Acer P1502, the ideal full HD projector for any Application

    If you're looking for a projector to fit your pub, club, office or church the Acer P1502 Projector offers an affordable full HD solution in a surprisingly small package. Everyone wants full HD but for under £600 you don't often get true native 1080p resolution, so to get that crisp HD image with a whopping 3400 ANSI lumens of brightness is a great deal.

    Image quality

    Bright enough to handle normal daylight and brighter indoor conditions with ease the Acer P1502 DLP projector is a very versatile solution for any venue. Getting a large image to project across a long distance requires the brightness levels offered by the P1502 so if your church or bar has a large space from screen to projector you're still covered. With LumiSense+ technology, the projection image is even intelligently optimised according to ambient lighting condition.

    Couple this enormous brightness with ColorBoost3D & ColourSafe II and you get beautifully vivid colour in big screen style.

    Low Cost of Ownership

    With Acer's extreme eco mode you can get 10,000 hours out a single lamp. Having such a long lamp life makes it a cost-effective choice for any meeting rooms or bars where prolonged use is required.


    Activating the Auto Keystone Correction feature and it will automatically correct vertical distortions, so the audience sees a rectangular image rather than one with a wider top/bottom, even if the projector is placed above or below the screen. As the Acer P1502 projector only weighs 2.73kg it is easily movable between locations and it has the 'instant on' feature to get you right back into the action. You can even try wireless projection with a HDMI dongle to stream shows or content.

  • The One-box Digital signage solution: The Novo DS Mini

    Vivitek's Novo DS Mini is the cost effective signage solution to deliver your messages, with no software fees to tie you down and no tricky CMS hampering the design process. Digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and web content in fully customisable configurations for a variety of environments. Easy to use, NovoDS Solution offers the convenience of updating content over the network or using a microSD card.

    Flexible, easy-to-create layout.

    Thanks to drag-and-drop template customisation and highly intuitive playlist editing, it’s so easy to use that even non-technical staff members will feel at ease. The list of applications is endless and the solution is easy with NovoDS4K, NovoDS and NovoDSmini. Having 36 signage templates and as well as easily customisable user templates means anyone can start making a professional signage design.

    You can even see you designs in Full HD 1080p, 60fps display quality with support for the next generation of ultra-high resolution (3840 x 2160) displays from the USB or microSD slot.

    Open software API

    To accommodate custom applications requiring machine-to-machine communication between IT systems, AV systems, and more, NovoDS provides an Open Software API. By granting developers an easily accessible means of transmitting requests to their NovoDS device, organizations can greatly enhance the possibilities of their digital signage deployment.

    NovoDS Cloud 

    For remote device and content management over the internet. This easy-to-use, role-based cloud service enables administrators, publishers, and designers to manage playlists, set up devices, create users accounts, and more from anywhere with an internet connection. NovoDS can be deployed as a public cloud solution or on their own server.

    Simple Signage

    With all these features packed into a powerful little device Novo DS Mini is the complete Signage solution made simple.

  • The Best HD / Ultra HD projectors for the World Cup

    We know you want the best quality images at the biggest sizes, so ignore the expensive TVs and get your World Cup action in cinema size with these HD & Ultra HD projectors. Russia 2018 is just around the corner and that justifies an upgrade!

    Big Screen Sports, HD quality

    If you've ever sat looking at the TV in your living room, local pub or sports bar and thought "I wonder what that would like in cinema size?" a HD projector is the perfect solution for you.

    The BenQ W1090 full HD 1080p home projector brings the thrill of watching sports games to the comfort of your home. With enhanced sound, sport mode and 100" screen from only 2.5m away the BenQ W1090 Projector brings the booming stadium atmosphere crashing right into your living room.

    From the vibrant grass to the flags flying in the stands the BenQ sport mode captures the full spectrum of movement in fast moving scenes to give you the lifelike visuals you need.

    Ultra HD, true-to-life sport in stunning 4K

    Sky Sports and BT sport have both moved to 4K content as a way to get that true to life quality their customers want. If you're planning on watching the World Cup in Ultra HD then a 4K projector will help you open a window to those rich true-to-life visuals.

    The Acer V6810 4K DLP Projector delivers cinema size, high contrast, rich colour visuals in ultra HD thanks to Acer ColorPurity technology and its 2200 ansi lumens of brightness. To ensure you won't be distracted from world cup drama the V6810 home cinema projector also offers a Near-silent viewing mode.

    If you want it all, the stunning 4K visuals, the sport mode, the brightness, and the silent mode then Acer have provided the answer with their V7850 Projector. So transport yourself to Russia and drink in the stadium atmosphere with this 4K masterpiece.

    The Acer V7850 ultra HD projector was declared the No 1 Best Projector to watch the World Cup on this summer by T3 Magazine.

    Both Acer projectors are also very easy to install and the near silent viewing mode is huge bonus for venues wanting to wow their customers without any hassle.

    So am I ready to Upgrade right now?

    A proper Home Cinema or Venue Projector will of course come with some set up involved but its usually very simple and we can guide you through the process with no hassle.

    We can provide any size screen you require, made to measure. Whether you're after entry or premium, fixed frame or tab tensioned, manual or electric we can help you choose it, buy it and get it set up. Just give us a call on 01924 589 589 or ask on the live chat.

    So what are you waiting for, it's time to raise your game and give the World Cup the stunning spectacle it deserves, even if England go out in the first round!

    Find the rest of our home cinema range here.

  • Should I Buy a Projector to Watch the World Cup?

    The World Cup 2018 is near and if you'd rather not trek to Russia for the real life experience, we can help you get that stadium feeling at home, with a portable projector. In short, a projector can give you the all-consuming, eye-popping, heart-pounding experience of being at the biggest tournament in the world. You can watch in glorious detail as 32 teams battle it out across Russia and England valiantly struggle to prove we are any good at football.

    So why not just choose a TV?

    A TV just can't compete with the all-consuming 200" visuals of a projector without spending a fortune, if you truly want the best experience for your money it has to be a projector. The massive screen sizes on offer are ideal for entertaining and creating a spectacle, so stop huddling around your small TV screen and upgrade to the size you actually want.

    I don't know what to look for in buying a Projector or Screen...

    Avoid the minefield and check out our buyers guide.

    Some projectors of course do come with some set up involved but its usually very simple and we can guide you through the process with no hassle.

    Whatever sizes you need on screens we can supply them all, we can provide any size you require, made to measure. Whether you're after entry or premium, fixed frame or tab tensioned, manual or electric we can help you choose it, buy it and get it set up. Just give us a call on 01924 589 589 or ask on the live chat.

    The Ultra-Portable Range: World Cup on the go

    If you're on the move during the competition or simply want to be able to take the captivating big screen experience with you wherever you are then an Ultra Portable projector is ideal for you. Connect up your smart devices and stream at 200" wherever you are!

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus Projector was recently crowned Techadvisor's best portable projector 2018 thanks to a 3 hour battery with a whopping 650 ansi lumens of brightness and short throw - ideal for big screen football in tight spaces.

    Vivitek's Qumi Q3+ DLP projector also offers high brightness in a small rechargeable package, boasting an impressive 500 ansi lumens brightness with in-built wifi and bluetooth.

    If you're wanting to feel like a football pundit for Russia 2018 and interact with your screen then try the PIQS TT LED Wifi projector. The 'virtual touch' remote lets you point and navigate to onscreen objects easily, even annotating and drawing within their in-built app.

    The Big screen Bundle: Entry Level

    Whether you want to get your pub ready for the World Cup or want to wow your guests with a slick home cinema set up we have the affordable projector bundle for you.

    UPDATE: The Acer P1385W has been replaced by Acer P1350W :  Including fully adjustable mount and robust 75" screen (152cm x 114cm) in 4:3 format this bundle takes the stress out of trying to create your own projection set up. At just under 3m away the Acer P1385W lamp projector will fill the 75" screen with ease, offering a ideal viewing area for large groups.

    All this for just £637.57  (Inc Vat).



  • Acer's New Affordable 4K Projectors Have Arrived: H6810 & V6810

    A 4K Home cinema projector is often seen as a decadent piece of kit but now with large 4K TVs routinely costing over £1500 for all the trimmings, why not get a larger image for less with a One Box Cinema Solution?

    The Acer V6810 and H6810 are Acer's answer to affordable 4K home cinema, starting around £1000 for glorious lifelike visuals and HDR clarity. So what else can you expect from this new range?

    Brightness and Usability

    Both Acer 4K projectors have over 2000 ANSI lumens (what are they?) which is enough to deal with any indoor lighting conditions. Having this level of brightness means the projectors can both be used in a more commercial setting, ideal for pubs and just in time for the world cup! You can watch your 4K content at any time of day in any conditions, just like a TV, and with the 4K enabled port on both projectors you can connect a 4k device directly for plug and play Ultra HD Cinema.

    Enabling the Silent Mode will introduce you to a immersive cinema feeling that you wouldn't normally get without heading out to Cineworld. With cinema size visuals, near-silent operation and the great value price these Acer 4K projectors offer that cinema feeling from the comfort of your sofa.

    Image Quality

    Acer's Dynamic Black technology brings those dark areas into sharp relief, giving depth to the shadows for a true-to-life visual experience.  The V6810 4k DLP projector also has the Acer ColorPurity features which enables it to enhance not just the blacks but the whole spectrum of rich RGB colours whilst reducing any rainbow effects.


    Both 4K UHD Projectors offer 40 degree vertical keystone correction which is ideal for ceiling mounted projects. The installation of new lamps is also super simple thanks to the top loading feature, and with the various eco modes you can comfortably get 10,000 hours out of one lamp, adding to the great value.


    Both the Acer V6810 and the H6810 represent some of the most affordable home cinema projectors on the market right now. Whether you're looking  for your very own cinema or just want a high quality, future-proof investment for your venue the Acer 6810 range would be ideal for you.

  • The latest in Digital Signage, LFDs, Touchpanels from Personal Projector

    The world of digital signage always offers a glimpse into the future, so come and have a look at what sci-fi concepts will soon be on display. We've got touchpanels, LFDs, and videowalls to cater for both the classroom and the showroom.

    Spice up your walls with these amazing digital signage panels which can be combined to make a cost effective video wall. Its hang and go installation is a real bonus. Get a smooth and simple 4K videowall in no time with the BenQ PL490 Slim Bezel Videowall:

    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to an interactive whiteboard than a TouchScreen Panel or traditional whiteboard, try the Acer Touch Kit which has no shadow issues and is a great price. Having an interactive whiteboard that takes up so little space and can be moved with a projector is also a real money saver for schools!

    These 4K UHD interactive touch panels are great for the boardroom or the classroom or simply pretending you are a football pundit / BBC Newsreader. Collaborate quickly and effectively with this touchpanel and its inbuilt novoenterprise sharing system for up to 64 participants! Designed with large demonstrations in mind the NovoTouch can even share 4K video with ease over its collaboration system.

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