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Outdoor Projection: Open a Window to the World Cup

If you want to celebrate this years world cup with an outdoor cinema set up, you'll need a super powerful projector and a giant portable screen, luckily we have both, with pricing to suit every budget.

Outdoor cinema for your venue

Projecting outside during the daytime can be tricky but a outdoor cinema event is always guaranteed to draw the crowds. Just get the drinks ready and watch the eager crowds pour in. An outdoor cinema set up isn't just a great choice for this years football world cup, it represents a year round investment - ideal for movie nights, big screen TV events and launch parties.

Versatile, trendy, and social media friendly the outdoor projector and screen bundle is your next investment. Whether its for a beer garden or stately home this daylight football projector bundle is guaranteed to score well with your customers.

Outdoor cinema for your garden

If you've got the space and budget for the powerful home cinema projectors then they can revolutionise your viewing experience. The glorious 4K images at 120" will transport you right onto the pitch, like opening a window to the world cup.

The options

Acer M550: silent mode, sports ready

With whisper quiet operation and visually stunning 4K resolution the Acer M550 is an excellent pairing with the 120" inflatable outdoor projection screen. The Acer M550 Home cinema projector also offers a key sports projector feature, the ability to display fast moving scenes in smooth quality at large sizes with its Acumotion technology.

Outdoor projection in the sun demands a powerful projector and the M550 projector delivers a whopping 2900 ansi lumens for a strong image in moderate daylight.

The screen itself packs down to a manageable size and once fully set up delivers a monster 120" view-able screen size.

Setting up this portable inflatable screen is simple once you've attached the 4k sreen fabric, once the scree is on and pump is attached it builds itself in front of you!

WATCH THE VIDEO of this huge outdoor projector screen inflate from a small size in seconds.


The Acer V9800: Premium Image Quality

If you want unassailable image quality, with blades of grass and beads of sweat visualised in minute detail for the ultimate immersive experience the Acer V9800 home cinema projector is the ideal choice.

Clocking in at 2200 ansi lumens the V9800 needs slightly dimmer conditions to work its magic. Under a tent or awning the true power of the Acer V9800 projector would be unleashed with a staggering  dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 with Dynamic Black.

Installation and set up is made even easier with the lens shift technology, to re-position the screen without moving the projector.

Casio XJ-L8300HN 4K DLP Laser/LED Projector (5000 ansi lumens)


Alternatively if you want the high brightness to project in the daytime along with every other feature you could desire then look no further than the Casio XJL8300 HN Laser/Led 4K UHD projector at 5000 lumens.


The Ultra portable solutions: no wires, no worries

Portable Projection for the world cup

If you didn't mind waiting until dark for a more atmospheric viewing conditions then an ultra portable pico projector like the Pico Genie M550 Plus might work better.

Offering 650 Ansi lumens with a 3 hour battery means you can comfortably get a full game of football completely without wires. It's even got netflix, a full suit of apps and smartphone connectivity.


Portable Screens

If you need a smaller screen then we have a selection of different portable screens for the World Cup or any event ranging from 80" to 100" tripod or tube screens to much larger 180" (4m wide x 2m high) PORTABLE SCREENS that can be transported in a flight case on wheels and then assembled together in a frame with a press stud screen system.

Huge Portable Screen 4m wide

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