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The Acer X138WH Projector: High lumens, High contrast, Low Price

The Acer X138WH Projector offers the brightness of a projector worth 3 times it's price and stands out as one of the most versatile entry level projectors around.

For just £375.00 you can get a whopping 3700 ANSI lumens, with enhanced contrast ratio and rich colours.

Who is it designed for? 

So what does 3700 ANSI lumens mean in the real world? 3700 ANSI lumens is bright enough to handle bright indoor conditions at long distance so if you've got a larger venue without the large budget the Acer X138WH projector is a solid option. For example an office or church with large windows and lights would be able to use this projector.

It would also be ideal for bars, small businesses and even home cinemas due to quality HD resolution, easy connectivity and versatile high brightness.

Is it easy to install?

With the Acer X138WH projector you have a particularly long throw projector, meaning you can project up to 10m away from the target screen! The minimum projection distance is down to 1.2m so there's a massive range of potential installation distances for this projector.


Also consider Eiki 301W which has a range as low as 0.9m and saves on expensive interchangeable lens. It offers short and long throw projection combined in one unit without interchangeable lenses, with 5100 lumens, 10 watt speakers, multiple inputs and horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

Vivitek and NEC also offer a range of projectors with interchangeable lenses.

The NEC PA572W has multiple lenses which can cater towards most requirements.

Contact us for pricing or more information on your specific requirements.

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