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Top 10 Best Projectors for May 2018

Buying a projector can be a real minefield, what with fake products, strange terminology and installation confusion. We've cut through the noise with clear and consistent advice so here's our list of the top 10 best projectors this month:

Best Pico (mini) Projectors:


The ultra lightweight Acer C200 projector is ideal for travelling thanks to the 4 hour rechargeable battery and 200 ansi Lumens of brightness, but that's not all,  you can get wireless projection and save £10 with the dongle bundle.

Best Ultra Portable Projectors:

The Pico Genie M550 Plus Projector is great all rounder and with an impressive 650 ansi lumens of brightness (that would be 3900 lumens on amazon) even on battery it can be used in most environments completely without wires. Stream from your smartphone or use the onboard apps for gaming, presenting and more.

Vivitek's Qumi Q3+ Projector is the ideal value per lumens model, super bright and just as affordable at 500 ansi lumens for £399.99. With battery power and easy portability this is a great choice for artists and designers looking to project their work out in the world.

If you work in training then the PIQS TT projector is the perfect presentation tool. With an interactive remote for annotating, pointing and drawing this DLP projector offers a cost effective and time saving alternative to carrying an laptop around. Simply put down and present at 100" with ease.

Best Home Cinema Projectors:

Acer's H6810 4K DLP Projector combines a near silent running mode with gorgeous visuals at 3500 ansi lumens to deliver a premium Ultra HD experience without the premium price tag. Just in at £1099.99

Big Screen sports have long been proven projector territory so whether you want a big screen stadium experience for your pub or living room the Benq W1090 HD projector should be your first choice. With optimised sports mode and Cinemaster 10 watt speaker you'll be transported right into the big game, ideal for world cup watching.


Best Projectors for Office / Business:

The Acer X138WH lamp projector stands out among other projectors due to its price tag; you get enhanced contrast, 3700 ansi lumens of brightness brightness output and 3D DLP technology for £375.

UPDATE: The Acer P1385W has been replaced by Acer P1350W : The Acer P1385W with mount and screen is the ideal bundle for venues that need a hassle free projector set up for their business. Create a 75" image at under 3m away.


Best Projectors for Education / Training:

The Acer P1502 DLP HD Projector offers 3400 ansi lumens of brightness to create full HD 1080p images even at long distances. With long lamp life and light weight design the Acer P1502 is a cost effective, portable solution ideal for presentations of any size.

The Vivitek DU5671 Projector offers a range of features that make it the ideal projector choice for the professional installation market.

The DU5671 does not come with lenses straight out of the box so you can choose from a wide range of options to suit your required image size and projection distance - just contact us by phone or through the live chat for a quote.

In addition to 6200 ANSI lumens of brightness, the WUXGA image resolution delivers excellent fidelity and large screen area for simultaneous display of video conferencing, presentations, and display of charts and graphs. This large venue projector can be ordered with a verity of lens options to suit your venue - just give us a call or tell us your venue measurements in the live chat.



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