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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Wireless Collaboration for High Security Industries: NovoConnect LauncherOne

    The NovoConnect LauncherOne provides a robust and ironclad solution for those companies that need Wifi sharing but don't want the risks. Financial services companies, legal firms and any business that deals with sensitive information will want a safe but easy to operate network.

    The LauncherOne is a series of buttons that can be added to an existing Novo wireless sharing network:

    browse the Novo range here and ask for a LauncherOne add-on.

    By following the most stringent Data Loss prevention compliance policies (DLP) the LauncherOne offers peace of mind for industries usually left worrying over their security.

    The Direct wireless connection between the launcher and the main NovoConnect unit means no risk of ransomware or virus attacks while having no impact on your existing network traffic. For added reassurance, the data is protected with AES-256 encryption to ensure safe communication.

    Hassle-Free Wireless Mirroring at Ease

    Meeting participants can project wirelessly without any additional configuration. Save time for your team. Let them focus on the presentation, instead of software or driver installation, nor administrative access level. The portable App can run with a simple double-click.

    Data Loss Prevention Compliant

    LauncherOne is a USB-storage-less device to prevent unauthorized data transfer. Its wireless data is also protected with AES-256 encryption to ensure safe communication.

    Minimized USB Security Risk

    Without a USB storage on the LauncherOne, the risk of spreading viruses or of ransomware attacks is eliminated.

    Zero Impact on Existing Network Traffic

    Thanks to the dedicated and direct wireless connection between the LauncherOne and the NovoConnect main unit, the existing network traffic will not be affected.

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