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Whats the longest battery life on a portable projector?

If you're looking for a projector that can run by itself all day long without mains power then there are not many options out on the market to choose from but it can be done.

There are quite a few pico projectors these days with battery power lasting 1 to 2 hours and some even last 3 hours. But there are a few catches

    1. The brightness on some models can drop by as much as 50% when switched from mains to battery power. This applies to Qumi, Optoma and other brands. Brands like the PIQS and the Pico Genie tend to drop the least
    2. Battery capacities vary from model to model eg the Pico Genie M550 Plus has a 13000 mah battery without it being too heavy a projector and any drop in brightness is hardly noticeable to the
      eye. The next closest is around 8000 mah on Qumi products.

What do you do after 3 hours and the battery goes flat? The best option here is to invest in a portable battery that's designed for pico projectors such as the Qumi battery. This offers 18000 mah of additional power so on the Pico Genie M550 Plus it easily double the battery life to 6 hours and over 8 hours if run in eco mode.

The Qumi battery is compatible with projectors with the following DC 16v to 20v, DC 9v to 12v. 

It also works to charge other equipment like phones and tablets via a USB output as well as a 19v input.

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