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Break Away From Cables With The Wireless HDMI!

Enjoy Full HD without the cables

The Full HD wireless HDMI for projectors, making your dreams of a cable-less world come true.

This wireless HDMI kit allows for full HD image streaming without any loss of image quality. The high capacity, frame rate and speed of the Acer Wireless HDMI ensures that your image streams fast and does not break up allowing uninterrupted streaming of your favourite shows and films.

Full HD Wireless HDMI for projectors

How does it work?

The Wireless HDMI works on a transmitter and receiver system, once each are connected you can stream content directly to your projector. You can use it with most multi-media outlets, even your smartphone!

The setup is simple and easy to do in a few steps:

  1. Connect the transmitter to your media outlet (Computer, Blu-ray player, Smartphone)
  2. Connect the receiver to the HDMI/MHL port on your projector
  3. Turn on the transmitter and away you go!

So if you are bothered by the burden of cables and would like to enter the world of wireless HD streaming then why not treat yourself to one of these?

Where can I get one?

If you would like to go cable-less yourself then you can get your own wireless HDMI here.


Data Transfer Rate : Maximum of 1Gbps - Frequency Band 60GHz
Video/Audio : 1080p/60f audio and video content with 4 Giga bit per second without compression
Supported 3D Format : Blu-ray 3D
Compatible with Full HD products

Watch the Wireless HDMI in action below!

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