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1TB SD Card: Enhance Storage on Your Projector / Camera

If you take as many photos and particularly videos as we do these days with an SLR, you'll find you quickly run out of storage on your device especially if taking Full HD or 4K videos. Also the device can start to run slower as soon as it fills up the card. Well now Sandisk have brought out a solution to this problem with a 1TB ultra fast SD card to solve these issues.

Whilst the storage is expensive its very fast and means you can avoid expensive monthly cloud subscriptions by retaining data on your card for longer without overwriting.

We recently did an exhibition where a fast storage device would have really come in handy allowing large storage of 4k videos from our photographers SLR camera and then direct transfer to the projector for instant playback (although transfer needs to be done via wire as most portable projectors use micro SD or USB but it does mean you have more freedom to take videos without constantly transferring).

Price: £479 / $435 / $479

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