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Monthly Archives: May 2020

  • Should i buy a TV or Projector for home cinema?

    One of the questions we are asked more and more at Personal Projector these days is should you buy a 4k TV or a 4k projector?

    Here are a few reasons why a projector like the Chiq B5U projector still can have the advantage over buying a large TV:-

    1. Image Size

    The main advantage of course in viewing 4k content on a 4k projector as opposed to a 4k TV is the supersized ultra lifelike, immersive images blown up to a huge cinema size as it was intended to be ie up to 100" / 120"

    Projectors are generally designed to work at much larger sizes. Indeed the B5U smallest recommended size is only 80"and goes up to 120" so far larger than any reasonably priced TV.

    CHIQ B5U 4K UHD Ultra-Short Throw DLP Laser Projector

    2. Price 

    Once you start going over 85" on 4K high end TVs costs start to climb dramatically from £2200 for a Sony Bravia TV to around £12,000 for a 98" screen and best not to even go there for the 120" versions of these.

    Also you will need to consider the cost of installation of the TV or Non UST projector which can mount up to more than the perceived savings on a TV (see below).

    UST projectors still really come into their own at cinema sizes.

    3. Profile and Weight 

    At 85kg (185 lbs) for an 85" TV its going to need a pretty strong wall / brackets and proper installation to ensure it doesn't drop off your wall.

    The 100" ALR projection screen will however only weigh 9kgs (19lbs) and more importantly be much much thinner as it doesn't have the speakers inside it so its almost totally flush to the wall.

    4. Screens

    If buying an ALR screen then there is no issue watching the higher lumen UST models like the B5U in daylight as a few videos have shown on this forum.

    CHiQ 100” S-CK100 ALR Black Grid UST Projection Screen

    5. Input lag

    There have been a few people comment that they have not had any real world issues with input lag with the Chiq B5U. Whilst its not going to be as fast as the fastest gaming projectors on the market, the B5U has one of the better ones of all the UST models rather than standard models.

    6. Installation

    As you can imagine with the extra size and weight of a bigger TV it requires much more thought for installation than a UST projector that just sits on a cabinet with a lightweight screen that just simply hangs on the wall. DIY installation is far quicker and easier with a projector than a big heavy TV.

    We recently did one professional large TV panel installation that took 14 hours in total to move all the cables, electrics, and networks (to ensure it was high speed) and to re-enforce the stud walls to ensure the TV and speakers could hang on the wall without falling off.

    This of course is the same with a non UST projector where cables have to go into the middle of the ceiling usually, mounts installed, cables hidden and voids made to fit all the cabling followed by replastering and redocorating.


    With UST you just don't get all this hassle. Its quick, simple and easy. With ALR screens, projectors are now viewable in daylight too at a much more affordable price than they ever were. You get the full immersive cinema experience that you might not get on the 85" or lower TV models so overall price and performance at a decent size is still the best option over the large TVs.

    To find out more about 4k content available see our previous blog


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