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Connecting To External Speakers With No Audio Output On A Projector

Have you have recently purchased or already own a projector and now want to connect it to external speakers but realised there isn't an audio output? Not to worry! We have done some research on this and come up with a few solutions you can try to connect your projector to an external speaker without an audio out port.


Bypassing the Projector
Use the HDMI out on the projector to your device for the picture > then use the 3.5mm out direct to speaker/sound bar from your computer > Change your sound settings on your device to match this.
Using this method, you bypass the projector and the sound will go through the laptop to the speaker.

Splitting the sound
See this video for splitting the sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrhX3t-HR8Y

Using a VGA Connection
You can also use a VGA connection if you want to use it from your laptop and use the Audio IN port with a 3.5m line in cable from the source device earphone/audio out port.

Using the projectors in built speakers
Alternatively, most projectors do have speakers already built in, with some being quite powerful. See what the internal speakers are like and if they are suitable for you.

Lip syncing issue
If there is a lip sync issue which there shouldn’t be sometimes there are settings on the source device which allow you to change the delay to sync it up. This may differ on which device you are using and is one to test if yours has it.

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