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Just for Fun

  • How to Project Slideshows or Digital Signage at an Event

    In one of our previous blogs we mentioned that we attended the Woolley Beer Festival where we used the Pico Genie M550 Plus and digital signage software to show off all the sponsors messages, event images and more. (Click here to see the blog).

    In this blog we will be helping you set up your Android projector to create a presentation remotely via a digital signage application. We'll also look at how to do this without wi-fi in case you are in the middle of nowhere like we were.







    Digital Signage Player Software is essentially a media player which can be controlled through an editor and allows you to add images, videos,  powerpoints, live feeds, change the screen layout and more. You can see this software used on many screens places such as bars, hotels, restaurants and airports.

    You can also add content while you are at the event and take photos of the event like we did here with the band playing and then project it onto the tent walls. So we had our basic sponsor messages and then we added live info such as photos and other content throughout the show.








    After looking at many options for digital signage software we found a great solution called onsign.tv that works well with the Pico Genie M550 Plus  although it should work on most Android projectors.  It also has a 14 day free trial account!

    Best Digital Signage App for Android projectors

    You can download the Onsign app which acts a receiver of the content you have created on your laptop. The content is streamed from the onsign website to the projector so you can remotely display whatever you desire on the projector. You can also try Screen Cloud app.

    Image result for onsign tv

    If are projecting at an event and you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a computer to access onsign.tv, there are workarounds that allow you to still be able to display your messages on a large projector screen.

    Creating Digital Signage or Slideshows if if there is no wifi

    A very simple solution to this is to use an SD card, USB or directly connect a mobile device or laptop to the projector (by wire or direct wireless connection for Android or Apple). Then goto the Gallery option which is already installed on the projector. To do this you can follow these steps:

    • If using powerpoint save all the slides from your slideshow as Jpeg files and put them in a folder beforehand, name these according to which ones you would like to show first e.g A Slide 1 and A Slide 2 (put A before as it will out them to the top of the list).
    • Copy onto SD, USB and the projector will recognise it for instant playback
    • Click on the album, click the 3 buttons in the top right corner and click slideshow.

    Using this method is very simple and effective however you cannot change how long the images are shown.

    Changing the slide show timings

    A better solution which allows you to have more control is to use an app called Random Slideshow (please don’t be discouraged by the name, you can set it so the images are sequential instead of random).  To do this you can follow these steps:

    • Download the app Random Slideshow.
    • Save all the slides from your slideshow as Jpeg files and put them in a folder beforehand, name these according to which ones you would like to show first e.g A Slide 1 and A Slide 2 (put A before as it will out them to the top of the list).
    • Copy onto SD, USB and the projector will recognise it for instant playback
    • Go into the Random Slideshow App, select the album you want to use "with this app you are also able to use multiple albums from different sources such as USB, SD or the projectors own internal memory and have it go through them all"
    • Scroll further down before clicking start slideshow to change the time length of each image and to turn the randomising off

    Live Feeds from Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

    One great option you can use at a party or any event is social media pages. Simply access a browser such as Chrome on the projector and logon to your twitter page. This then displays all tweets displayed so if you ask everyone at the show via the projector to use your # or @ then you can see a live feed of everyone's comments, feedback and photos as the show rolls on. It can be a really powerful tool.

  • Need A Projector/Screen For Your Home Cinema?

    Have you ever dreamed of having your own home cinema? Well now you can, choose from a range of Projector Screens and Projectors and begin binge watching your favourite box sets and movies. Enjoy the big screen experience from the comfort of your home.

    To take your home cinema to the next level, it’s worth looking into getting a screen to project on to. This will stop the imperfections from a wall showing through the image and create an overall better experience.

    Here are some good examples of projector screens for your home cinema.

    The Ambient Light Reduction Fixed Frame Screen - a perfect solution for bright and naturally lit environments. This 100" Diagonal Screen provides a colourful and more vibrant image to enhance your viewing experience with a projector.

    NOW ONLY £929

    ALR Fixed Frame Screen








    The Manual Professional 280 x 210cm Screen – A high quality and robust manual screen which can be used with any projector system.

    NOW ONLY £248

    Projector screen






    80" Ultra Lightweight Tripod Screen - A high-contrast screen specially optimised for ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors and is a perfect solution for ambient and natural light conditions.

    Also options available in electric here

    Only £107.99

    Tripod Screen








    See more of our Screen Range Here

    Examples of popular projectors with screens bundled as a packaged system for home cinema.

    BenQ W1600UST Projector – Enjoy a pure 1080p HD cinema experience right in your living room with 3300 Ansi lumens. This Ultra short throw projector (UST) can project a huge screen only inches away from the wall.

    NOW ONLY £1,199.99

    BenQ W1600 Ultra Short Throw Projector







    BUNDLE With The BenQ W1600UST Projector And The Ambient Light Reduction Screen

    Get a incredibly bright projector with an ambient light reduction screen for a great price.

    BenQ W1600UST And Ambient Light Fixed Frame Screen Bundle

    Acer P1350W Projector – An affordable but yet high performance projector, Enjoy an impressive image with 3,700 ansi lumens and great sound with 10 watt speakers.

    NOW ONLY £445

    Acer P1350W








    Acer H6810 Projector – Experience an Ultra HD 4K Image from a great price with 3500 ansi lumens and get the authentic cinema feeling with the projector's Silent Mode, designed to offer a more immersive experience as you sink into the rich high contrast displays.

    NOW ONLY £1,038.00

    Acer H6810






    See more of our Home Cinema Projector Range Here

  • Maximise Your Event! Project Anywhere

    Recently we attended the Woolley Beer Festival and we brought along the Pico Genie M550 Plus with us as it is ultra portable and lightweight, has android built in with IOS Screen mirroring and has USB and SD card slots for easy transfer of photos from cameras and laptops.

    Its also got a decent enough brightness of 650 ansi lumens and many more features such as android and internet onboard which worked well at this type of festival event in a remote location and with the event being in the middle of the field it really shows that you can project anywhere you want.Pico Genie M550 Plus Being used at a festival








    If you do not have access to power, do not worry, the projector has a powerful in built battery and with it being installation free you can virtually place the projector wherever you want!

    As you can see from the images above we used a tripod to project our images on to the wall and ceiling of the marquee. However you can also mount the projector on to the frame of the marquee and have it out of the way and because of the battery you would not have to worry about cables hanging everywhere.

    A gorrilla mount with a standard tripod thread would do the job and tha battery will last 2 to 3 hours. Having said that its always better to power it where you can as its slightly brighter when its on mains rather than eco mode but this can be changed.

    We projected screen sizes of up to 1.5 metres diagonal at this even but it could go as large as 3m wide or a 200" image (at night).

    While at the event a wide range of people could connect to the projector for example...

    • The event photographer was able to use their SD Card and move the images onto the projectors hard drive using an app called “File Manager”. This allowed him to showcase the images on the projector and continue to use his SD Card.
    • The Sponsors were able to put their messages through a PowerPoint onto the built-in memory of the projector using a USB.
    • The Producers could have even used a live twitter feed for others that attended the event to share content of the event which was then projected as well as getting more content online at the same time





    There are many connectivity options for the Pico Genie M550 Plus such as VGA, HDMI, SD, USB and Wireless Mirroring for IOS and Android.

    The Pico Genie M550 Plus really is a great all- rounder projector to use for events, festivals and more.

  • Gift Ideas: The best projectors to buy as a gift

    Looking for a unique and unusual gift to give someone? Then why not get that special someone a projector (perfect for home cinema, connecting your mobile device on a bigger screen, using at university or taking away on holiday). Whether its for a birthday, mothers/father’s day or Christmas, its a great gift for the man or woman who has everything.

    Enhance their viewing experience and get them one gadget that covers movies, gaming, streaming, sports, travelling and more…

    Projectors perfect for TV/Sports

    BenQ W1090 - Designed with big screen sports in mind this DLP projector is the ideal projector to bring the stadium experience crashing through the screen and into your living room.

    ONLY £640

    BenQ W1090 HD 1080p Home Cinema Projector (2000 Ansi Lumens)

    Vivitek Qumi Q8 - Take your TV Projector with you, a stunning all-round projector that gives crisp, clear Full HD images up to 120 inches in size, right from the palm of your hand!

    ONLY £898

    Vivitek Qumi Q8







    Projectors perfect for gaming

    Acer Predator Z650 - Capable of projecting a Full HD, 100-inch image just 1.5m from the projection surface, project the same crystal clear image no matter where you are or what you're playing.

    ONLY £901

    Acer Predator Z650, Full HD 3D Short Throw Gaming Projector, 2,200 Lumens

    Acer P1650 Projector - Enjoy stunning 1080p Full HD visuals, at 3500 ansi lumens of brightness and amazing sound with 10w speakers built in. Enjoy super smooth motion and quick response times due to its special non lag frame rate technology.

    ONLY £532

    Acer P1650w








    Projectors perfect for travelling  

    Pico Genie Periscope Plus Speaker Projector – An ultra portable projector with amazing sound quality and stunning images, enjoy wall or ceiling viewing with a rotating lens.

    ONLY £215

    Pico Genie Periscope Plus








    Vivitek Qumi Q38 – Capable of Full HD 1080p Resolution, experience 600 ansi lumens from the palm of your hand.

    ONLY £510

    Vivitek Qumi Q38 Projector

  • Party Ideas: The Best Projectors For Parties/Gatherings

    Got any parties or gatherings coming up and looking for a portable speaker? Why not get one with a projector built in!  Why not change things up and introduce an ultra portable projector with built-in speakers to the mix. Live stream from any phone, tablet or laptop and share your photos/videos on the wall or ceiling.

    With Built in android you can stream apps such as Netflix and YouTube directly from the projector, creating a new experience for you and your guests.

    Ultra Portable Projectors

    Choose from a range of ultra portable speaker projectors, which are perfect for parties or gatherings, from prices starting at only £199.99!

    The Pico Genie Periscope Speaker Projector - A new breed of hybrid projector combines great sound with stunning images. Rotate with one twist of the lens for easy wall or ceiling viewing.

    Pico Genie Periscope Speaker Projector


    The Vivitek Qumi Q38 Ultra Portable Projector – Deliver a Full HD 1080p (600 ansi Lumens) Experience from the palm of your hand.

    Vivitek Qumi Q38 Projector






    The Pico Genie M550 Plus Projector - This projector has a wide number of connectivity options and is a bright ultra portable shorter throw projector.

    Voted Best Portable Projector 2018 and 2019 (TechAdvisor)

    Pico Genie M550 Plus Projector





  • Top 5 Best Home Cinema and 4K Projectors for 2019

    Home Cinema and 4K

    Home Cinema projectors have increased in popularity with the rise of 4k content, box set binging and streaming apps to create a personalised big screen experience from the comfort of your sofa. So here are the top 5 best performing projectors that can bring Cineworld to your living room...

    From only £498 you can get a full HD 3000 lumen viewing experience with the Acer H6517ST, ideal for gaming, movies and big screen sports.


    The BenQ W1600 Ultra Short Throw projector is fantastic for easily setting up the cinema experience in your home. With the Ultra Short Throw capability you can project large images to your wall from just inches away. Perfect for when you don't have the space for a traditional set up.

    BenQ W1600

    The Acer P8800 is the ultimate home cinema projector. The 5000 Ansi lumens projector combines Ti XPR technology, projecting more than 8.3 million pixels with UHD 4K to bring you crisp, rich and vivid images taking you closer to the onscreen action!

    Acer P8800

    The Acer M550 projector is an excellent entry level 4k projector choice, with near silent projection and deep rich colours you'll get that authentic cinema feeling without leaving the house.

    Acer M550

    The Acer V7850 is the 4k home cinema projector to choose if you want truly life-like immersion. The fantastic colour reproductions of the V7850 are award winning even at giant proportions, so you can finally reclaim that big screen cinema experience whenever and however you like.

    Acer v7850

    Feature AcerH6517ST BenQ W1600  Acer P8800  Acer M550  Acer V7850
    Price (inc vat) £498 £1199.99 £5500 £1199.99 £1908
    ANSI Lumens 3000 3300 5000 2900 2200
    Resolution 1080p 1080p 4k UHD 4k 4k
    Lens shift (adjustable image size ) vertical vertical vertical,horizontal vertical vertical and manual zoom
    Connectivity HDMI, VGA, USB, composite HDMI x2, USB, composite, USB HDMI, MHL, VGA, USB HDMI, HDMI 2.0, MHL, USB, Component, VGA HDMI 2.0,  VGA, USB,Network (RJ-45)
    Lens offset (for ceiling install) no no  Yes Yes Yes
    Feature AcuMotion for gaming Ultra Short Throw More than 8.3 million pixels near silent Projection award winning image
    Speakers 2w 10w x2 No 10w 10w

    We have also got handy buyer's guides for the Top 5 Best Portable projectors of 2019 and the Top 5 Best Business Projectors for 2019 so all your projector needs are covered.

  • Bett Show 2019: Robots and Wireless Projectors

    At this years Bett Show 2019, there was a wealth of the usual big TV screens but what stood out from the crowd.

    Casio ES Wireless Projectors Casio launched an idiot-proof projector for wireless screen mirroring from ipads, laptops or phones to the projector.

    The new ES range from casio come pre-installed with all the hardware you need so it’s a simple case of connecting to the projector directly (or the router) and off you go. The beauty of the casio ES range is its simplicity with no setup and almost instant connection. Crucially there is no app to worry about you just find the projector from the wifi list of your PC or iPad and off you go.

    This will really help the education world (and corporate world for that matter) by saving time in connecting devices.

    The Casio ES range has been designed to work seamlessly with Windows and Apple for ipads especially so it should work perfectly with most equipment in schools. It will also mirror from Android as well (although an app is required).

    The projectors look identical to the previous versions and the tiny dongles are still required however Casio claim there is less fuss in connection. Certainly on the demo we saw at Bett 2019 it worked quickly and painlessly.

    Please contact us for more information and pricing at the Casio ES Range of Projectors due to launch imminently.

    Working in Education? Share Pico Genie LED PORTABLE projectors across multiple departments: PE, head teacher meetings, displays, music, gaming or a backup projector to reduce classroom downtime

    Checkout the range of ultra portable projectors for inside and outside the classroom.

    Robots at this years Bett show abound but Miro-E is definitely the cutest and great for special needs as well as robot programming. Stroke it, and lights flash, eyelids flutter to stimulate sensory needs £2400 - it just needs a projector in it now.

  • Whats New at CES 2019: TVs, UST projectors, Folding Screens and Wardrobe projectors

    Las Vegas lights have turned on once again this January for the annual tech fest and its not going to disappoint those interested in the latest releases of audio visual equipment. We've lined up a few of the interesting new releases at CES 2019 from supersized OLED TVs, ultra short throw projectors with 3 lasers, folding screens on the latest TVs and mobile phones and projectors that act as smart shelves for the home, warehouse or retail outlet.

    ..And Finally, we look a robot suitcase to put those phones and projectors in that weighs itself and auto-follows you

    Hisense 4K Smart TriChroma Laser TV 100L7T, Harmon Kardon Speakers

    hisense 4k UST 3 laser projector hisense 4k UST 3 laser projector


    The unique thing about the Hisense is it’s the first projector of its kind that opens up a bunch of possibilities without having to goto an expensive conventional projection system and it offers amazing colours with 3 lasers for each colour source in the RGB range making stunning quality images in a discreet small package at 120”

    This really will be a great way to get a really big TV image from a small discreet package. The ultra short throw (UST) means the projector can just sit against the wall without all the issues of wiring and installation you get from normal home cinema projectors.

    Whilst its not being released until 2019 Oct/Nov time, and its around £13k, there are more affordable options out there today with ultra short throw, the best alternatives we’ve seen right now is the Benq W1600UST.

    LG unveiled the 65R9, a new take on rollable TV’s with a stunning 65” OLED flexible display TV R that can slide in and out of view at the touch of a button.


    This TV will make you gasp at both its quality and its (yet to be released) price which is sure to be eye watering.

    The modes it offers are Full View, Hidden and Partial view for features such as clock, frame, mood, music and main dashboard.

    Prepare to be blown away by the staggering 100W dolby atmos speakers!

    LG Home Brew

    On a slightly different note, LG also unveiled the LG HomeBrew, which  brews stout, wheat beer, pale ale, IPA and pilsner via capsules that contain malt, yeast, hop oil and flavourings. All they need now to go with the LG TV and the LG barman is the LG pocorn machine for that perfect home cinema.

    Samsung MicroLED Walls

    One of our favourite features from last year was the Samsung MicroLED panels which allow you to build your TV in any shape or size you desire - I cant wait !

    Folding phone-cum-tablet : But How Good Is it?

    The overall verdict of the Royole FlexPai seems to be it’s a typical hybrid device trying to offering the best of both worlds but delivering the worst of both worlds with a poor phone and a poor screen, but it does fold !

    Lets see what Samsung folding phone brings but in the meantime check out the video below to find out more.

    Bosch introduces projection module that allows virtual touchscreens on any surface

    A surprising new entrant to the laser / micro projection world is Bosch who have launched Bosch Sensortech  an interactive projection module for the retailer or smart home / internet of things (IoT) applications that allows for a virtual touchscreen on every surface.

    The Bosch BML100PI module gives developers the ability to create interactive projection touchscreens on anything from ordinary shelves to appliances, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and more.

    The device generates a laser beam to create a focus-free image on any surface and then scans it line-by-line to detect any gesture or finger movements.

    Its likely to be popular with shops with lots of smart shelves or any high street or for those who just want to bring organisation to their home lives as well as for warehouse or even in environmental technology.

    Power your house with your legs

    Its not often we see good environmental activity in the tech world but here is something from SportsArt that really connects people to energy usage.

    They profiled their uber cool Verde treadmill which claims to generate ‘up to 200 Watt hours’ of utility grade electricity just from your own leg power. You can use it to charge your gadgets or even sell the electricity generated back to the national grid.

    The OVIS AI-Powered Suitcase: Weighs itself and drives itself - WOW!

    ForwardX Robotics showed off their robot suitcase that follows behind you to make your journey easier. Its quite impressive in that its only 4.5kg and many airlines give at least 10kg hold luggage or unlimited on low cost airlines like Easyjet.

    The key here though is it weighs itself when you put your stuff in no more scrambling for the scales and then it follows you whilst avoiding people.

    The Ovis can travel at speeds of up to 6mph, and can handle multiple surfaces. It follows a tracker (worn on your wrist) and uses computer vision to automatically avoid obstacles.

    It has an airline approved removable battery which also makes it easy to charge all your devices from the in-built USB ports in the case as well as offer an anti-lost alarm and location tracker.

    Its not the cheapest suitcase at around £630 and will be widely available in Q2 2019.

  • Digital Art Projection Museum on a huge scale

    Be ready to experience different everything from a different perspective at the incredible Borderless exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. This is Digital Art on another scale completely with 10,000 sqm of projected moving artworks.

    The projected art evolves and is never the same twice and you can even contribute your own artwork at the exhibition yourself and see it integrated into the exhibition.

    Exhibits react to your presence and touch, changing and reacting all the time.

    A huge array of 470 projectors bring the exhibit to life. Even the tea comes alive when you drink it with a projection onto the cream.

  • Leeds Light Night Dazzles The City: 4th/5th Oct 2018

    The Leeds Light Night is a free multi-arts and light festival celebrating the diverse and thriving creativity of Leeds. Light Night Leeds is the 14th Leeds projection extravaganza attracting a staggering 80,000 local, national and international visitors.

    Whether its super-lit circus acts, large visual light displays or laser shows, the Leeds Light Night is sure to dazzle all in every corner of the city centre.

    HIGHLIGHTS 2017 Leeds Light Festival

    To get a feel for whats coming tonight for the Leeds Light Festival 2018 take a look at this video of the 2017 highlights

    Highlights of 2017 included an Aerial Circus in Trinity Leeds, and Lampounette and a series of huge desk lamps along Briggate.

    Where to go in 2018?

    This years highlights of the Leeds Light Festival 2018 4th and 5th October will include displays in the areas below with one of the biggest projections on the whole facade of the Queens Hotel in City Square.

    • The Headrow, Town Hall, Millenium Square, Leeds Arena and the University
    • Victoria Shopping Area and Briggate
    • Train Station
    • On the streets around the city


    Leeds Light Festival Map 2018 Where to Go for the Leeds Light Festival


    Plan your trip: Displays to visit Leeds Light Night 2018

    There are so many events planned its best to just wander the city, perhaps starting from the water taxi near the train station and then up towards The Queens Hotel in City Square, then head up towards the Town Hall onto the Headrow, followed by Millenium Square where a large number of events seem to be held.


    Glow - Gandini Juggling - 4th / 5th 8pm to 11pm LEEDS DOCK
    A high energy, high impact slice of the Gandini’s dazzling dance juggling choreography in the beautiful setting of Leeds Dock.

    The Glo Men - LED Suits 4th / 5th 7.30pm ON THE STREETS
    Inspired by Tron, and using state-of-the-art technology, their LED suits perfectly sync colour changes with each other. Infusing dance and fire artistry, the Glo Men deliver high-calibre spectacles.

    BoomBikes - Sound Intervention 4th / 5th 8.15pm / 7.45pm ON THE STREETS
    The BoomBikes are mobile cinemas with powerful sound systems and digital projectors.

    For a full list of events and more info please visit the Whats On Website.

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