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  • Stunning Graphic Displays that Transform Walls

    At ISE this year there were a number of highly impressive visual displays which immersed the viewer into another world. Moving crowds stopped and lingered at the awesome visual displays that drew you into eye-popping displays and made you feel like you actually there.

    Some of the displays were so good in fact it reminded us of the Truman show where videos of Venice were projected to such a level that you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually in Venice.

    Here are some great examples from big players like Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic but you can create your own displays with any of the projectors on this website or ask us for advice on 01924 589 589 or contact us via Live Chat on the website

    Giant Crystal Clear LED Displays from Sony

    Projection Tunnel from Epson

    L-Shaped Digital Displays from Samsung

    Panasonic Art within an Art Wall

  • Extra Fun for the office: Virtual Bowling (Projected)

    Fancy adding a bowling alley into your office / house with virtual projection - so cool

  • 4k Home Cinema Projector Deals: Up to £1300 off this Easter

    We are offering a wide range of 4K home cinema projectors to suit every budget until 23rd April starting at just £790 inc vat. There are some huge discounts (up to £1300) on Acer models so if you need a 4k home cinema projector now is the perfect time to buy with these great 4K projector offers.


    Save hundreds of pounds on the models below or if you don't fancy piping wires everywhere get a wireless HDMI solution. With this device you can screen mirror from your phone, laptop or ipad or connect your  sky, BT or Virgin, so ask about a bundle deal on our high end wireless HDMI dongles (worth £203) that carry HD signals without all the problems of signal break-up that the cheaper wireless dongles suffer from.

    The Acer H6810 or Acer V6810 currently offer near silent operation at 2200 or 3500 lumens (respectively) with great image quality and savings of £300 for Easter.

    The biggest saving right now on 4k projectors is the Acer M550 4k UHD with 2900 lumens with an incredible £1303 off the retail price bringing it down to just £975 inc vat !!

    Finally if you need the highest quality 4k in laser instead of lamp then look no further than the Acer VL7860 at £3312 (was £3499).

    Find Out More on Acer 4k Projector special deal offers

  • Authors


    Oliver Stanley Burwell

    Oliver Stanley Burwell (aka Oliver Burwell), has a keen interest in technology and gadgets with experience at Gift Universe Ltd (Menkind and Red5 the ultimate gadget shop) and Vodafone and Samsung.

    Oliver Burwell joined Personal Projector Ltd in Wakefield, as an Ecommerce Assistant in April 2019.

    Call us on 01924 589 589 to find out more about the team or for any employee references of previous members of the Personal Projector team.

  • TouchPanel Deals

    If you are looking to get the best of both worlds, by having a touch panel screen but at the same time have the ability to wirelessly connect up to 64 users mobile devices with total ease, then the Novo Touch panels might be the product for you (available in 65" 75" 86" 98" screen sizes).

    98" NovoTouch Panel with wireless collobaration in-built

    Combining touch screen and wireless presentation solutions into one device can also save you money on buying separate equipment that doesn't always talk to each other so well. The real beauty though is just works out the box without a lot of the hassle you can get with other systems (security, connection issues, installation problems, one-click share etc).

    Designed with large demonstrations in mind the NovoTouch can even share 4K video with ease over its collaboration system. These 4K UHD interactive touch panels are great for the boardroom or the classroom or simply pretending you are a football pundit / BBC Newsreader.

    Collaborate quickly and effectively with this touchpanel and its inbuilt novoenterprise sharing system for up to 64 participants! a 4K Ultra HD screen with NovoEnterprise for sharing, comparing and collaborating in a conference room or the classroom, using one-click management.

    Watch the video of the Vivitek NovoTouch interactive panels being demonstrated at the ISE exhibition by the NovoTouch product manager.

    Moderation and On-screen annotation function keeps you in control of the meeting and you can collaborate in a real time manner thanks to high speed wifi capability. Users can manipulate content with up to 20-points of touch, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation. The LED backlit technology also offers a brighter picture, longer life (minimum of 30,000 hours) and lower energy cost.

    The presentation and collaboration management software provides a meeting host (or the teacher) with the following functions:

    • Connect up to 64 users
    • Four members can present on the screen using a quad-split screen
    • One-click control over who displays
    • Presenter screen preview
    • Secured meeting login
    • Moderator
    • Poll/vote feature that measures audience comprehension

    An anti-glare surface improves the screen visibility in high ambient light environments and a 4mm thick toughened glass provides  added protection against screen damage.

    The NovoTouch LK7530i 75" interactive touch panel is becoming more and more popular and there are some amazing deals on at the moment that are really worth exploring saving you thousands of pounds on buying separate NovoEnterprise or other competitor wireless sharing solutions like Barco or CleverTouch.

    • NovoTouch LK9810i, 98" TouchPanel with NovoEnterprise
    • NovoTouch LK8630i, 86" TouchPanel with NovoEnterprise
    • NovoTouch LK7530i, 75" TouchPanel with NovoEnterprise
    • NovoTouch LK6530i, 65" TouchPanel with NovoEnterprise

    Find out more

  • Huge Projector Sale Now On: Hurry While Stocks Last


    Massive Projector Sale

    If you are looking for some great deals on projectors then February is the time to buy with Personal Projector Sale covering many brands and every application from business/education to home cinema and everything in between.

    With over £1000 off high end projectors, 4k projectors at half price and portable projectors showing up to £100 off, there are some offers on every type of projector whether you need the best bargain on a projector for home cinema, gaming  or just want the latest deal on a 4K or ultra short throw projector.

    For business / schools the Personal Projector Sale also includes top branded short throw projectors and some great deals on 5000 lumen laser projectors from Casio.

    The sale is on for a very limited period with the Acer projector offers ending on Wed 20th Feb and other brands ending at the end of the month or until stock sells out.

    Portable Projectors: Prices from as low as £159 on the Acer C200 or the Acer C101 

    Or why not try the new fantastically solid and well designed Pico Genie Periscope is also on offer and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd with its great looks and swivel lens.

    If your looking for Full HD then there is only one choice, the Vivitek Qumi Q38 now on special offer or the Qumi Q3 Plus at a bargain £399.

    Half Price Home Cinema / 4K / Ultra Short Throw Projectors

    Now is your chance to grab a 4K projector at half price. Acer are offering their acclaimed 4k Acer M550 home cinema projector for half the original retail price.

    Near silent 4k projectors for as little as £869 has to be the bargain of the century (Acer H6810 4k).

    Or if you want to benefit from the latest trend in non-domineering ultra short throw projectors which sit inconspicuously in a cabinet or on a coffee table and beam an image 120" or more onto your wall from just 8 inches away, then try the popular Benq W1600 ultra short throw projector. No expensive installation needed - just plug and go.

    Business / Education The Casio XJ-L800 high brightness laser projector ideal is the ultimate projector offering high brightness and high contrast for the brightest of environments and it has a whopping £1,150 off the price,

    Similar great deals on the Vivitek laser ultra short throw models Vivitek DH765Z / DW763Z with up to £380 off the RRP. For other great business projector deals try the short throw models

    Vivitek DH765Z Ultra Short Throw High Brightness Laser Projector

    Gaming: Fantastic offers on the Acer Z650 Short Throw 2200 lumen Gaming projector from the Acer predator range which gets great reviews and looks red hot.

    Sell all deals - FIND OUT MORE NOW...


  • Fuji Shows Unique UST Projector with Swivel Lens at ISE 2019

    The new FujiFilm Z5000 Projector has been unveiled for the first time. Fuji are perhaps more know for their optics and cameras than they are for projectors, so you maybe surprised to learn Fuji have now entered the projector market. Not since Casio launched their ground breaking laser / LED projectors has the projector market seen such a revolution in a projector.

    Shown at ISE 2019 Exhibition in Amsterdam its sure to impress the market on many levels. Its packed with unique features and has a high specification.  The biggest trick up Fuji's sleeve is, its ability to rotate the lens across 6 different axis with just one twist of the lens.

    From an installation point of view this will prove invaluable to installers, saving them large amounts of time on setup and making it easy to install in spaces where normally a large heavy TV would be required.

    Videos of the Fuji UST Laser Projector in action

    Here are 3 different videos showing the new Fuji UST laser Projector in different locations.

    The first Fuji projector video demonstrates how easy it is with the remote control to move the projector's image across a wall from left to right or up and down. No complex installation needed.

    The second video shows a pre-production version of the Fuji projector demonstrating how the swivel of the lens can change the image to almost anywhere in a 360 degree radius from floor to wall to ceiling.

    Combine the 2 features above of lens shift and swivel lens along with corner correction and vertical and horizontal keystone correction it makes for very quick and easy projector installation.

    Impressive Footprint - The unit is much smaller than you would expect and surprisingly ergonomic in design and wouldn't look out of place even in a consumer environment so we expect this to be very popular with museums, art galleries and large prestigious venues looking for an aesthetically pleasing projector with curved edges and cool greys.

    Fuji Laser UST Projector Specification Details

    • Laser ultra short throw
    • 5500 lumens
    • A 100-inch screen from just 75cm
    • Rotating lens (two-axial rotatable)  projecting 6 different directions in total
      • up, down, front, rear, left and right
      • Portrait / Landscape
      • Ceiling (top) and Floor projection made easier
      • Installation can be either vertical or horizontal for narrower install areas
      • Easily switch between vertical and horizontal display
    • Compact UST -  with a footprint of only 0.18m2  horizontally and just 0.05m2 when placed vertically it opens up many areas for projection where previously you would have to use a large TV. The Fuji model can be concealed easily in much smaller spaces than other projectors
    • Easy Foldaway storage: compact body that turns into a box shape when the lens is folded in
    • Stunning design with beautifully rounded corners
    • All the Pro Install features of a high end projector


    When will the Fuji Projector be available?

    It is expected to be released in June although stock is limited and will be allocated to pre-orders on a first come first serve basis. Its likely only customers who have pre-ordered will secure stock. You can pre-order the FujiFilm Z5000 here. For information on trade pricing please contact us.

  • Pico Genie Launch 3 new amazing mini projectors

    Pico Genie launched 3 exciting new projectors this week profiling a projector with a 90° rotating lens so now you can watch TV or share content on the ceiling or the wall with ease.

    • Pico Genie Periscope
    • Pico Genie Panda
    • Pico Genie Polar

    The models all come at a breakthrough price points and include Android and IOS wireless screen mirroring as well as easy to use interfaces. Apps can also be downloaded from the app store. They are packed with every desirable feature you could want in a portable projector at a great price.

    Watch the video below to find out more about these amazing new ultra portable projectors from only £199.

  • Leeds Light Night Dazzles The City: 4th/5th Oct 2018

    The Leeds Light Night is a free multi-arts and light festival celebrating the diverse and thriving creativity of Leeds. Light Night Leeds is the 14th Leeds projection extravaganza attracting a staggering 80,000 local, national and international visitors.

    Whether its super-lit circus acts, large visual light displays or laser shows, the Leeds Light Night is sure to dazzle all in every corner of the city centre.

    HIGHLIGHTS 2017 Leeds Light Festival

    To get a feel for whats coming tonight for the Leeds Light Festival 2018 take a look at this video of the 2017 highlights

    Highlights of 2017 included an Aerial Circus in Trinity Leeds, and Lampounette and a series of huge desk lamps along Briggate.

    Where to go in 2018?

    This years highlights of the Leeds Light Festival 2018 4th and 5th October will include displays in the areas below with one of the biggest projections on the whole facade of the Queens Hotel in City Square.

    • The Headrow, Town Hall, Millenium Square, Leeds Arena and the University
    • Victoria Shopping Area and Briggate
    • Train Station
    • On the streets around the city


    Leeds Light Festival Map 2018 Where to Go for the Leeds Light Festival


    Plan your trip: Displays to visit Leeds Light Night 2018

    There are so many events planned its best to just wander the city, perhaps starting from the water taxi near the train station and then up towards The Queens Hotel in City Square, then head up towards the Town Hall onto the Headrow, followed by Millenium Square where a large number of events seem to be held.


    Glow - Gandini Juggling - 4th / 5th 8pm to 11pm LEEDS DOCK
    A high energy, high impact slice of the Gandini’s dazzling dance juggling choreography in the beautiful setting of Leeds Dock.

    The Glo Men - LED Suits 4th / 5th 7.30pm ON THE STREETS
    Inspired by Tron, and using state-of-the-art technology, their LED suits perfectly sync colour changes with each other. Infusing dance and fire artistry, the Glo Men deliver high-calibre spectacles.

    BoomBikes - Sound Intervention 4th / 5th 8.15pm / 7.45pm ON THE STREETS
    The BoomBikes are mobile cinemas with powerful sound systems and digital projectors.

    For a full list of events and more info please visit the Whats On Website.

  • Gosho projector alternatives for the UK market

    If you’ve taken a look at Kickstarter or Indiegogo recently, the chances are you’ve seen projectors like the Gosho mini projector which look nice neat little projectors with a fairly decent and also genuine 180 ansi lumens.

    If you are a UK customer then its not so easy to purchase these items in USD and get them shipped over (duty, vat, shipping issues, plugs, UK service, warranties all need to be considered) or wait for months until the product ships just to get the best discounts. If the products start to take forever to arrive then its worth looking at what else is available on your doorstep.

    There are plenty of great mini projector models with higher specs, similar prices and most importantly they come with a UK plug with UK after sales services and UK warranties. You wont ever have the stress of shipping any faulty products all the way back to the USA at $50 a time or pay import duty and VAT when they go back and forth from the USA.

    Great alternative new mini projectors to the Gosho projector are the

    • Acer C200 (200 lumens) - more info
    • Piqs TT (400 lumens with many unique features not on any other - more info
    • Vivitek Qumi Q3 (500 lumens) - more info
    Q3 PIQS C200 Gosho Projector Alternatives

    Or for top specced mini projectors try the

    • Vivitek Qumi Q38 (600 lumens, Full HD) - more info or
    • Pico Genie M550 Plus (650 lumens and every imaginable feature) - more info

    These models will transform your viewing experience in a big way and like the Gosho can be connected wirelessly, or with HDMI and USB, making it easy to view and share any kind of entertainment. They have all been tried and tested in the UK market and most carry 4 star or higher reviews.

    Gosho claims to “surpasses all other mini-projectors on the market with superior picture brightness and unbeatable contrast levels and clarity. You can enjoy HD picture in a regularly-lit room” however at 180 lumens HD DLP then its spec is significantly lower than the 3 mini projectors mentioned above. The PIQS TT and the Qumi in particular are more than double and triple the Gosho’s 180 ansi lumens so there is no need to shut the curtains in normal daylight conditions.

    As with all these models they all offer built-in WIFI so stream content directly from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, and game consoles. Mirror what’s on your screen with AirPlay and HDMI cable.

    GoSho also works with TV boxes and various streaming sticks, so all your favourite shows are right at your fingertips whereas the Piqs, Q3 and M550 already have this built in as well as Android onboard so its so easy to navigate without the need to connect another dongle. Netflix, Youtube etc can be on your device in seconds if its not already preloaded.

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