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Tag Archives: 3M

  • Free Car Charger With Every 3M MPro120

    With our latest special offer you will receive a FREE car charger with every 3M MPro120 LED pocket projector ordered from us online, while stocks last!

    Keep your projector charged and ready on-the-go with this fantastic offer, worth £15!

  • Personal Projector Launches New Products at Gadget Show Live, London ExCel 2012

    Gadget Show Live: November 30th - December 2nd 2012
    Stand M21
    Download this press release here 

    Personal Projector will be exhibiting some unique new projectors at Gadget Show Live this November 30th  –December 2nd 2012. Showcasing wireless streaming from Vivitek, 3M and Casio and mirroring of your Smartphone so you never have to have a small display again.

    1. World’s first CD case sized mini LED projector capable of mirroring Smartphone screens at 85 lumens of brightness on both battery and mains power. This is the brightest and smallest HDMI projector on the market. (Pico Genie P100)
    2. World’s brightest & most colourful portable projector (500 lumens) with wireless Streaming, HD resolution, available in 5 trendy colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White. (Vivitek Qumi Q5). Plus the 300 lumen projector from 3M (MP410) almost the size of a matchbox
    3. The launch of a new great value high powered 250 lumen, HD multimedia projector, a built in battery, great connectivity, offering more features for a low price. (Pico Genie M300)

    £1000 prize draw / products from £99 / Huge savings at the show

    • Personal Projector are offering a chance to win a prize draw worth £1000 for the show! Included is the 3M MP410 projector or a Vivitek Qumi Q5 projector.
    • We are offering up to £200 off 3M Mpro 120 & MPro150 projectors, available now from only £99!!
    • Other: Home cinema without bulbs for Casio and Android mini projectors from 3M


    Pico Genie P100: World’s smallest and brightest HDMI & Smartphone pico projector

    • Pico Genie P100 LED projectorDon’t lose power to your mobile when projecting, the P100 charges your phone as it projects!
    • First ultra compact LED projector with 85 lumens of brightness on BOTH mains as well as battery power
    • Connect & mirror screens of almost all Smartphones, iPads, e-tablets and other HDMI compatible devices.
    • brightest and smallest on the market for its size

    Vivitek Qumi Q5: Wireless projector at 500 lumens

    • The Vivitek Qumi Q5 is the world’s brightest ultra portable projector (500 lumens) for its size with a wide range of connection options.
    • Wireless streaming option: Built in web browser, simply connect an optional Wi-Fi dongle to search or connect a Wi-Fi keyboard and it is even easier.
    • Save content on the 4GB of internal memory and project on the go without connection to a PC or mobile device.
    • First LED projector in the world to come in 5 trendy new high gloss colours (red, yellow and blue, or contemporary black and white).

    Pico Genie M300: New, great value HD multimedia projector

    • One of the first palm projectors to offer HD (WXGA) resolution projection at 250 lumens and have a built in battery offering more features for a lower price.
    • Smaller than an eTablet the device easily fits into the palm of your hand to project or into your bag to take on-the-go.
    • Present movies, images +apps to friends or create presentations on the go for work.

    3M MP410: Wireless Streaming, worlds smallest 300 lumen projector

    • Bright, shiny & incredibly tiny - MP410Imagine sitting at home, wirelessly streaming high definition content from a Smartphone, laptop or tablet through this tiny 3M MP410, 300 lumen projector at up to 100” image size.
    • Sure to be a big hit at the show, the MP410 has the ability to wirelessly share content from small screens with high brightness, just what everyone has been waiting for.

    Pico Genie A100 iPhone Projector: 4-in-one Case + Projector + Charger + Speakers (Save £100)

    • Pico Genie A100 as featured in the Sunday MirrorThe Pico Genie A100 is one of those products you see and go “wow” if you own an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4. It is the world’s first iPhone case with built in projector, allowing you to project images and videos into a 60” image making sharing so much easier
    • Also includes Speakers + Durable Case + Battery Charger.

    3M MP220: Android widescreen projector with high brightness & long battery life

    • Android operating system with 2GB onboard memory.
    • 90mins of battery life at full 65 lumens of brightness.
    • Built in MS Office and PDF viewers plus plug & play setup for ease of use.

    3M MPro120 & MPro150: A breakthrough in brightness, quality v price from £99 (Save £200) 

    • The best value projectors on the market, offering features and accessories normally only available on higher priced models. From £99 they are £200 less than 3M’s original RRP
    • Connect to iPads, Smartphones, Laptops, Games consoles or other AV equipment to share videos, images & presentations with sound. Plug & play setup makes it easy for everyone to use this great pass-through device.
    • Find out more: 3M Mpro120 and 3M MPro150

    Casio XJ-A: Portable LED/Laser home cinema solution

    • Perfect for home cinema with HD (WXGA) resolution.
    • Laser/LED means no expensive bulbs to replace with 20,000+ hours of light source life.
    • Up to 3,000 lumens of brightness so you can get a high quality image wherever you are.
    • Wireless streaming capabilities on selected models.

    Find out more at www.personalprojector.co.uk

  • Make travel easier with hybrid all-in-one devices: Lighter, Brighter and Full of Wow Factor

    Great gadgets for travelling this summer include new hybrid devices which save weight when  travelling and enable you to carry one gadget instead of two. Having to carry only one gadget with you is surely a step forward when you're out and about so why not consider these 3 essential gadgets below which are a big step up from the features you would get on a mobile phone and also compliment it well with extra battery power.

    Camcorder Projector

    Try a camcorder projector 3M CP45 as a handy HD camcorder and HD still pocket camera but with a projector built in so you can instantly share all your photos from each day with everyone at 100" - ive projected video of me on a Segway on the wall of the hotel bar and onto the ceiling to a massive cinematic size. It just looks so much better than looking at a 2 inch screen when its 100" - its like Imax in your pocket.

    All in one iPhone Projection + Battery Charge + Sound Boost + Rugged Case

    Or try the Pico Genie iPhone Projector which is a 4-in-1 device that basically projects everything from your iPhone and charges it at the same time so you never run out of battery on your phone. It acts as an iPhone case + a projector + a speaker + extra battery.

    Energizer Battery: Emergency Power Charge

    Also check out the energizer battery to fuel all your hungry power devices - the new ones can now power 3 gadgets at once while your on the move and they even power projectors turning even mains powered LED projectors into truly mobile projectors.

  • The Universal Power Source for your portable electronic devices


    If you regularly run out of power on your electronic devices, consider the new Energizer backup battery. These high performance, lightweight batteries power everything from pocket projectors to iPads, laptops, cameras and other electronic gadgets and are perfect for holidays! The two new Energizer models hold charge for a whole year! They are now so powerful they can even power portable projectors for up to 6 hours.

    Key Unique Features: Emergency Power Supplies

    • Charge 3 devices at once
      • Power your projector, laptop and smartphone simultaneously with one battery
      • Add from 2 up to 540 hours additional charge to your gadgets*
    • Batteries stay charged for 1 year
      • Once you charge your battery it will hold its charge for 12 months if you don't use it!
    • Total compatibility - Works with all your devices 
      • Power any electronic device.
      • "Free Tips for Life" ensures total compatibility of the battery on all your current and future gadgets.
    • Travel through airports hassle free
      • The batteries contain no acid so do not pose security risks
    Meet the latest Energizer batteries:  
    Energizer  XP8000 (£99.88 Inc. Vat)
    Energizer  XP18000 (£127 Inc. Vat)
    Ideal for: Netbooks, Smartphones, e-Tablets, Music Players, Portable games consoles, digital cameras & more.
    Ideal for: As per the XP8000 model's features plus longer power charges and also ideal for projectors, laptops & more.
     Power your:

    Smartphone for up to 50 hours
    Music player up to 240 hours
    Netbook for up to 3 hours
    Pocket projectors for up to 6 hours
    (Up to 100 lumens)
    Power your:

    Smartphone for up to 112 hours
    Digital camera for up to 7000 extra photos
    Music player for up to 540 hours
    Laptop for up to 6 hours
    Mini palm projectors for up to 2 hours
    (Up to 300 lumens)
    Compatible Projectors:
    All LED Pocket projectors including: 3M MPro120, 3M MPro150, 3M MP180, Optoma PK301+ and more
    LED Palm Projectors including: LumaFire M200, Vivitek Qumi Q2,  Viewsonic PLED-W200
    Up to 2 hours of extra charge

     Why choose portable power?

    Charge and power up to 3 devices at once
    Can be charged up to 500 times
    Longest industry 3 year warranty
    Charge, temperature and short-circuit protection
    Comes Pre-Charged out of the box
    Just plug it in for instant power
    No more bulky AC adapters and messy cords
    Charge and discharge at the same time
    Energy star certified with full charge auto shut off
  • Smartphone & iPhone Projector Review Comparison

    iPhone Projector Review: Pico Projectors compatible with iPhone / iPod / iPad / iTouch & Android Smartphones

    There are a whole host of projectors out there that are compatible with Apple iPhone, iPod or all the various iPad models etc, but how do you know which iPod projector is right for you? Below are some of the top rated, compatible projectors for your portable Apple devices:

    Pico Genie A100 – This is the world’s first 4-in-1 accessory for the iPhone 4/ 4siphone battery extender plus pico projector plus speakers plus protective iphone case and iPod Touch that incorporates a Pico projector, extended battery/ charger, speaker and rugged case design. Simply dock in an iPhone / iPod and use it as a handheld, LED, pico projector to share your photos & videos. It is the original and best of its kind on the market with DLP technology for brighter, higher contrast, higher quality images.

    Download the FREE new ProjOut app here in order to share webpages, photos (without slideshow mode), PDF’s and you can even project your camera as a live video feed and much more...

    3M MPro120 / 3M MPro150 (Best Price iPhone Projector) – Both of these great value for money handheld LED Pico projectors will connect to your iPhone / iPod / iPad with the optional cable (available here).  It enables you to project out photo and video content stored on your iPhone/ iPod straight from the palm of your hand, making them the ultimate gadgets and personal projectors.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2 (Best Phone Projector) – The palm sized Qumi Q2 comes with FREE apple AV cables for the iPhone / iPod / iPad which lets you project out photo & video content stored on your device. You can view your content at up to a 90” (diagonal) image size in high definition (720p, WXGA resolution) almost anywhere with its 300 lumens of brightness with this mini projector.

    3M MP180 – Purchase a 3M MP180 LED pico projector with the optional iPhone cable (available here) and you will be able to project out photo and video content stored on your Apple device. This Mini projector is great for business use and has Bluetooth transfer capability to send files to the device’s 4GB onboard memory.

    More projectors, Most of the Pico projector range is compatible with Apple devices and Smartphones, you just need to ensure that it has the right cable to connect to yours. If you are unsure, take a look at your device’s manual or website to find out what you will need.

    Mirroring the screen of your device for projecting Apps and more...

    One thing to remember when linking any Apple device to a projector is that Apple have restricted what you can output from all their devices. However, there are simple ways around this such as the ProjectOut App listed above on the Pico Genie A100 for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 

    Alternatively, Apple now also supply a mirroring cable for the iPad 2 and iPad 3 which allows you to mirror everything on screen exactly as you see it on your projected screen. These are available directly from Apple and do exactly what it says on the packet, letting you view everything you see on your screen through the projector. Great for sharing Apps, texts and more...

    If you dont have any of those devices eg you have an iPhone 3 then you can still purchase standard (cheaper iPhone AV cables) on this website that allow you to project photos directly from your iPod and in many cases you can also project BBC iPlayer or YouTube videos. The only company not playing by the rules still seems to be Sky with their SkyGo App as they do not allow any projection which is a real shame as its the perfect application. The only solution to this we know of means hacking your phone which is not something we would really recommend!

    Android Projector Phones (HDMI projection)

    Dont worry if you havent got the latest Samsung Beam projector phone as you can still have the best of both worlds with your existing smartphone by purchasing any of the companion pico projectors listed above. Not wanting to leave Android out of the equation many of the new Smartphones now such as the Samsung Galaxy or HTC phones have HDMI video out which will allow you to also project your photos, videos and in some cases your entire screen (check with your manufacturer or network providor).

    Again you will need to purchase these AV cables for projecting out seperately.

  • 3M MP220 Pocket Projector Review: Best in Class

    3M are releasing the 3M MP220 Mid June and its touted as the pocket projector with best battery life versus brightness ratio on the market! It uniquely boasts the ability to project at 50 lumens brightness for up to 2 hours or at 65 lumens for up to 1.5 hours on battery power alone which is higher than any other projector on the market! Connect the 3M MP220 to your laptop or tablet/iPad for a truly flexible business tool, or simply use the onboard Android system with PowerPoint viewers and 2GB memory to display the ultimate presentations. Pre-order yours now on personalprojector.co.uk, stock expected mid June.

    • Best battery: Stream media for up to 2 hours at 50 lumens (battery) or at 65 lumens for 1.5 hours (mains)
    • Best resolution in its class
    • Inbuilt Android operating system for advanced capabilities



    Never run out of power again

    If you’re using a projector for business the last thing you want is not being able to see the image projected or not being able to have enough power to get you through that last presentation of the day so having the best battery life at 2 hours is a real bonus for business users or even those just wanting to watch a movie at 65 lumens without connecting to the mains. Overall the 3M MP220 is the best pico pocket projector available for brightness, quality resolution and extended battery life.

    Highest resolution and image quality in its class

    Combine the above with WSVGA resolution (best in class), a bright LED light source which allows projection in most meeting room environments for 20-30,000 hours, as well as instant on/off technology and it is clear the MP220 is one of the most useful projectors for travelling.

    Android - Customisable to suit your needs

    Discover a new way of projection with the MP220’s Android operating system which means you can download your favourite apps to improve your presentations or just have fun with the thousands of apps now available for download...

    Great for business users

    Coupled with battery power, impressive image quality and a customisable Android system it’s easy to see why the 3M MP220 is perfect business users on the move. Load content directly onto the 3M mobile projector and leave your laptop at home, with its 2GB onboard memory, Micro SD (expandable upto 32GB) slot and micro USB to make sure you’re always ready to go. Alternatively, utilise the VGA, composite or component connection for great quality projection.

    Overall, the 3M MP220 LED projector is unbeatable for truly portable projection. In terms of brightness, image quality and battery life it is ideal for business users with presentations or photos/videos. Unlike many of its competitors the 3M is designed from the ground up to be used on battery (as well as mains) and provides higher brightness on battery than any other pico projector so you wont be faced with a dim performance.

    Pre-Order now at www.personalprojector.co.uk for £389.99 inc. Vat.

    Visit the product page here for more information…

  • Gadget Show Live 3M/ Personal Projector announce groundbreaking products, prices & competitions

    At this year’s Gadget Show Live, Personal Projector Ltd has teamed up with 3M to exhibit some groundbreaking new products in wireless streaming and high powered pocket projection. There will also be some amazing bargains with up to £200 off certain projectors, now from only £99.

    Even if you are not going to the show we are offering the chance to win a Free ticket to the Friday, Saturday or Sunday show as well as the opportunity to enter our competition to win the new 3M MP410. Read on to find out more.

    On the 3M / Personal Projector Stand: Offers / Competition / World First demo

      • The world’s smallest LED projector at 300 lumens, capable of wirelessly streaming content from most Smartphones, tablets or laptops (3M MP410)
      • A new high brightness camcorder projector: Instantly record and projector photos or videos at surprisingly high quality (3M CP45)
      • The launch of a new high powered pocket projector from 3M, (3M MP220)
      • Bargains galore: A breakthrough in high quality projectors at low prices, previously £200, now from only £99!!
      • Competitions are always popular on the Gadget Show so we are offering a chance to win a free ticket to the show as well as win the new MP410 wireless projector worth £500!!

    Win a Free Ticket to the Show

    ‘Like’ Personal Projector on Facebook for a chance to win a free ticket to the show on Fri 13th-to Sun 15th April at Birmingham’s NEC arena.

    New Products

    1. 3M MP410 Wireless Projector - Last year Personal Projector narrowly missed out on having ‘product of the show’ due to a lack of wireless streaming capability by the Pico Projectors.
    This year it has arrived!

    The 3M MP410 is the world’s smallest 300 lumen projector with wireless streaming capabilities and high definition image output.

    Bring along a Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone and see how great the wireless streaming capabilities of the new 3M MP410 are by projecting photos and videos at huge image sizes.

    2. Camcorder Projector  - New all in one video camcorder with  high brightness pico projector built in so its one click record and project to share movies & photos. Find out more

    3. 3M MP220 - Due for release this month, the new super compact and bright LED battery mobile projector connects to almost any device, projects at 65 lumens and includes on-board memory.

    Price Breakthrough

    1. 3M MPro120: Now only £99

    The 3M Mpro120 is the best value for money projector on the market today, saving you up to £200 and offering features and accessories normally only available on higher priced models. It includes a carry case, tripod, 4 hour battery life, 0.5w speakers and the best “price to brightness ratio”.

    It can be connected to  iPads, Smartphones, Laptops, Games consoles or other AV equipment, plus with plug & play setup it is easy for everyone to share movies, images & presentations with sound on this great pass-through device.

    Visit the product page here for more info...

    2. 3M MPro150: Now only £149

    With its 15 lumens of brightness, 2GB interchangeable Micro SD card and integrated speakers, you can download presentations from a computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, videocam or PDA and share from the 3M MPro 150.

    The MPro150 supports the most popular applications in the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe PDF, plus movie, photo and music files. Run whole presentations or show images and videos with one powerful, pocket sized projector.

    Visit the product page here for more info ...

    Find us at Gadget Show Live, Birimingham NEC, 10th to 15th April,

    Stand D172 Hall 10 - next to the Hub Theatre

  • Bright, Shiny & Incredibly Tiny: 3M Launches new MP410 wireless streaming pico projector

    3M have recently announced the release of the 3M MP410, the world's smallest 300 lumen LED palm projector. The killer feature of this projector however is its ability to use an optional dongle and steam content directly from your mobile, laptop or tablet/ iPad. It is available for Pre-Order now from Personal Projector at an exclusive £25 Pre-Order discount until April 9th. With a strap line of "Bright, shiny and incredibly tiny", you can expect great things from this as a pocketable device, including two world firsts:

    Bright, shiny & incredibly tiny - MP4101. Stream media from your mobile!
    2. Smallest 300 lumen Pico projector we've seen!

    Stream from your Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop
    The most impressive feature has to be the adoption of the new downloadable application for your portable media devices. This works in conjunction with the brilliant wireless adapter (optional) to enable you to wirelessly stream content to the 3M MP410. Leave your laptop at home and make your presentation from your mobile device or stream images in your lounge directly from your phone: The app is compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone/ iPad or Android device.

    Bright & Tiny (300 lumens)!
    This is the world's smallest pico projector with 300 lumens so it doesn't hold back in the specification stakes with WXGA/720p resolution, HDMI, VGA & USB connectivity as well as wireless streaming capabilities. The super bright LED light source allows you to present in most meeting room environments, as well as use instant on/off technology so that is is ready to present when you are.

    Enhanced memory & connectivity
    You may prefer to load content directly onto the 3M mobile projector. 3M MP410's 1Gb onboard memory, micro SDHC (upto 32GB) or USB to make sure you're always ready to go. Alternatively, you can utilise the HDMI or VGA connection for great quality projection. Also, it comes with a VGA cable and carry case as well to make your presentations run smoothly every time.

    Overall, the 3M MP410 LED projector is the one to beat right now, simply because of its size, brightness image quality and not least the amazing wireless capabilities. Pre-Order now at www.personalprojector.co.uk for £475 inc. Vat (offer lasts until 9th April 2012 only) pre launch.

    Visit the product page here for more information...

  • T3 Pico Projector round-up for March 2012

    3M CP45: ‘Hitting the slopes this season?’

    3M CP45 Camcorder Projector. Record your extreme sporting sessions and instantly project them back!


    3M’s new CP45 is great for capturing your extreme sporting adventures and projecting

    them back onto “a 65-inch wall in the lodge for après-ski appraisal by fellow dudes, brahs and gnarly bailers”
    3M’s new CP45 camcorder projector will record your gnarliest bails (do extreme sports types still say stuff like that?) in 720p HD and then throw them onto a 65-inch wall in the lodge for après-ski appraisail by fellow dudes, brahs and gnarly bailers. £250 from www.personalprojector.co.uk

    CES 2012 special: Turn your wall into a touchscreen with Microsoft PicoMagicYour wall is now a Touchscreen with Microsoft PicoMagic

    If you’re tired of “struggling through dull PowerPoint presentations” then the wait for an innovative, novel way to brighten them up may soon be over “courtesy of Microsoft’s PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine and PicoMagic Apps”. A combination of the two will allow 3D presentations & an interactive Touchscreen on any suitable wall space. “It’s also primed for gamers who want to get closer to the action” creating a world of new possibilities for interactive gaming.

    £TBC, out late 2012

  • The Top LED portable/pocket projectors for business or personal use are....

    This article is now out of date, for the updated version please follow the link to our review of the best performing portable projectors for 2017.


    If you’re looking for the best LED portable projector to fit your specific requirements, there are a whole host of factors to take into consideration ranging from resolution, birghtness (lumens) and features such as DLP (contrast enhancements) and features such as connectivity to ipads, HDMI and the ability to connect without a laptop.

    We've broken down the list of projectors into 2 categories: Business Use and Consumer Use and the business use ones considerably overalap with consumer use and most are also good for gaming purpososes with connectivity via HDMI, VGA or AV.

    Top for Personal use:

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, lightest and brightest hybrid between pocket & palm projector is the best projector we have seen to date on the market with 300 lumens, WXGA resolution and a 90” image means it can handle anything you want to display in rich colour with DLP. Its the one to beat across all categories.

    Lumafire M200

    One of the newer models popular with busines users in the recession is the LumaFire M200 palm projector which offers excellent value for money. It is feature packed with a remote & tripod, offers 100 lumens of brightness has HDMI/USB/SD compatibility and yet remains remarkably small & light and extensive connectivity.

    3M MP180

    3M offer a robust gadget for those concerned with features. 4GB of onboard memory, a cool touch screen with Microsoft office, 2 hour battery, WiFi & Bluetooth. The ‘office’ compatibility and battery power make this a perfect choice for the business user on the go.

    Adapt 305/ iGo UP2020

    These 2 pocket projectors offer great value for money and connectivity all in one with a good image quality. The Adapt 305 comes with everything you need to go and play right out of the box. i.e. Free Apple cable, 4GB memory, tripod & remote. The iGo is smaller albeit not quite as bright but it includes multiple connection options including HDMI and also offers higher contrast via DLP playback for richer colour, It also won an award at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for design. In fact, the igo UP2020 is a hot-buy for Xmas 2011!

    Microvision SHOWWX/SHOWWX+

    Welcome to the world's first 'infinite focus' laser pocket projector; it's smaller and lighter than an iPhone with a mammoth 5000:1 contrast ratio that beats all others in its class. Included in the package is a set of Apple cables to connect to your iPhone4/iPad2 meaning you can connect to any device with a Composite TV/Video-Out to create a rich screen up to 100". There is also a VGA dock accessory for this device to connect to a laptop. Great for gaming.

    Top for professional use:

    Casio (Pro-portable range)

    The Casio range of projectors offer the best equivalent image of a tradional projector in a form that will easily fit into a laptop carry case. If you’re looking for something that will offer a more professional output with quality build then a Casio XJA projector is ideal. High brightness ratings starting at 2000 lumens, combined with high contrast ratios mean that you can present in most lighting conditions. It also offer streaming capabilities from your laptop.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, Lightest & Brightest hybrid between pocket & palm will offer you the professional output you need whilst still fitting into your overcoat pocket. WXGA resolution, a 90” screen with DLP technology will promote your presentations in rich detail and can handle video demonstrations too. 300 lumens of brightness mean that you are able to project in normal lighting conditions and maintain portability. It has a powerpoint, excel, word and pdf viewer built in too so you can leave your laptop at home and just travel with the projector.

    Lumafire M200

    See above.
    Lumafire offer a hybrid all rounder perfect for business, personal use and travel and great value for money.

    3M MP180

    See above.
    2 hour battery life at full brightness & and 80” screen mean that you can display presentations on the go.

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