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Tag Archives: 4k tv box

  • NEW: World's First DLP 4K Projector, Acer V9800

    4K has been threatening to become the next big thing in the consumer AV world for some time now, however 4K projectors have always been too big, too complex and most of all too expensive to make much of an impact in the world of consumer electronics.

    Thanks to Acer, that is thankfully no longer the case! In creating the first DLP 4K projector, the V9800, the electronics giant has made an effort to bring 4K projection down to an affordable price. With the V9800 being under £4,000 on Personal Projector, it's a fraction of the cost of other 4K projectors on the market which can easily set you back an eye-watering £45,000. That's a quite remarkable difference in price, but how does the performance measure up?

    In a word: great! The Acer V9800 makes use of a single DLP chip, which, for the videophiles out there, means there won't be any issues regarding misaligned panels which can affect the image quality. This means you'll get "ruthless clarity" and "blade-like detail" (Home Cinema Choice Magazine, May 2017 issue) in every frame. What's more, it's HDR10 compatible, offering high image clarity with "HDR performance that is genuinely surprising for a projector" (HCC Magazine).

    Make no mistake, the Acer V9800 is a big unit that requires a proper install, but once that's done you'll be able to witness the full power of 4K projection, complete with vibrant colours, deep blacks and unparalleled detail. If you've been looking to set up the ultimate home cinema system, look no further than the Acer V9800!


    "This 4K DLP debutant delivers a sometimes stunning UHD HDR performance, aided by clarity and luminance★★★★ - Home Cinema Choice magazine

    "The V9800 is a game-changer in home cinema projection." - 9/10 Trusted Reviews

  • CES 2017 Day 3: Gaming Laptops, 4K TV Boxes, Smart Beds and More - LIVE UPDATES

    It's our third day of CES coverage - as always, check this blog throughout the day for rolling updates! See our previous two days here (4th Jan) and here (5th Jan).

    Meet Kuri

    Robots are a big part of CES every year, and 2017 is no different. Stealing the show this year is Kuri the adorable house robot! He isn't just a pretty face, with smart processors, cameras behind his eyes and live streaming capability so he can keep watch in your house while you're out. He'll respond to sound and touch too, and will display a coloured light that reflects his emotions. If he runs low on charge, he'll automatically take himself off for a power nap at his charging unit. If it's all sounding a bit like Wall-E, that might be because Kuri's designer is an ex-Pixar employee who worked on that film!

    World First: Tri-Screen Laptop


    Gaming laptop specialists Razer have raised (or should that be widened) the bar with their gorgeous triple-screen laptop. The two additional screens slide out from behind the main display automatically, giving you a display unlike any other laptop on the market right now. Named Project Valerie, it's only a prototype at this stage, but in the high-end gaming market, this could well be a game changer.

    Smart Beds


    If you're having trouble getting the perfect mattress, or you always want the cold side of the pillow, this gadget could well be the bed of your dreams (sorry...). The Sleep Number 360 learns your sleeping habits and patterns and tracks how you move in your sleep. It can then automatically adjust mattress firmness, support, angle and temperature to name but a few configurations, meaning you can drift off in peace.

    4K TV Boxes


    There's been a lot of buzz about the new breed of TVs this year so naturally many companies are trying to follow that with the very latest in TV Box technology. One impressive model is the Nvidia Shield and its voice-controlled assistant Nvidia Spot, which offers full 4K capabilities as well as an Android OS for apps and other handy functions.

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