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  • New breed of mini LED projectors create best value for schools

    Schools are starting to see the benefits of using pico and palm projectors as a means of saving money and space. This new trend has become a great way to engage pupils visually in all areas of the school and not just with a fixed overhead projector. The projectors give the flexibility to project onto any surface (or even each other) as a creative and engaging way for pupils to learn. As proven by one school, who has used the projector at a zoo to morph people into chimpanzees.

    There are some clear benefits for teachers, as this new range of projectors takes up less space and doesn't need to be professionally installed. Moreover, these micro projectors are more environmentally friendly (with no mercury and low power consumption) and can save thousands of pounds on running costs over the average life of a projector as they require no expensive lamp replacements.

    A main interest comes from the number of new features which are being added to the mini LED projector's. In addition to the increase in brightness and decrease in size, projectors are being released with features such as in built Digital TV. The new Adapt 450 Pro has 100 lumens of brightness, 1.5 hour battery, USB and SD card slot. Teachers can connect via these simple external devices to transfer hassle free into teaching to minimise disruption.

    The new range of LED projectors were displayed at the TES Education Show 2010 in Manchester and have impressed the education community with amazing connectivity, portability, size and price. Clare Kelly, the Assistant Head at Dane Royd J&I, Wakefield, is a regular user of this new technology. "Last week the children were creating animations using digital cameras and were able to share them easily with the handheld projectors." She says. "Children like immediate results and being able to show off their work to others. In this lesson, memory cards containing the animations were quickly transferred from the cameras to the pocket projectors. This meant children could easily share their work with the group or the whole class by projecting it onto tabletops, walls and even the ceiling. It's an approach that has certainly improved speaking and listening, and the children's presenting skills."

    The move over to LED will certainly increase over the next year as the LED revolution takes hold and schools search for best value as well as great features. There is a whole range of LED projectors available ranging from something that fits in the pocket such as theAdapt 305, the worlds brightest pocket projector, to mid range projectors suitable for presenting to the entire classroom or Casio projectors which are perfect for the school hall or connecting to smartboards.

    For more information contact us or call 0845 121 8800 for expert advice on which projector is right for you.

    This post was written by Oliver. Want to talk to him? Do it here

  • Gadget Show Web TV profiles 3 new projectors..

    To see the Gadget Show video of the new Adapt 210, Adapt 450 and Adapt 450 Pro with Digital TV and the Adapt 305 click here

    Please note that the Adapt 210 is no longer available.

  • Gadget Show Live: Full Press Release

    Full Press Release

    Personal Projector launches another world first: Battery Powered LED Mini Palm projector with onboard digital TV, SD & USB slot for under £500!

    Personal Projector are returning to the Gadget Show Live exhibition for the second year running with some truly innovative gadgets, great prizes and yet more world firsts.

    On the stand (B13) you can find the very latest new models in LED & Laser projectors from Adapt, 3M and Casio as well as some of the best selling pico projectors from Aiptek.

    Adapt 450 & 450 Pro Launch

    The major event this year will be the launch of the Adapt 450 Pro Palm Projector. Not only is this one of the tiniest palm projectors ever seen, it also has 100 LED lumens of brightness, extended battery life and a built in digital TV so you can now watch TV literally anywhere on a giant screen.

    The Adapt 450 Pro can beam an image of over 150" of live TV so it's the perfect purchase for watching this year's World Cup or ensuring you have mobile cinema screen entertainment anytime, anyplace in the workplace or on holiday.

    The 450 Pro includes a VGA slot for projecting direct from laptops as well as an AV slot for use with iPods, iPhones and other AV out devices, like DVD players. It also offers rear projection at the flick of a button on the remote control.

    This is not only one of the smallest ever palm projectors, it is also one of the first projectors to offer both a USB port and a standard SD card slot, supporting 32GB capacity so you can use the projector independently of any other device. The 450 Pro will come with a whopping 4000mAH external battery making it also the first truly portable lightweight mini projector on the market with an added bonus of TV built in. There will also be an extended battery available offering 1.5 hours of playback.

    The 450 Pro will be available online from www.personalprojector.co.uk and at the Gadget Show Live event with an expected retail price £499.

    There will also be a standard version (Adapt 450) available without the digital TV for £399

    Adapt launch 210 Pico Projector one of Best Value Picos on market (20 lumens, 4gb onboard memory, USB connection to laptop) (THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED)

    The new Adapt 210 is a stunningly designed pocket projector and will be a firm favourite for many as it offers such great value.  At just under £200 its not only one of the brightest projectors on the market but it also offers excellent connectivity with USB connection (for laptops) as well as 4gb of onboard memory.

    The Adapt 210 is also by far the lightest pocket projector we've ever tested.

    Overall with 20 lumens brightness, onboard memory and stunning design for less than £200, the Adapt 210 is set to be one of the most popular pocket projectors ever launched.

    3M Mpro 150 micro projector launch

    The 3M Mpro 150 will be on sale for the first time in the UK at the Gadget Show and will be available at a very special introductory price for Gadget Show visitors with a whopping £50 discount (Reduced from £349.99 to £299.99).

    The new 3m Mpro 150 is the perfect business pocket projector as it offers some very unique features which no other pico projectors offer and its also now one of the brightest pico projectors available.

    • The first pico projector with viewer for ppt, pdf & office docs - perfect for business with less need for file conversions
    • Truly amazing zoom feature means you can see even the smallest text on a document
    • Storage: 1GB of built in memory on projector SD card
    • 2gb Micro SD card included in the box
    • VGA connection for laptops and SD card with 1gb onboard memory
    • 15 lumens brightness so amongst the highest available
    • World plug
    • 2 hour battery life (4 hours on the Mpro 120 but 150 is brighter)
    • Case plus all cables for laptop and AV devices (composite cable)

    Casio Laser LED Projector

    This projector really is the future of projection whether its for business, travel, training, education or just for pleasure. This is the first major exhibition in the UK where the Casio 2,000 lumens laser LED projector can be seen and purchased at the stand.

    Casio XJ series is a true revolution in projection and is the first laser combined LED projector offering a staggering 2,000 lumen brightness. With 20,000 hours lamp life and no loss in image performance over its lifetime, you will save at least £500 - £1,500 on bulbs over 3 years. Power costs are also reduced and the projector is practically maintenance free.

    The Casio XJ's ultra thin and lightweight design means it is truly portable allowing it to easily squeeze into your laptop bag.

    The product is also available with USB and WLAN so can work as a stand alone projector.


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