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  • ‘Compare Projectors’ Facility Now Available

    All customers are now able to use our new 'Compare Projectors' facility on personalprojector.co.uk. This great comparison feature allows you to line up the products you are interested in against one another and see all their features compared in a simple table. Designed to provide you with more information in an easy format, the 'Compare Projectors' facility will really make those difficult buying decisions so much easier as you can assess which product fits your requirements best.

    We've put together a step by step guide on using the Comparison tool...

    1. On the bottom of each product you will see the "Compare" button (as below)...


    In order to start comparing projectors click 'Compare' on the products which you wish to compare. This will then add the projectors to a private list.

    2. Once you have selected all the products you would like to compare. Scroll to the top of the page and click 'Compare' to get started.


    3. You will now be taken to the comparison table where you can analyse the products you have selected, side by side. Below we have taken a snippet from the Pico Genie M550 and Pico Genie M400 Pro comparison table - see how it helpfully allows you to compare product specifications.



    We hope that you find the 'Compare Projectors' facility useful. Head over to our range of projectors to start comparing! You may also find our Image Quality Report blog useful which ranks our products according to the image quality they provide.

    Compare pico projectors - Compare ultra portable projectors - Compare portable pro projectors

    If you are still not sure, use our contact form here or call us on 0845 121 8800.

    Updated 14/07/2016 by Alex Boardman

  • T3 Awards 2015: the Entertainment Award is Announced






    Who won this years T3 Entertainment Award?

    The T3 awards are acknowledged as being the “Oscars Of Tech” and are a celebration of the best gadgets and services from the last 12 months - many of which have revolutionised the way we live.

    The Entertainment Award is a chance for some of the biggest tech companies to be recognised for their efforts in providing excellent entertainment services!

    The nominations for this prestigious award are Amazon Prime Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, Google Chromecast, Netflix and Sky Go. So who do you think was this years winner?

    We can confirm that the winner of this years award was Amazon Prime Instant Video!

    Amazon offers a buffer-free HD streaming service, something the others just cannot match. With an updated catalogue Amazon also provides the user an option to download content and watch it when they’re away from an internet connection.



    So what’s the point of all this incredible content if you don’t have anything decent to play it on?

    Personal Projector have the perfect solution to meet your ever-changing needs, whether it be a home cinema or a portable player. Hooking up your streaming service to a Projector couldn’t be easier!

    Here are some of our most popular projectors, all designed to create the ultimate viewing experience:

    Pico Genie M400 Pro- http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/projectors/by-size/ultra-portable/m400-pro.html

    NEW: Vivitek Qumi Q6 Black- http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/projectors/by-size/ultra-portable.html

    Vivitek Qumi Q5 Blue- http://www.personalprojector.co.uk/projectors/by-size/ultra-portable/qumi-q5-blue.html


    Call us on 0845 121 8800 and we can find the best projector for you.


  • 3 Ways to Connect Your Apple/Android Device to Your Projector: Wired vs Wireless



    Want to Link Your Apple/Android device to your Projector with a Pico Genie portable projector? Here are 3 options to connect your tablet, smartphone (Android or Apple) to a portable mini projector.

    1. Connect Projector Wirelessly with in-built wireless:-
      • Pico Genie M550 Plus (Screen Mirroring/Miracast ideal for Android) has superb instant connectivity with full screen mirroring and the ability to surf online at the same time without going through an app. The dongle is therefore built-in. Mirroring from Apple devices is achieved through the Happycast app, which comes installed on the projector.
      • Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus – this is a 500 lumen projector which has DLNA inbuilt (ios Apple compatible) and connects via wifi in the same way as the chromecast dongles. Effectively its got the dongle built in.
    2. Connect Projector via HDMI wire - via Apple Digital AV adaptors for tablets, phones (see this for full details iPad/ iPhones) or to MacBooks
    3. Connect Wirelessly via HDMI dongles
      • Ideal for mirroring your device’s screen eg using Apple TV or Chromecast dongles
      • This Computerworld article is the most comprehensive explanation of pros and cons and it lists 10 dongles.
      • Bear in mind you might still need power to the dongle. If using the Pico Genie P200  this one has a USB power out feature so it can power the dongle and so it doesn’t have wires trailing to a plug.

    These unique features of the Pico Genie projectors make them very popular with anyone wanting to connect via wire or wire free.

  • Alternative products to the end of line, Adapt 305

    After more than 2 years the Adapt 305 pocket projector is now ‘end of line’ and is no longer available. Having served as one of the best pocket projectors on the market we've put together a list of the next generation alternative pocket projectors.

    Adapt 305 projector was 45 lumens, VGA, Battery and £269 inc vat. :-

    • Vivitek Qumi Q2 (300 lumens, WXGA, WiFi, Battery optional, i-ready) - £459: Best Overall
    • 3M MP180 (30 lumens, VGA, Wifi, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, MS Office inc PPT & PDF readers): Closest to Adapt 305 and feature packed
    • LumaFire M200 (100 lumens, XGA, HDMI, USB/SD): Best Value (without battery)
    • Pico Genie A100 (iPhone sleeve projector case, 15 lumens DLP): Most convenient, simplest and Easiest
    • 3M MP220 (65 lumens, Android, up to 2 hrs battery life, 2GB internal memory, VGA)
    • Optoma PK301+

    Qumi Q2

    Only slightly  larger than the Adapt 305 this is the best overall alternative pocket

    Vivitek Qumi Q2 projector, perfect replacement for Adapt 305


    projector. Superior image quality sets this projector apart. It’s the first of its kind to offer WXGA resolution (1200 x 800), be 720p compliant and the only one to offer 300 lumens with DLP.  It’s the brightest HD ready mini LED projector ever produced and comes with all the connections and cables you will need, including extras such as free iPhone/iPad cables.

    Weighing only 617g (1.4 pounds) and easily fitting in the palm of your hand, whether you want to present PowerPoint slides to 20 people in a boardroom or simply watch a movie then this is the perfect product for you.

    We are currently offering an exclusive 3 year warranty as opposed to the 12 month standard warranty and a free Wi-Fi dongle as well as the option to buy and attach a battery dock (available separately from us).

    If you can afford it, this is the best projector currently available as packed with so many features.

    See the full press release here
    Visit the Vivitek Qumi Q2’s product page for a more detailed specification

    LumaFire M200

    Whilst slightly larger than the Adapt 305, the LumaFire M200 still easily fits in the

    LumaFire M200 portable LED projector, a perfect replacement for the Adapt 305


    palm of your hand and weighs not much more than a couple of iPhones.

    Described as "awesome" by Jason Bradbury at Gadget Show Live 2011. This amazing new 100 lumen palm projector offers XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and enhanced colour technology. HDMI input allows connection to most modern electronic devices, combined with composite, VGA, USB and SD input meaning that you’re covered for almost any device.

    The projector has similar dimensions to the iphone (13 x 12.7 x 4.9 cm / 5.1 x 5 x 1.9 inches),  weighs just 500g and comes with a very small lightweight power pack. Overall it’s our best value for money projector, suitable for business, education, training, personal use, gaming or travel.

    Visit the Lumafire M200’s product page for a more detailed specification

    Pico Genie A100

    The Pico Genie A100 is the World’s First Pico projector case for iPhone 4/ 4s/ iPod

    Pico Genie A100, a perfect replacement for the Adapt 305


    Touch with built in + speakers + extended battery.  The Pico Genie A100 offers even greater portability than the 305, you no longer have to make the compromise between portability and a large screen with an Apple device! Charge your iPhone/iPod or simply watch TV, videos, or photos on a large screen from the built in Pico projector.

    ‘This is a very useful device...and a very good idea, good concept and good design. We like it.’ – Suzi Perry, Channel 5’s Gadget Show

    After being  awarded 4/5 stars by Stuff TV, featuring in T3 as a top iPhone 4s case of 2012 and appearing on the Gadget show as a top gift, we think that this is the perfect gift for apple users  thinking of using a Pico projector.

    "This could be the smallest way to the biggest pictures" - Stuff Tv

    Switch on and explore, whether you’re presenting on the move or just making long conversations and like the peace of mind from the protective casing.

    Visit the Pico Genie A100’s product page for a more detailed specification


    3M MP220

    The 3M Mobile Projector MP220 uniquely provides a new level of battery life (up to 2 hours) at the highest lumen rating of any pico projector, making it perfect for carrying out presentations anywhere or for watching the occasional movie at home or whilst travelling.

    "offering portability, quality, brightness, and that all important battery life all-in-one is the key difference here" - Slash Gear

    An Android based operating system allows for user customisation to enhance usability through useful applications.

    Visit the 3M MP220's product page for a more detailed specification

  • The Top LED portable/pocket projectors for business or personal use are....

    This article is now out of date, for the updated version please follow the link to our review of the best performing portable projectors for 2017.


    If you’re looking for the best LED portable projector to fit your specific requirements, there are a whole host of factors to take into consideration ranging from resolution, birghtness (lumens) and features such as DLP (contrast enhancements) and features such as connectivity to ipads, HDMI and the ability to connect without a laptop.

    We've broken down the list of projectors into 2 categories: Business Use and Consumer Use and the business use ones considerably overalap with consumer use and most are also good for gaming purpososes with connectivity via HDMI, VGA or AV.

    Top for Personal use:

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, lightest and brightest hybrid between pocket & palm projector is the best projector we have seen to date on the market with 300 lumens, WXGA resolution and a 90” image means it can handle anything you want to display in rich colour with DLP. Its the one to beat across all categories.

    Lumafire M200

    One of the newer models popular with busines users in the recession is the LumaFire M200 palm projector which offers excellent value for money. It is feature packed with a remote & tripod, offers 100 lumens of brightness has HDMI/USB/SD compatibility and yet remains remarkably small & light and extensive connectivity.

    3M MP180

    3M offer a robust gadget for those concerned with features. 4GB of onboard memory, a cool touch screen with Microsoft office, 2 hour battery, WiFi & Bluetooth. The ‘office’ compatibility and battery power make this a perfect choice for the business user on the go.

    Adapt 305/ iGo UP2020

    These 2 pocket projectors offer great value for money and connectivity all in one with a good image quality. The Adapt 305 comes with everything you need to go and play right out of the box. i.e. Free Apple cable, 4GB memory, tripod & remote. The iGo is smaller albeit not quite as bright but it includes multiple connection options including HDMI and also offers higher contrast via DLP playback for richer colour, It also won an award at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for design. In fact, the igo UP2020 is a hot-buy for Xmas 2011!

    Microvision SHOWWX/SHOWWX+

    Welcome to the world's first 'infinite focus' laser pocket projector; it's smaller and lighter than an iPhone with a mammoth 5000:1 contrast ratio that beats all others in its class. Included in the package is a set of Apple cables to connect to your iPhone4/iPad2 meaning you can connect to any device with a Composite TV/Video-Out to create a rich screen up to 100". There is also a VGA dock accessory for this device to connect to a laptop. Great for gaming.

    Top for professional use:

    Casio (Pro-portable range)

    The Casio range of projectors offer the best equivalent image of a tradional projector in a form that will easily fit into a laptop carry case. If you’re looking for something that will offer a more professional output with quality build then a Casio XJA projector is ideal. High brightness ratings starting at 2000 lumens, combined with high contrast ratios mean that you can present in most lighting conditions. It also offer streaming capabilities from your laptop.

    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Our smallest, Lightest & Brightest hybrid between pocket & palm will offer you the professional output you need whilst still fitting into your overcoat pocket. WXGA resolution, a 90” screen with DLP technology will promote your presentations in rich detail and can handle video demonstrations too. 300 lumens of brightness mean that you are able to project in normal lighting conditions and maintain portability. It has a powerpoint, excel, word and pdf viewer built in too so you can leave your laptop at home and just travel with the projector.

    Lumafire M200

    See above.
    Lumafire offer a hybrid all rounder perfect for business, personal use and travel and great value for money.

    3M MP180

    See above.
    2 hour battery life at full brightness & and 80” screen mean that you can display presentations on the go.

  • [Updated] Selecting The Most Suitable Projector: A Personal Projector Guide

    Our Image Quality Report - The Results

    When choosing an LED portable projector, one of the most important factors to consider is image quality. Often this is judged on brightness (lumens) alone, but it is crucial that other related specification details are evaluated too. For example, we assess contrast ratio, resolution, DLP capability, lens type, design/build and independent reviews – in addition to the projector’s luminosity. For example, the Pico Genie P100 is not the only 85 lumen projector available, yet the image quality it provides is far superior due to brightness on battery and excellent build quality.


    Based on the specifications for each of our products, we have ranked our current products according to their overall image quality - see below. This allows you to conveniently compare the image quality of our portable projectors. Please note that the following ranking reflects image quality alone and does not reflect other features such as size and connectivity.


    The Ranking (with '1' being awarded the best image quality).

    1. Casio XJ-A & Casio XJ-M Series' - more info / Portable Pro range - more info
    2. Vivitek Qumi Q6 - more info / Vivitek Qumi Q7 Plus - more info
    3. Pico Genie M400 Pro - more info
    4. Vivitek Qumi Q5 - more info / Vivitek Qumi Q4 - more info
    5. Pico Genie P100 - more info / Pico Genie M100 - more info . Philips
    6. Aiptek i60 - more info

    We hope the product ranking results will assist you in choosing an LED Projector. As specialists, we're always happy to help you find the right portable projector for your requirements - contact us. Find out about our 'compare projectors' facility here, which you may also find useful.

  • Improving quality of powerpoint presentations on pocket projectors (from onboard memory)

    Powerpoint presentations can be projected from the onboard memory of a pocket projector by saving as jpg as we’ve reported on before. However we’ve been looking into other approaches in order to get the best results for business users other than the standard methods such as via AV, VGA or USB. Read on to find out more...

    One method is by creating a video of your powerpoint files using free software called EM Free Powerpoint Video Converter which is readily available online. This software makes it quick and easy to convert even for multiple files at once from not only ppt to jpg, bmp etc but also to video formats!

    Once converted, just save the video, e.g as a WMV or AVI, to the projector’s memory. You can then use the ppt video, simply pausing to stop/start the slides/video. Its also worth making your font sizes bigger and using a bolder black text to improve it even further.

    Alternatively you can even:
    - connect to a smartphone and use the composite cables supplied to playback direct from your phone OR
    - Use the VGA cable and a small notebook laptop for ultra portability to play ppt direct from the laptop

    The Screencast software is a good and very quick file conversion solution. You can download it here.

    Other software customers have also used Handbrake software as an alternative although this is not something we have tested ourselves.

  • Reviews

    Want to read reviews of our projectors? Our products have featured in National Newspapers, magazines such as T3, online blogs and even appeared on Channel 5's 'The Gadget Show'.

    Just click on a specific product name below to see the relevant collection of links to reviews/coverage.

    Adapt 305

    Adapt Pico Play

    iGO UP2020

    Aiptek V50

    Pico Genie M100

    Adapt 305

    Gadget Show Christmas Special - The Gadget Show Christmas Gift Top 50 Countdown

    Daily Mirror - 'the best pocket projector ever tested...akin to the holy grail'

    Electric Pig - 'The best pico projector we've ever seen, the Adapt 305 is simply awesome'

    T3 Magazine - Voted as overall winner - best pocket projector on the market

    Adapt Pico Play

    The Next Web - 'Very cool' and 'seriously small'

    iGo UP2020

    CES Innovations 2011 - Design and Engineering Award Honoree

    Praised by BBC's 'Something for the Weekend'  as 'incredible' - see our blog.

    BCS: The Chartered Institute for IT - 'best we have tested', 'true pocketability'

    Pico Genie M100

    Pocket-Lint.com - 'easy to set up, easy to use and easy to carry...'

    Jason Bradbury - (The Gadget Show host): 'what I love about that little Pico Genie M100 is the HDMI in. Picture quality & luminescence is stunning for it’s size...just great and weighs next to nothing'

    Aiptek V50

  • Pocket Projection – Use in the Theatre

    In today’s blog we’ve got a great Q&A interview with Filskit Theatre Company who use our pocket projectors, especially the Adapt 305, in their theatre performances. Blending art with cutting edge technology, the Company’s use of projectors has been hailed by the London Fringe Review as ‘innovative’, projection ‘onto walls, people and backing sheets’ really setting them apart from other practitioners. We’re always keen to hear about the different ways customers put their pocket projectors to use and Filskit’s imaginative experimentation with multimedia in the theatre is truly fascinating. Read on to find out more!

    1. Tell us a little about Filskit Theatre Company:

    Filskit Theatre is an ensemble of four female performers; we are all graduates of Rose Bruford College. We started Filskit Theatre in 2008 after completing a course in visual theatre in Barcelona. Our work is based on the relationship between the physical performer and projected image. This includes how the body can be used as a canvas for projection, how the performers can interact with the projected image and how the projectors can be puppeteered by the performers.

    2. Why and how do you incorporate pocket projection into your performances?

    Our use of pocket projection began in 2008. As part of our Ba Hon European Theatre Arts Course we chose to investigate the relationship between the live performer and projected image, this investigation culminated in a twenty minute performance which was later extended and became our first piece "The Living Canvas".

    We use pocket projectors because they are small and easy for the performers to carry and manipulate, the in-built memory and battery also mean that we are free of wires so moving around is a lot easier.

    3. In what way is projection used in your latest performance 'Snow White'?

    In our latest piece, a re-telling of "Snow White", we use the pocket projectors to project images onto people, props and clothes to transport the audience into the fairytale world. The projectors are used throughout the piece by the narrators as a story telling devise. We also use videos as a means of communication from the evil step-mother, a modern take on this traditional tale.

    4. What does the future hold for Filskit Theatre Company?

    Our dream is to become a touring theatre company, to carry on devising shows and expand our collection of pocket projectors so that we can branch out into running workshops. We already have exciting plans in place to finish "Snow White" in the New Year.

    Thanks to Sarah for taking the time to talk to us about Filskit’s work. Find out more about Filskit Theatre's pocket projector of choice, the highly portable Adapt 305, on our product page. Take a look at Filskit Theatre’s website for up to date information on latest performances: www.filskittheatre.com.

  • Thriller! Top ways to use a Pico Projector this Halloween...

    Halloween is just around the corner and Personal Projector have some spooktacular projection ideas for your fright night party or night in! Why not even incorporate your pico projector into your costume and whip it out whilst outside or in a bar - project some ghoulish looking ghosts or Count Dracula as in our image above! Alongside our ideas putting both the portable projector's audio and visual abilities to use, we’ve compiled our top 3 Halloween videos – perfect to project from Youtube on October 31st!

    Spooky stuff - use your projector to add the thrill factor this Halloween!

    Why not project a classic scary movie onto your living room wall. Don’t forget a nice big bag of popcorn to accompany you. We were thinking the family-friendly The Addams Family or the recent remake of the classic ANightmare on Elm Street. NUMBER THREE in our top videos countdown this Halloween is the trailer for the horror spoof comedy Scary Movie:

    More TREAT than TRICK, our next idea is to project a slideshow of images as a centrepiece at your party. You can download some great Halloween images for free at http://www.morguefile.com – just search ‘Halloween’. NUMBER TWO in our top Halloween video clips is the old TV Advert for the Haunted House ride at Alton Towers theme park...ghoulishly good fun!

    Thirdly, and fitting perfectly with our NUMBER ONE Halloween video clip – is to use your projector for musical purposes. Fully supporting audio – turn your portable projector into a portable sound system and load it up with some Halloween themed music...why not upload the Ghostbusters theme tune for example! Our Adapt 305 has built in stereo speakers, or easily attach your pocket projector to external speakers for extra oomph! And what tune fits Halloween better than Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’? It’d be DEAD easy to project this multi award winning, zombie-tastic short film (the full version is 13 minutes) to enjoy this Halloween. Our number one video choice is the live performance of Thriller! “Aaaow!”

    This post was written by Sam. Want to talk to him? You can contact him by clicking here.

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