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Tag Archives: Adapt i500

  • Pocket projectors on tonight's Gadget Show

    Take a look at the latest mini projectors on tonight's Gadget Show, Channel 5, Mon 8pm (November 8th) where Warwick Davis reviews the best pocket projectors on the market whilst playing back the Italian job.

    To find out more about the best range of LED portable projectors on the market take a look at our revamped website at www.personalprojector.co.uk. To celebrate the launch of our site we have teamed up with Amazon and Love Film to offer all UK customers:-
    - £10 Amazon Gift voucher
    - Free 30 day trial at Love Film, the perfect way to watch movies on your pocket projector

    Special Offer to all UK customers: Free Love Film Offer and £10 Amazon Voucher


  • Back to the Future

    Today ‘Back to the Future’ has been re-released in cinemas worldwide – in the style of Marty Mcfly we’ve decided to do a spot of time-travelling ourselves here at Personal Projector...

    A brief look at the history and the future of the Projector

    In Victorian times the ‘Lantern Projector’ was used to wow audiences at spooky ‘Magic’ Shows, creating the illusion of ghostly apparitions. The technology simply used a concave mirror and a lamp to project an image from a slide onto a screen. Have a look at this optical lantern: http://bit.ly/cU40iJ

    Traditional modern overhead projectors have been around since the army put them to use in the Second World War, becoming a fixture in schools and academic institutions from the 1950s onwards. Using mirrors and bulbs, information from a transparent plastic sheet could be shone and focussed onto a screen.

    Whilst they did the job they were bulky, noisy and inefficient ...

    Remember me?

    Remember me?

    Thankfully, expensive replacement bulbs, noisy fans and poor quality projection are a thing of the past! It’s the twenty-first century and Projectors are now pocket-sized, portable and independent of a laptop or PC due to onboard memory. Energy efficient, today's Pocket Projectors are even eco-friendly. Quite the technological advance from the traditional Projector!

    Modern - see the Adapt 305's impressive spec here

    Casting our eyes back to the future, we are getting very excited about the imminent release of the all singing, all dancing Adapt i500:

    A sneak peek

    Boasting Wi-Fi capabilities, a touch screen interface and high efficiency LED, this palm-sized projector is a thing of the future! With built in Windows Mobile, this projector will allow you to surf the internet or browse your PC anywhere. Watch this space for updates on this positively futuristic product!

    And for good measure, take a trip down memory lane... Back to the Future:

    This post was written by Sam. Want to talk to him? You can contact him by clicking here.

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