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Tag Archives: Android TV stick

  • The Wireless Projection Guide- What Are the Options And How Does It Work?

    Fed up of cables? Need more information about wireless projection? We'll explain the different wireless options along with the best and easiest way to connect your smart device at 100" seamlessly.

    Whether it's for home use, travel, business, education, gaming, entertainment or art, projecting your smart device wirelessly can make life a whole lot easier, see our full range of wireless projectors here.

    How does Full Wireless Mirroring work with a projector?

    This term is fairly self-explanatory and means your smart device (iPhone/Android Phone/Tablet etc) display can be fully mirrored through the projector wirelessly. Whatever is displayed through your device will be identical through the projector so what you see on one screen is what you get on the other screen.

    Apple call this AirPlay and Android call it Screen Mirroring / Quick Connect (amongst other terms). Some projectors have this function built in like the Pico Genie and Qumi ranges. Other projectors don't have this functionality, however a variety of dongles can be purchased to enable this feature.

     Wireless M550

    How does wireless mirroring work with a projector using an App?

    On either Android or iPhone you can download free Apps like Mira Cast and connect your smart device to the projector directly. Note: You will need to have the projector and your mobile device connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for this to work.

    With your mobile device screen mirrored to your projector you can pretty much access everything from email, videos, the web, PowerPoint, music and much more. A great way to play your favourite mobile games full screen or for easy scrolling of your social medias.

    p85 ez cast

    What are the alternatives if my projector doesn't have built-in wireless?

    If your projector doesn't have wirelessly functionality built in, don't worry. You still have options to share your smart device wirelessly. There are a wide variety of methods of mirroring whether its using a cable or a wireless HDMI type dongle or system like Apple TV or Chromecast.

    Cables - The simplest and easiest way will be using a cable. For Android users this may include an MHL adaptor which must be purchased for the exact model of your handset so its advisable to purchase it from the manufacturer directly. For Apple users there are a variety of HDMI and VGA adaptors that connect HDMI or VGA cables directly to a iPhone or an iPad. There are lots of copies on the market for this type of cable so beware of cheap imitations. See Apple’s website for more details.

    Wireless dongles can be connected via USB or HDMI ports. This will allow your smart device to connect straight to the projector wirelessly. Using a wireless dongle is a great way for you to add wireless mirroring features to your current projector.

    Not all of the available dongles will work in the dame way. Some will come with both a transmitter and receiver and will need to be set up accordingly while others will need to connect to your Wi-Fi and transmit via your internet connection. Before purchasing a dongle it is best to check what devices you want to use it with, you can see our full range of wireless dongles here.

  • Just Released: The New M550 Plus Portable Projector Perfect All Rounder for Business or Pleasure

    The M550 Plus comes with a keyboard (with integrated mouse) and a remote control!

    The Pico Genie M550 burst onto the scene earlier this year as the world's brightest battery/mains powered HD LED projector with an astonishing 650 Lumen lightshow and some seriously impressive hardware. If you thought that was impressive though, you ain't seen nothing yet! The Pico Genie M550 Plus, the big brother of the M550, offers the same 650 Lumen punch in the same sleek and ultra portable frame with a whole host of extra features that make it a world leader in ultra portable projectors!

    The new M550 Plus really is the ultra portable projector to beat at the moment with features to tick every box for most users whether its business or pleasure. The image performance is still excellent and easily capable of an 80” – 100” diagonal image or 2 meters wide in a normally lit room.

    m550_24__4As standard the original M550 came with Android OS so you can download any app from the Play store, wireless mirroring for almost every device, every connectivity option you could want, 8GB of internal memory, 3D and much more.

    The Pico Genie M550 projectors  are also a much shorter throw than comparative LED portable projectors which means you can place the projector much closer to the wall and get a much larger image. This is an ideal way to ensure you get the biggest image out of the projector especially if you are tight on space or using it in a meeting room.

    The new M550 Plus now adds a much needed portable wireless keyboard with an integrated mouse (and still includes the radio remote control as well) allowing you to easily control the onboard media interface and type text. You can download your favourite app directly onto the projector making this the ideal choice for games, movies, music or business requirements such as Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.

    Apps like Netlfix, Showreel or Kodi are very popular for instant home cinema use right now and in some ways you can think of the projector as one of the new popular Android boxes with a built in projector that are popping up everywhere for watching TV. The wireless keyboard also makes it much easier to setup your Wi-Fi and other settings on the device.

    Another favourite feature on the new model is the Apple iOS mirroring feature which means what you see on your iPhone, iPad or Mac is what you get on the projector. Wireless connectivity can sometimes be a pain to setup so this whole process has been simplified on the M550 Plus which means using the M550 Plus is now a doddle. As with the standard M550 model, you can also easily connect to other devices like Android or Windows devices via the myriad of wireless options.img_8454-1_2

    The battery is also now more efficient than before, now boasting 3 eco modes and guarantees up to 3 hours battery usage whether you’re out on the African plains, in a high-powered business meeting or simply want to watch the football or a blockbuster movie.

    Finally, the new model also weighs in at a lighter weight and is 100 grams lighter than the previous M550 model and is can easily be carried anywhere.

    The only thing to drop off the new model that was on the old model is there is no longer an AV RCA (red, white, yellow) cable connections or VGA cables (it does still have a VGA port, though) as these are now fast becoming outdated cables and have been replaced by wireless options or HDMI connections.

    It's an amazing piece of kit, and a clear leader in its price bracket. Drop it into any situation and its crisp display, powerful 3 watt speakers, amazing connectivity options and mighty battery mean it can handle anything, anywhere, anytime. If you're looking for a versatile projector that has enough bells and whistles to satisfy almost every user from the businessman to the hardcore tech fan while still being simple and accessible enough for even a novice to use, the M550 Plus is highly recommended.

    To find out more and for full spec details, please click here.

  • The Gadget Show's top 5 set-top boxes

    As an update to our review of set-top boxes and where to source content for your projector / TV, Jon Bentley has now also reviewed the top set-top boxes on The Gadget Show's Christmas special. Jon covers Apple TV (Best Price £84.50) and the D-Link Boxee Box (Best Price £96.77)

    Some of these boxes  will restrict the content you can play back, stopping you from using certain Apps and services (for example iPlayer, ITV player etc). Sometimes you are better using an android stick and a wireless keyboard (like this bundle) to turn your projector / TV into a smart TV. You can simply download the Apps or use an online browser to stream content with this smaller, cheaper, portable option.

    View the original Personal Projector review article here: Get a Multi-Room, 100″ Projection from Your Set-Top Box & Games Consoles Anywhere!

  • Get a Multi-Room, 100" Projection from Your Set-Top Box & Games Consoles Anywhere!

    Do you have a TV set-top box,Playstation or Xbox? Want to enjoy a bigger, brighter image up to 100 inches in HD and even 3D? The newly released ultra-portable battery powered Pico Genie M400 LED projector was recently featured in the Sunday Telegraph and can create an image up to 100" and easily be moved from room to room. Project HD content from your SKY, Tivo, NowTV, set-top box or other portable device via HDMI, USB, MicroSD or VGA connection, even in 3D.


    How do I physically connect my projector to Set-Top boxes (SKY, Virgin, NowTV, Roku, Chromecast, etc) and what will it cost?

    Type Example Hardware Cost Connection Types
    Set Top Box Virgin media, SKY, NowTV, Freeview From free HDMI (Extended Cable),
    Dongle (Wireless) Roku, Chromecast, Asus Miracast, Wireless Android dongle From approx £49.99 HDMI,
    Online Streaming Netflix, LoveFilm, On Demand From approx £5.99 per month HDMI via external devices such as PC, Laptop, Mac, iPad / tablet, Smartphone and more
    Video sender / receiver Slingbox / Other Approx £129.99 Wireless (via internet)
    Wireless HDMI Netgear Push2TV, Teradek Bolt, Gefen, One For All From £60+ HDMI dongle from content source (i.e. Set-top box) and HDMI receiver that connects to your projector to stream TV content wirelessly around your home


    Where can I source TV and Films & what will it cost? 


    Hardware Cost Contract Standard Monthly Fee / Offers Features Installation
    9.99 (Including Post and Packaging)
    Yes, Rolling 30 days £8.99Introductory £4.99 cost for "Entertainment" package 10 of UK's best Paid TV Channels
    Catch up TV
    TV Box Sets
    Movies & Sports available at an additional fee for each package
    1.Purchase from store (e.g. Currys) or online
    2. Plug in & connect to your home broadband network
    3. Sign up for a NowTV 30 day pass
    4. Log in on your NowTV box
    5. Watch content
    From Free
    Yes From £21.50Usually free vouchers for new customers joining 100's of channels,
    7 Free HD Channels,
    Sky+HD box,
    Entertainment Package,
    Sky Go,
    On Demand,
    Usually Installed by a technician for first time users
    From Free
    Yes, 12 month From £14Usually money off line rental for a limited time VHD box,
    NetFlix Available through TiVo,
    6 HD channels,
    8 Sky channels,
    1500 hours of TV On Demand,
    700 hours of Catch UP TV,
    Pay Per View movies,
    Virgin TV Anywhere
    Usually Installed by a technician for first time users
    From around £9.99
    No NoSometimes special offers on HD boxes and boxes with in-built hard drives (from various manufacturers online and in stores) Up to 50 TV channels,
    24 Radio Stations,
    4 HD Channels,
    Additional premium channels available,
    1. Purchase a Freeview box with a 'HDMI out' port
    2. Plug in & connect to your Projector via HDMI cable
    3. Tune the box
    4. Watch TV!
    From 49.99
    No No 450+ Channels
    Connects to your home internet network (at least 1.5mbps Broadband required)
    1. Purchase the Roku box online
    2. Plug in & connect to your Projector
    3. Connect the box to your home broadband network
    Watch TV!
    Watch on PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablets, Blu-ray players and more
    Yes, Rolling 30 days. Cancel at any time 5.99Usually a free month's trial Stream TV and Box Sets over the internet
    Thousands of TV and Film titles to watch
    1. Connect your compatible device to the internet
    2. Connect to your projector via HDMI lead
    3. Sign up / Log in to Netflix and
    4. Watch TV!
    Watch on PS3, Xbox, laptop, iPad, Wii and Kindle Fire
    Yes, Rolling 30 days. Cancel at any time From £5.99Usually a free month's trial Free first class post for Blu-rays, DVD's and new releases
    Stream TV and Box Sets over the internet
    Thousands of TV and Film titles to watch
    1. Connect your compatible device to the internet
    2. Connect to your projector via HDMI lead
    3. Sign up / Log in to LoveFilm and
    4. Watch TV!




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