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  • How to camp in the 21st century: Pico projectors & External batteries

    After a 20-mile hike in the wilderness (or the walk from the car to your tent) you’ll want to relax and prepare yourself for the next day of adventure. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors whilst enjoying your favourite TV shows and movies, or perhaps just sharing your pictures and videos from the day with a pico projector. Simply connect your Smartphone, mobile device or use a memory card

    Size and weight is a big consideration when choosing what you will take with you on a trek, so with mobile projectors weighing as little as your Smartphone (just 154g and 4.72 inches long for the 3M MPro120), you will be able to carry a pocket LED projector in your bag without compromising on fitting in a few more home comforts.

    No need to worry about your lamps breaking in the extreme temperatures and knocking about either with robust LED light source that will last you 20,000+ hours and the instant on/off feature means that you don’t have to wait for the bulb to warm up before playing or cool down before putting it straight back into your bag.

    Unless you are a seasoned mountain hermit we bet you have got some electronic devices with you, whether it’s topographical maps on your Smartphone or your camera for those nature shots. Most portable Pico projectors come with an internal battery that will power the device for up to 2 hours. The question is, what happens when you run out of power?.. The Answer is the new Energizer XP8000 and XP18000 external battery packs which promise to charge any of your electrical devices!

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